Pres. Trump says he has no plans to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

President Trump travels to Orlando with Rosenstein, whose future with Justice Department has been source of speculation.
3:07 | 10/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pres. Trump says he has no plans to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein
And president trump also addressed another big headline this morning talking about attorney general deputy attorney general rat Rosen Stein you might remember. What would happen with frozen Stein whether or not he would be fired kinda got put on the back burner. During wreck have nots confirmation process but what that now over Rosen Stein is on Air Force One. With the president and Karen Travers is outside the white house with the details Karen any sense of what's happening in that conversation. Well the president today and said he was looking forward to flying down to Florida with the deputy attorney general rob Rosen sign. And just a few moments ago when he left the White House he was asked if he had any plans to your roses Stein and Sears that he had to say. Well we're going to be felt it probably won't get in the way. Actually have a good relationship that that there's been no coverage at about about Malaysian. That but I have a very good relationship was. And he was asked do you have any plans a virus and dining and no I don't and I and that follows that very public signal the president gave about a week and a half ago. In New York when he was asked about robbers and things future and he said he preferred for him to stay in this position but of course. World isn't dying has been in battled for months he's been a frequent target of the president's frustration anger about the Russian probe which Rosen thank overseas as the number two at the Justice Department. And there was a flu is speculation two weeks ago that he was imminently going to be fired into the White House for a meeting reports that. That was what was going to happen either the president was in New York who walked away from that and as you say they were supposed to have a sit down maybe a chance to talk one on one. Hash out some of these issues. And they postponed first by a week because of the hearings up on Capitol Hill right Cavanaugh then I and other week as an FBI investigation into Kavanagh continued. So now here they are two hours of flight down to Orlando the president's and rod residents time but first certainly what the president was saying. It looks like residence and has some job security for now. Bowed to be a fly on the wall Karen. And of presidents traveling to Orlando acting not for political rally but unofficial presidential visit what's on the agenda. Yet it's rare and his schedule these days which is just packed with campaign rally. He's heading down to Orlando to speak at the annual convention of the international association of police chiefs the White House says he's gonna go down there. And talk about what his administration is doing to keep communities favor his support for local law enforcement. And of course his push to secure the border this is beneficial it is not a campaign event but it surprised it's politics somehow manages to creep in two very big races down there in Florida right now that the president has gotten involved in. Key senate race where the governor Rick Scott Republican is running for the senate pounding the Democrat their Bill Nelson. And a former congressman Ron Desantis running for governor and he as the firm backing of president trump. So we'll see if he brings up any of that down there today but as you say it's a rare break from the campaign schedule he's been doing. Don't wearing a be on the campaign trail later this week I'm sure you always anytime Karen Travers from the White House Karen thank you.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"President Trump travels to Orlando with Rosenstein, whose future with Justice Department has been source of speculation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58361866","title":"Pres. Trump says he has no plans to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein","url":"/Politics/video/pres-trump-plans-fire-deputy-ag-rod-rosenstein-58361866"}