Politically Dressed: Beauty Edition

Beauty expert Marla Malcolm Beck on how to stay fresh-faced and on trend while campaigning.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Politically Dressed: Beauty Edition
Welcome to quickly draft we'll hear from the Mercury in Washington DC and we're here with founder and -- -- -- -- -- back. Here's just some products -- good -- -- you make that fact those long days -- -- campaign. Good for him Romney's own vomit if they're really out there -- partner -- and but -- don't have a lot time. The -- -- in the morning prepping their skin first and -- we would start with the glycol appeal to take off and dry skin from the night before. And bring out the news again this is a -- -- -- And 61 is called power -- -- -- -- -- quick to its call -- two minute appeals to you leave this on for two minutes just wipe it all over your face. We've been on for two minutes and the news that second step to neutralize that and then -- -- -- -- two minutes and then your skin is ready for the next -- We would Tuesday -- -- foundation Bobbie brown just launched this long where foundation and the 24 hour foundation. With an SPF fifteen. And so what's gonna happen without -- don't need to keep Britain re applying foundation throughout the day -- you don't do is keep paying your person in your -- this list however it's warmer CA's invisible loose outer. However sets the foundation and absorbs the oil before you go on camera so you want to -- right before you go. On stage when I think he's right and you get to keep them from the hot lights with the sweat pouring down. -- you really want to make sure that your powdered thing that you don't see any shine at all. We haven't had a fine job -- you can press over your foundation and under your eyes back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- around I areas film align their Aladdin beauty and out there that. Obama and -- -- might wanna cry. Yes absolutely so. Our liquor favorite trend this fall is the -- So we've heard -- and we hear about all these right. Yes she has beautiful lips -- shows really wants -- -- where more of -- rent her right mind. We would put her into a very -- that this -- a new long Wear lipstick and we love this sort of very bright color she -- well enough. Yeah absolutely. So we that we love this color for -- and we would put Vranitzky color and -- trick with lipstick when -- on the campaign trail and making sure you use a lip liner. The -- -- that prevents lipstick from spreading and gathering around -- Atlanta and permission we don't think she is a nice deep and very collar. I'm a little bit deeper she's got this -- just -- in town. So nice deep color so -- we would put them both and areas and stay away from the sort of bright reds oranges. Because as you transition to albeit higher and your skin starts to change. I would think -- -- it. -- -- -- But they're even some more election specific product with -- out when there. Obama warns moisturizer and and then to Romney -- everyone's getting ready for November thing. In Washington DC but -- -- on the walls.

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{"id":17447376,"title":"Politically Dressed: Beauty Edition ","duration":"3:00","description":"Beauty expert Marla Malcolm Beck on how to stay fresh-faced and on trend while campaigning.","url":"/Politics/video/politically-dressed-beauty-edition-17447376","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}