Philadelphia Cafe Makes DNC Inspired Gelato Flavor

ABC News' Charli James stops by Gran Cafe L'Aquila in Philadelphia where they are serving DNC inspired Gelato.
7:29 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Philadelphia Cafe Makes DNC Inspired Gelato Flavor
I have great line internally in Philadelphia bring you more DMV street right now I have had to live on him. It'd be beautiful love story today. Restaurant. I think history to they had a shop in Italy. They could engulf him. Here in Philadelphia. Now they are especially known for there's a lot of and they do some fun. Flavors turn of events that happened here and Philadelphia and they're not especially for the love it because of this man hairs stuck it out he is actually an intern. All the champions something I didn't even this thing hit but now I'm fever and rest and I'll never part of it you're in a homeowner. So I get a little bit about the history that lets talk about. He later they got it made sure that in the end of the show it right here. That the pink one back yeah. And it's called the democratic. And that no you're talking a little bit about what your inspiration for story behind yet. We're especially veterans and other I mean there's are there were. His ability order. Her like this birthday the week. Like so please. And not the games. And he photographs and used for. Any Jason Gore told him about. And is it may sweep of Hayward and it will mean he's. He's Democrat he. And here. It's important that you these days it really not just voted democratic but we're already was there are many right here. Democracy as police and you'll love it there one day flight into though with with strawberries and right on the color claim. Ahead. Big quarterly sales position was. This diversity is seen bill martyrdom heartbeat. And and edited because these are days that he's weakness we. Week and they he had it I don't after the game. Ready you know Lou there's progress being we did so we're. Yes that is truly do love chocolate covered strawberry and betterment of the buying and selling. Here. We have to get a call out. An album. And well we get that can you tell me a little bit more about the others. At every ten minutes quote I read it the I hate life. Well. Did absolutely honestly believe that yeah. And gains the day it was a special we're quote last year in Canada don't. And we need this game the city Nazi. Hayward goes. People. I'm just real live easterners as we speak. From Argentina. I didn't know that I didn't know that there. But it is as they names. They flavored the French chef goes. The Ricardo let's. Reaction. He went he scheme to. The show also hearing impaired about what they defense flower show every year and. An American walled room. Sounds it's something exotic but I. Crazy fanatics and we did. I hope you do for every event so it becomes big things of people whose players are waiting. It's that was. Mr. bombing. The people who know what something they cut. Everything everything everything in the shop. So beautiful and hello son of god that Italians. It's definitely higher restaurant was. Perfect pieces that we. Where her late brother what every in the UC was pretty much signed up and Italy about three years from conception of the machine. Well Natalie. Do you get a lot of delicious product. Anything tell this is an intra day. It and about. And why. Philadelphia and also the name. But it is translated that into the that they couldn't eat. Also initial block as the capital it was a real. And popular actually counting. So I visited stuff on the Cadillac as a couple years ago and we became friends and they just injured his friends to visit Philadelphia. The film love with the city. First of all because it involves city they love a lot of the parameters of the city. But site that would definitely be triggered an eyewitness. They heard the appetite dialing. And what we found after researching this. Most of the proper sense they're reaching. America. You can Tacoma citizens sort of assessing president of the population counts here nearly 70% of them have sent. So that's pretty amazing and also they saw that the Eagles shirts around town and an Eagles actually happened. Collars of their sit flat populist green and black. Symbol of the belly laughs best these travelers you know. And that it here sick. That is starting to mount though I'm gonna have a case. Am. And it's worth rock Mary Kate and and then you get them like runs from the white chocolate and please bring our. Definitely lifted the three main thing and they let me. Quote other favorite here but it started as well I think it's the best. That if you are anything. I'm not they've got every eerie out. Here in Philadelphia. Either for the DNC where or where at them. They treat them down here and check out it made things a lot of your and it's the story. There function. Very well we've ever telling practice. Lunch dinner in an upstairs. Sort of be valuable art. We're in a beautiful area house where a Philadelphia. My dream come down here that's. Connolly this delicious that is we're thinking out. Think you're part of thank you don't know that you can't be and I got to show your throat even moving out now. Be it theatre after college a lot of champion and then stroke is here. Large and so he won it for everything that's come on down and and definitely recommended. Thing. That it today for the tree. But there's lots of business down here that have TNT. Until you actually think I have an idea and deals to find more of the restaurant. And that this feeling that. I'm for the DNC is the fact that out but at they would they beat you got tons more from Philadelphia coming happy today.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"ABC News' Charli James stops by Gran Cafe L'Aquila in Philadelphia where they are serving DNC inspired Gelato. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40929408","title":"Philadelphia Cafe Makes DNC Inspired Gelato Flavor","url":"/Politics/video/philadelphia-cafe-makes-dnc-inspired-gelato-flavor-40929408"}