Two political analysts dive deeper into last night’s debate

ABC News’ political analyst Matthew Dowd and political consultant Addisu Demissie discuss how the debate was the turning point of the race.
4:39 | 02/21/20

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Transcript for Two political analysts dive deeper into last night’s debate
Two political analysts who will help us dive deeper into what last night is debate means for the Nevada caucus and beyond. The DCD of may say it was Cory Booker is presidential campaign manager and is now political consultant and fifty plus one. Welcome to you and Matthew Dowd is our ABC news political analyst Matt I want to start when you. This debate felt like a turning point in the race especially because Bloomberg was on stage for the first time so how does impact his chances do you think after his debate performance. Well Lindsey I think it's a significant point in the face not only because Bloomberg got added is the stage but the timing which is right or right before one of the most crucial events of the entire campaign which is Super Tuesday. We're a huge amount of delegates will be at stake. I think this could attic significant negative effect that Michael Bloomberg we will see. We won't probably noticed that until the next few weeks when we seem racist are coming in that he's actually competing and then this. But what Michael Bloomberg did is he's operated under this fog. Of advertising and this is the first real moment that people had this watch this debate. And from what I can tell something around twenty million people watch this debate so they were very interested. And Michael Bloomberg couldn't handle some of the basic question he should be prepared for stop and frisk. His record as mayor all of the NBA's with women and multiple things that you would think he would be prepared to handle he didn't do well also there was this. Idea of Michael Bloomberg that people had from advertising. And then they saw Michael Bloomberg and that distinction or that difference was huge. I think it'll have a negative affect on him how long lasting and is we don't know because there's another debate come next Tuesday. And it DC Elizabeth Warren was more fired up on the debate stage and she's been in the past certainly and is mayor reported since last night her campaign has raised more than five million dollars so. That's Burke a fight that she brought it last night's debate is that what we're certainly I guess appealing to voters. Yeah I think so look she should. She was like Michael Corleone in the godfather shoes come to settle all the family business last night. But it but I think the most important numbers the one that Marion you talked about five million dollars that is a lot of money. The senator brokers campaign and a full quarter we raised five million dollars last years of just to give people a sense of perspective to do that 24 hours is amazing. But to be able to compete. In Nevada this weekend South Carolina next weekend and and as Matt said most importantly on Super Tuesday he got a fuel the tank up and we've been talking about her now for several minutes on this on this program I think that's exactly what she was trying to do she succeeded at that she raise some money and now she's she's back in the fight to head towards marching beyond. And today a new poll came out showing those democratic candidates leading in potential matchups with trump in Michigan and Pennsylvania but trump is. Coming out on top in Wisconsin so what do you make of these numbers or is it too early to be looking at these sort of matchups. Well I think it's too early to look at the general election matchups in the state by state scenario we don't know what's gonna come over the next five months. We don't know how the Democratic Party will come out of a convention in Milwaukee how united they will be what will happen and that. But I do think hearts is telling him mess. Is that it looks like Pennsylvania has moved away from Donald Trump pretty precipitously. So I don't think it's even on the table anymore. But what's really concerning I think should be concerning a Democrats. Is Wisconsin has moved towards the president. In this Mathieu barely won and he won it by something like 20000 votes or something last time. In Torre sixteen. And so though the state polls much is gonna change we have to single figure what the convention it's going to be where the economy is what Donald Trump's approval will be next October. I think those those facts alone are concerning Wisconsin has moved towards him. And Pennsylvania's moved away and if that scenario unfolded today Donald Trump would win the Electoral College again. And it DC last question you we saw some surprises in Iowa and also New Hampshire is or anything that you feel confident about in predicting ahead of the Nevada caucus. I think turnout is gonna be really good if you if you didn't see they had a couple days of early vote over the last few days already about 75000 people of caucus. Ahead of time that's almost as many as caucus than the entirety of 2016 so. I think it's going to be a pretty robust turnout for a caucus which is good news. I think you know tops hire somebody a look at it wasn't on the debate stage yesterday but has been putting a lot of effort into the into that state has a chance I think to perform well in. I think we could see a little bit of a model I think Sanders is the favorite but could see a lot of folks in the teens hovering around that 15% threshold than. We lived to fight another good day in South Carolina and beyond after that this thing has a lot a lot of runway to go before we get a decision. A lot of runway exactly right ADC to miss say in mapped out our thanks to both of you appreciate you joining us.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"ABC News’ political analyst Matthew Dowd and political consultant Addisu Demissie discuss how the debate was the turning point of the race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69115491","title":"Two political analysts dive deeper into last night’s debate","url":"/Politics/video/political-analysts-dive-deeper-nights-debate-69115491"}