POTUS cancels secret trip to DMZ

Trump was going to make a surprise trip to the demilitarized border between North and South Korea but had to cancel due to bad weather.
2:05 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for POTUS cancels secret trip to DMZ
Right and we wanna go wobbly Rhonda the other side. Of the world to Seoul South Korea are Jon Karl our chief White House correspondent is they are good morning Jon Karl I am seeing the big news. Now the president's schedule actually this morning on this Election Day night from. Good morning by the way no better place than covered the Virginia governor's race. South Korea there I've I'm looking forward to this to this special coverage I gather president we have been told over and over again. Would not visit the DMZ that space right on the border with North Korea. But he tried and tried to go this morning and Dobbs Ferry secret trip that he. Notify anybody but it very very tight group of reporters. It would be traveling with him. And it turns out that he was defeated in that effort by whether Mary whether. It's a bit I guess of some cloud cover they felt they could. Safely take helicopters there. See it is a lot like Virginia over there we had a rainy cloudy day here is well. But I have to act as he the president have a jam packed schedule over there but the White House have to be paying close attention to what's happening back here tonight. Are not. Absolutely absolutely it in fact the president has been tweeting on this trip about the the Virginia governor's race is very strong support of Ed Gillespie's. He recorded a eight robo call form he's been tweeting its support. Tweeting reminder of Virginia voters to get out there and vote for Gillespie so very much paying attention to this. Virginia's one of those states that got away from the president. In in 2016 he lost Hillary Clinton. They've certainly been hope bring. I did it the Republicans could score a victory there now and it would show of strength for the president. OC a that works as you saw the exit polls the president is by factor of ten points. Ten points. Less popular Virginia have been the democratic governor Terry McCall. Well John Carlo gonna let you start your day over there'll checking with you a little bit later thanks for keeping us posted from the other side of the world.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Trump was going to make a surprise trip to the demilitarized border between North and South Korea but had to cancel due to bad weather.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51000492","title":"POTUS cancels secret trip to DMZ","url":"/Politics/video/potus-cancels-secret-trip-dmz-51000492"}