Next phase of impeachment after public hearings

Nine witnesses testified on Capitol Hill for two weeks to lay evidence in the impeachment of President Trump.
10:30 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for Next phase of impeachment after public hearings
It's in happy Friday we have been through two weeks of impeachment hearings. Forty hours of public testimony more than a dozen witnesses before these committees house Democrats now head into the Thanksgiving holiday week. Pretty confident about their case for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Saying they had everything they need right now to draft articles of impeachment here's Adam Schiff. The president says really quite spontaneously. On as if he was asked in this way. No quid pro quo. Woody wants recurring no quid pro quo. This is the I'm not a crook defense. You say get and I guess that's the end of it. Well. The only thing. We can say. Is that. It's not so much that the situation. Is different and turn of terms of Nixon's conduct and trumps conduct. What we've seen here is far more serious than a third rate burglary. Of the democratic headquarters what we're talking about here is the withholding of recognition. In that White House meeting the withholding of military aid to an ally at war it's beyond anything Nixon did. That says to meet this president believes he is above the law. Beyond accountability. And in my view there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes there are above the law. And I would just say. To people watching here at home and around the world. In the words of my great calling. We are better than that. Adjourned. An emotional capstone to the testimony yesterday capital known joined now by our Pennsylvania Avenue. A senior producer Justin official captain Paul there's. So everybody wants know what's next well look. Personable very emphatic by the chairman there we have not seen him sort of that animated as you said the the entire time certain staring straight ahead. That was actually remarkable thing that he managed to get the entire time but he really let it all sorted out there which you can -- tell now is the finality he sort of with the the you know. Precision throwing that last one in your face problem. Would those past three days though. Is that not one Republican on that panel broke. Not one Republican as we were documents were not even will hurt the moderate. From Texas a former intelligence officer not even he said book. Maybe there's a problem here and it's a signal of what is to come next and what has come next is. Is eventually down the road if should they vote for to impeach a trial in the senate and that is just a Bellwether for the senate but. But more technically what comes next is they have to write articles of impeachment. Long indictment against the president they've gathered all this evidence from all this testimony have all these documents on Ericsson and put into words what they think the president's make misconduct was she out as are going through evidence and in documents that we haven't seen publicly to these skating committees are essentially. Writing their reports wild during this recess and then what will happen is then they'll turn it over to the Judiciary Committee that I was giving right you know we regret after its Thanksgiving in the early December and then. Judiciary will also have some hearings were thinking one hearing right now just just a hearing on the president's some misdeeds as they say that may include. I'm some alarm related stuff that will also come back that hasn't judiciary committee for. And then don't write the articles of impeachment. It's a far out into its hearings that the White House it's actually the yahweh the rules are written is that the only time the White House lawyers can actually aside from the trial itself when all have there say. That it. They can make you care so begin this year rebuttal and this next phase potential shirt idea from the December BI and just sit and and the lawyers to its that the White House slurs but it could be a combination of the White House in his personal attorneys regardless they will have a chance to respond publicly. An office. So all part of this interim period now that the public hearings in the first part are done is this battle for public opinion we know in the new ABC news its host Paul. Most Americans 70% of Americans think what they have heard and seen in these impeachment hearings is wrong. They think that the president did something wrong invited of course a right to remove the president over you mentioned will hurt to see sort of a Republican Bellwether he's retiring from congress a moderate parents and important or willing to criticize Donald Trump here's what he had to say after everything that's gone down the past two weeks. So why are we here. Because of two things that occurred during the presidential line 25 phone call with Ukrainian president's landscape. The use of the phrase do us a favor though in reference between six and presidential election and the mention of the word right. I believe both statements were inappropriate misguided foreign policy. And it's certainly not how the executive currents are in the future should handle such a call. Its way to sleepless. An impeachable offense should be compelling. Overwhelmingly clear and on ambiguous. And it's not something to be rushed taken lightly. I've not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion. After you've talked a lot of members on both sides of the out you've been roaming the hallways are on the your room have you seen PD cracks. And Republican support for Donald Trump is anybody even going as far as will hurt said there and say this is really seriously problematic. Click etiquette change their strategy. Some even the president's closest allies saying. You know it was inappropriate but it's not impeach a ball and and no let me see the Republicans come out after those. Hearings just as fighting in their completely behind the president and I think will hurt was a good example of that this is an appropriate form housing but I haven't seen anything that's impeachable and out one. I think that we didn't learn. From these hearings that we've been talking about a lack as a release about holdup of the aid. Was that conditions on launching investigations we we don't know or we don't know when the ukrainians also found out about that's a key piece of evidence to that Republicans also are capitalizing on. There was one minute testimony that undercut the Republican argument that that that there ukrainians had no idea that the it was being held a long time call Lori Hooper from the Defense Department so they did but. But you know she wasn't sure she wasn't a 100% sure she's literature that was frozen or she wasn't sure what they worry that have a quid pro quo if you don't know that the money is anyway and if everything that her things as I haven't been completely convinced yet and and there's a reason why we who a lot of people are saying we haven't heard enough. As we haven't heard that people. At least. The big players who were inside the White House talking to the press on all to John holding on waning moment any. Now now that the may not be any instinct is committed he's actually pays we did hit. Have a very intimate conversation between him and Jon Karl which he sort of laid out some very clear reasons why he'd but they held up eight. Hourly earnings were right in that sound bite was played during impeachment hearings I imagine we'll see that SoundBite in the in the future. Richard talk about the battle for public opinion changing minds will hurt service if he hadn't heard enough yet it seems like it's only getting harder for Democrats is Republicans now in the senate. Prepare to call their own witnesses in mount a defense here's what Chris Stewart the congressman have you talked. Had to say about what we could start to see in the senate preparation for a trial took a look. So I'm talking on my colleagues in the senate these are some of the witnesses that you need to call and these are some of the questions that you need to ask. First you have to hear from the whistle blower. Now they can choose to do that in closed session if they want to leave that up to them but you can't initiate an impeachment of the president the United States. And not have to answer some questions. Who did he get his information. Did he have been classification and Clarence is to get that information what's his relationship with Vice President Biden. Who has she shared that information rights including some members of the committee here. And these proceedings have been anything but fair the senate has an opportunity to fix that. I am confident they will and I look forward to them completing the job that we could've done here. So the senate has an opportunity to fix it Catherine used to assert is talked to some top Republican senators on this and see the tea leaves. Republicans have wanted to call the whistle blower they wanted to call. The Hunter Biden of of all people is there any indication that those witnesses will be called forward in the Republican. To a senate there's a couple of arguments to meet here with with subpoena saying it was of our how do you subpoena was embarking on a who it is so that's number one number till. The the lawyers are. The lawyers for the whistle or have a very very clear they're not going to entertain. I'm these comments from Republicans who are trying to out this person but they've said. The whistle blower whoever this person is is willing to answer questions in writing a member of president also answered questions in writing and a mole approach that was okay at the time. But so are we going to have this person even come up and talk to senators in person behind closed doors I doubt it. And Richard Burr the chairman of the senate intelligence committee says he is determined to bring whistle blower and just and final thought here the president this morning. City on Fox News he's actually looking forward to a trial is that I want to try out there is some indication from the White House today that they are not only preparing for this that they would like to see passed out. Okay that's what he says. How we were all are waiting to see it and and what's so interesting about it is. You don't really know what we're gonna see yet. I mean they need the will do a lot of please write to me there's been more how many to. I'm. They have to write the rules about how this discos and that hasn't been done it when they wrote the rules. And that means McConnell and Schumer getting together figuring out how many witnessed a going to be allowed to call you know and where it. Until they do that it's going to be hard to know what exactly we're gonna see. And it's going to be a blockbuster started torn torn in January is going to be packed and I thank you so much great conversation have a good weekend just official. Captured polish forests of follow them on Twitter if you don't great minute by minute reporting on impeachment process.

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