Planned Parenthood President on Independent Women Voters

Cecile Richards says women's health care access is a "pocketbook" issue at DNC.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Planned Parenthood President on Independent Women Voters
Well we're we're joined now by Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood -- know quite an ovation that unilaterally here. It seemed like he got the crowd going through the first you're the first division nobody can -- wanna wanna start right there -- you know how important moment is that from your perspective -- -- the clarify the choice that this election. Well I think everything that's happening here is clarifying the choices that women have a selection I think Mitt Romney's done -- himself and he's taken positions that are so extreme. So -- have a mainstream. Todd Aiken is just one example but. When he have a candidate running for president who say it's gonna get rid of Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe vs. Wade card to get much more extreme -- that. Us -- talking -- voters in some of these bogus grades. We -- they put these issues in terms of their priorities and we're hearing a lot about the fact that. They're just worried right now the gas in the car about getting groceries and is this something that is really breaking through with voters in the way that it is in the political arena. We are finding it absolutely -- -- particularly with independent women. And women who haven't been able to pay much attention to politics they know very little bit about Mitt Romney they they say that. And you know the thing I think is important to remember is that issues have access to health care affordable health care. Affordable health care Planned Parenthood. Economic issue for women you know this is -- Having. Whether it's getting access your basic basic women's health care and getting health insurance coverage for preventive care. These are things frankly that Mitt Romney is that he could get rid of -- one. And those for women does or does your bread and butter pocketbook issue. Now you're the first person that really make this. Connection between the economic and -- The issue itself so are you frustrated that Democrats haven't done a better job of this or that. The White House hasn't made that action as as strongly as -- would like. No I think -- actually I've heard a lot of people talk about it I mean I'm frustrated with people who. Sort of somehow lump birth control and women's health care as -- socialists were literally officially shoot he'd never had. To get birth control for for women either of these are -- these are basic issues. And I. Again we've seen and seeing and face all across the country Iowa for one. Where were we told women and -- Moines Iowa what did Iraq -- Romney was pledging to do about women's health care basement. What what I just want to ask you this -- -- -- that you look at the moment last week I love women. Whitney would have -- a year when they heard that the thing. Well I don't know what -- her but I think I mean I think women are gonna look beyond the platitudes you know so it's not. Don't look when I say look what I do. And I think when you look at Barack Obama's record with women's health care. He's done more to expand women's access to health care than any president certainly in my lifetime. Pass and it's -- mean the difference for millions of women across America and I think that women are just beginning to focus on the selection -- -- has to be really important. Pretty surprised at how often the issues these issues whether it's abortion and of course we've now a lot about -- and his comments pat how much they've become part of that debate. Medically as well is in this colony -- was -- -- -- which Republicans. Used some of these issues as a wedge. Against Democrats and this is the way that we can play more conservative Democrats away from there -- nominee. Right now at look at what I've seen him at this convention in particular watching the crowd last night watching them tonight. Every time and he -- talks about women's health care whether -- access to health care thick crowd. And a lot and I think it's because women really feel like they have banned under assault. -- that record number of bills introduced in congress and state legislatures taking -- their basic right to health care so I actually think it's of that period. I it's very interesting to see I think it's it's a very main -- mission to.

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{"id":17166318,"title":"Planned Parenthood President on Independent Women Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecile Richards says women's health care access is a \"pocketbook\" issue at DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/planned-parenthood-president-todd-akin-independent-women-voters-17166318","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}