And the Political Winners Are?

ABC's John Berman presents some Oscars for politicians.
2:10 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for And the Political Winners Are?
Would like to -- the cameras are rolling the stars are held rent -- Newt Gingrich George. -- -- -- This yeah. Politics and an Academy Awards that would be some red carpet -- Ron Paul might need to -- Some of the awards would be no contest -- This -- -- lucrative -- here it is here's yeah. -- best foreign language film topped with highly agitated -- -- Jon Huntsman agreed -- -- -- short film live action. -- -- think he's -- -- campaign and going to be ending my campaign for president but other races much tighter. -- costume is it Ron -- slightly too big suit -- run these blue tonight -- -- and I don't read time the winner is. Rick Santorum sweater vests. Dassault -- year's toughest category -- President Obama. -- -- -- -- Mitt Romney singing America the beautiful. -- amber waves. Bread and the winner is. Kid Rock. With -- free one of Mitt Romney's campaign zone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Best supporting actress in a tie between Romney. And Callista Gingrich. -- ultimate category this picture. I mean more money what if fundraising were like money ball Rick Santorum -- low budget group when gates. What was Iowa if not extremely loud -- incredibly clothes and. We're like the artist. And the winner is. Merrill's streets -- original in the -- case. It's her turn sorry Ron Paul. John Berman ABC news -- but.

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{"id":15791162,"title":"And the Political Winners Are?","duration":"2:10","description":"ABC's John Berman presents some Oscars for politicians.","url":"/Politics/video/political-winners-15791162","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}