Peter Roskam: 2008 Playbook Won't Work For Obama in 2012

RNC 2012: Rep. Roskam Roskam discusses serving with Barack Obama in Illinois, and new GOP confidence.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Peter Roskam: 2008 Playbook Won't Work For Obama in 2012
I'm really excited to be joined by. A fellow Chicago land area -- sit here -- of -- congressman Peter -- got. Unfortunately it represents my rival high school but I don't feel like I'll get a grant I'll let you sit in this chair -- -- you know what's interesting and we have here at their public events but it want to talk to you about somebody that you know is gonna speak next week. And that's a guy you served with in the Illinois State Legislature -- -- -- Obama. What you think Democrats are thinking about coming on the heels of this what kind. Barack Obama do you expect to show up. In Charlotte and it week from now. I think there's got to be a very careful Barack Obama who shows up because if he goes back to the 2008 playbook. -- that's ringing hollow right now and that's I think a very dangerous place for President Obama to be if he wants to seek reelection you know. So I'm from suburban Chicago -- you know and the president is about twelve points down in my district -- he was in 2000 remain so to me. I think he's got to deal forthrightly. With Paul Ryan. Ryan is the person -- able to go into the Blair house situation and say hey you're double counting here this is not making sense. In the Barack Obama that I debated in the Illinois senate was occasionally showing flashes of being very thin skin there's been a lot of reporting about that. But a very thin skin and -- he enters into this contest now in -- next sixty days with this thin skin. The country doesn't want to hear it because for the first time it's not about him. It's about people their jobs the situations Paul made a reference to -- yesterday and the joke about. Living in your voice -- your childhood. Your bedroom looking at -- Obama posters that's funny because it's ringing true you know there's an element of truth to that I think the president's got to be very careful. Host -- election not about him eight you write about yeah I I. I think I overstated debt but I think in in the same way. It wasn't about I guess what I'm saying -- last time it was about. President Obama Barack Obama the symbolism of this presidency. The symbolism of this candidacy it was a -- -- -- to -- an invitation to be part of something larger. Until people they gave their confidence the President Obama last time but it was not -- confidence that they were just squandering. Now they feel like. I trusted you. And now. Gasoline and home for me is four dollars in the quarter -- -- my my health -- situation is very different. Then what you described to -- and getting increasingly anxious. About where the debt is going in our country you've offered no substantive solution I've given you every opportunity. And get a listen to these guys -- have what. Hear hear what they have to say. Let's talk about the other guy about it -- -- -- Republican leadership in the house that Romney is the president of the United States. -- -- -- -- -- For Mitt Romney will have an army and the -- run -- have an army -- based largely on these ideas. His decision to put Paul Ryan on the ticket created a poignancy among house Republicans. Who made some very substantive decisions over the past. Eighteen months the house GOP said look. We're gonna we're gonna act boldly we're gonna put -- budget out there that we think we can persuade people and invite people and there are some solutions here. Let's put it out there and there is there at the level of confidence fifteen cents. From all these Republican members of congress. The deal with -- while this is an exoneration of the work that we've been doing and now this is a part of the national ticket. Not about us but ultimately it's about decision to move forward and there's a level of confidence there it's hard for me to describe it to you because it's palpable you can feel it. There -- a lot of people talking about what Mitt Romney needs to -- because the fact is as you pointed out. Folks are disappointed the economy's not doing well and yet this race is still -- he's not had yet so. -- need to be in the speech. All I think what we need to be very careful and to be himself to communicate authentically be who we. -- this is the guy that is enjoyed not just a lot of success in his professional life which people are talking about its success in this business life. Professional. -- political success. But he's had a lot of success from -- family point of view and there's a lot of people like him so the name of the game is communicate that. And and this is a forum where. That's an easy thing to do because it's a group its pre disposed to like him and I think what he needs to do with the continue to communicate. Authentically to the American public this is who I am this is my vision and come along and join with me. Our question about Paul Bryant interacting. If he's in the vice president -- his former colleagues. There's another back from Chicago named rob Emmanuel them and -- jobless because. That -- would be a great surrogate and -- and the guide emissary. A lot of friction there at the end of the day. And somebody goes out -- very different box now. Thing. Bob Bryant will be it comes to -- to see you how much needs to beat Saint Paul Ryan that was house member purses upon it is now where it up at 16100. Well let me suggest that -- mentally and in terms of personalities. Rahm Emanuel and Paul Ryan are two very different people I'll leave that there. So I think what Paul -- what I've observed about all in working with them and and on the Ways and Means Committee and also working with him on both on the budget that we talked about in the -- If this guy that is highly interactive. So in other words. He's actively listening as we are putting the budget together with the tally saying how does this present to you. Representing a district in Missouri had a profound in Florida that the sound in new York and being highly collaborative so I think he's gonna bring those gifts and. It would trust him to. Listen to you -- and you would trust him it's yet to cut a deal with you that he'll be true to what needs -- I don't. Until -- he's -- he is somebody who we have observed. Came to Washington DC to do something. And not to be somebody never in this debate never in my service with Paul has -- ever been a person that has said he look at me. He's been he let's fix this and as a result of bad attitude now the whole country is looking at him and so yeah he does enjoy a lot of confidence. And a lot of support among his colleagues. All right congressman Peter Austin Republican from Illinois and we are asking all of our guest that night the -- he has done it. Let's take it that's prize that its giant Lincoln but there and I Republican and then ultimately it -- -- Obama. Did job that. -- -- -- -- Not. All right you're provoking me not putting out an idea it is on any early tonight -- that comes across give thanks so much that he's in -- and you really appreciate it.

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{"id":17120092,"title":"Peter Roskam: 2008 Playbook Won't Work For Obama in 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Rep. Roskam Roskam discusses serving with Barack Obama in Illinois, and new GOP confidence.","url":"/Politics/video/peter-roskam-2008-playbook-work-obama-2012-17120092","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}