An inside look at the kooky side of Republican fashion

An inside look at the kooky side of Republican fashion
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for An inside look at the kooky side of Republican fashion
Welcome to glitzy dress and the Republican national. We're here on the currency war and -- couldn't get me. We know him as senator santorum's communications director. He was also the most stylish man on the campaign trail believing he keeps you set it -- here in Tampa -- -- Hold on things now that -- right -- that the only place after. Don't don't don't don't go over the time. Our ideas are right for America and their ideas have failed America. We do not walking around here talking to delegates that are going through mutual confidence and great outfits and great and it's telling that ultimately has to -- -- turns to celebration each individual's faith we're all coming together Republicans to support Mitt Romney. And yet each state let's have fun with its own flare up of what they Wear and what they're known for -- -- some -- -- why you were the Hawaiian shirts you don't Wear these like all the time and you know -- Hawaiian shirts. -- in every -- -- let me give you my perspective. I worked in the white collar job wise -- normally if you were here. Talk. -- little -- -- -- music player anyway this is my work clothes white collar job in Hawaii doctors. -- -- -- Business casual. Don't let the windows. And seat the delegates in Texas famously with cowboy hats and Texas where cowboy hats. A lot about your past month -- Well -- Every year people donated to -- environment our entire delegation -- and it makes it really great advocate we can find each other easily for one thing. You can easily see our delegation that -- you're out there on the floor -- have gone to get pretty -- spider delegation from anywhere in the building. I'll get together and -- It's all very infants. -- my favorite part was meant to Texas when this -- -- back from Atlanta. And well I bought this and I guess about three state conventions again and I -- -- -- the Texas State Republican Convention. And they have it has the fire that at least every one of our inventions and sells a lot of jewelry and all of us ladies you know we like playing without. We all stocked up on -- Gilligan and Vincent in the and I also -- -- -- -- but also you they have hands on him. Right and better that we can't see that from all the different faith and right now I cannot do you think of him back craftsman. Grade -- And -- this is why I got today from Virginia. And this is what I mean. Everything yesterday yeah. Training and headed back to get sick and -- -- and that's been done and I heard about it from other people this is my first national convention that I heard from other people. I had to bring a lot of pins and -- actually arrived today late I had to get somebody else to bring up silent have a. -- -- -- In the Olympics went when a runner trades that their names are jerseys and someone -- -- -- jerseys it's it's it's kind of the same thing in the attempted way to strike up conversation. Talk about what he thinks about what's going on you thank you support the candidate and in all. Is that the fashion blends into the politics pretty and we Texas it's also -- just simple everybody can -- into evidence. Absolutely and you coming on the floor you look around the first thing your guys villages -- wind and it's everybody's rights -- -- public. Wouldn't think something that's something captain -- your expertise and he's had a great time thanks. That's it -- -- rest of the RNC -- -- all week for political coverage on C In Tampa -- shot Wallace ABC news.

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{"id":17118229,"title":"An inside look at the kooky side of Republican fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"An inside look at the kooky side of Republican fashion","url":"/Politics/video/politically-dressed-fashion-rnc-17118229","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}