Philadelphia Votes in Key Primary

ABC News' Lana Zak is on the ground in Philadelphia where local issues meet the national stage in the Pennsylvania primary.
4:05 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Philadelphia Votes in Key Primary
Lott does act has been in Philadelphia for us trying to get a strong connections that we can get a little tour of what's happening at apple location. Lot we can see yet here you take away. I can hear and see you guys TO and I've been hanging out here luckily I've been having technical problems. That's great group of gentlemen have been taken good care of me and hanging out when they want to introduce you to some of that either and and asked. Nickel workers have spent hours out here and to hand you know you're I think nineteen that's still a secret. We're we're you're registered Republican and work. This is important and very human. Very few people in the mountains here that are actually registered Republican US ominous I didn't hear that morning it. Things that you and even spent the last several hours here on the polling station. Encouraging people to vote my that's important it was. Get the return news yeah. You don't have the senate and the room. And and here in analyst Billy especially all the politics are really local and this kind of like the mayor. I think the lists polling station in the area I think that's fair to say that this is coach Knight and he's been greeting everybody making sure that they know where to vote and who he's good morning when I tell us you're Smart. We're nearly Britain who residents out of town. Congress and I admire you why are you interested in Hillary I know some of the other folks here this. Little brother kind of poll workers and there's been a hot debate about whether it should be Hillary or whether it should be burning in all its you know about you shouldn't be. Get a nuclear ordinarily shouldn't you know we don't receive video. I believe Hillary has. Preparedness. The difference. Boxing debut Linton president. Ultimately congress passes. I suited for the senate. And went up in New York she's still foreign policy. In his New England running this isn't so we'll just what is the best candidates political. I thank you coach Knight now even at. Minute hang out here we have great. There haven't had a confusing and subject now tell me you actually just been. Sometimes you're encouraging people to vote because you feel really passionate about. Just do. Among political and it works and her. This yeah. Yeah. Yeah and we'll look. Yeah. Don't try bin. You hate me isn't going to me about out of all the things that we complain about it. I that voting is one of those things that's three. Yeah Bernie her earnings citizenry. Then we'll people don't oppose. They're globe. Is reasonable it's free. And it's free so I'm almost. You can create an. And in the town coming over to my buddy how. Aren't lined the road. This grieving political verdict. Math and history proves my. Seen him do great he's this isn't. Hillary Clinton the most. He's been there should know what I'm. And you don't you're behind her you know that Alan burner I'm dirty diapers. And learned councilor interesting. Turn. Hillary Clinton now by clinical and appointments. Or. I want the next few Devin you know it and not a good sign floor for Bernie Sanders if people here working couple. Hooligans according Bernie are now turning on him.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak is on the ground in Philadelphia where local issues meet the national stage in the Pennsylvania primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38691094","title":"Philadelphia Votes in Key Primary","url":"/Politics/video/philadelphia-votes-key-primary-38691094"}