Pres. Trump welcomes Polish Pres. Andrzej Duda to White House

The leaders met ahead of a joint press conference regarding a defense deal between the two nations.
25:35 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Pres. Trump welcomes Polish Pres. Andrzej Duda to White House
And yeah. Hi there welcome to the briefing room on this Wednesday a whole lot of news from the 20/20 campaign trail Bernie Sanders giving an meters feet Joseph Biden. Talking a little bit more about president trump presidential talking about his polls but first. How does I'm joined here by Kathryn Fuller a bone rattling a couple of minutes earlier this afternoon in Washington and F. 35 fly over an unprecedented sight never before and that we believe has there been. Such a demonstration for a foreign leader I have one of Washington kind of surprised by these sound if not the sites and see that there. 35 point over the White House if he wanted to be president of. See our Karen Travers that was over at the White House observing this in a loud noise that it means that you know everybody in terms of the planning of course the city and pleaded without notifying people but it's very rare that you see an aircraft by this flying. In Washington especially because of its airspace when ounce fruit salad it was a little surprising to see I'm president and then of course for a mark polish friends through president of government artists and. They and the president of the United States the president Poland and their lives and enjoying that site. And that's all to honor the and welcome the president long thank him from the president's perspective from buying those at 35 aircraft from the United States. And Catherine few moments ago the president wrapped up a joint news conference with president do not of Poland. Where he made a little good news on North Korea of course it was just yesterday that he answer some questions and North Korea reveal that he got a letter recently. From North Korean leader and also seemed to suggest that he wouldn't have authorized any kind of a CIA operation. It involves his half brother this comes after a new book reports that that that half brother who was assassinated we believe I became regime. Was actually a CIA asset a spy. He was asked about that today take a listen. Yes Mr. President you seem to suggest. Yesterday that you are essentially. Committing to not spying on North Korea is that what you meant where those comments interpreted act. There are no shower and why it's what I said and that's why I think it's different than maybe your interpretation. I think we're going Q. Do very well with North Korea over a period of time I'm in no rush. So it's not what I meant it's what I said let's bring in Jordan Phelps from our White House team right there on the on the north lawn and and Jordan I'm not expecting that anyone can really explain what that means exactly if the president is say ruling it out ruling in the end. It did seem though through the entirety as comments he is very much trying to it to create this warm relationship leave the door open still to a major deal with him. He absolutely wrecked at an about you but I'm much more confused by the presence Claire vacation. And then I wise with his initial comment I had to first walked back here what the president was being asked to clarify yesterday heat was talking about conduct and half. Brother I and a report they heat within CIA in forming in the president as head fake that we happened under his auspices. But the president today seems to be taking issue with the interpretation. That me took from that which was that the president was saying he would it spy on North Korea the president here saying that's. Not what he meant to imply but of course he's not telling us what he actually meant a sore left to question. What the president's true meaning wise but he went on of course. To talk about he's warm relations with king John and I in his satisfaction with the lack of nuclear testing in recent months the president still. Very much wants to make a deal with Kim Jung and it just yesterday talked about a new beautiful letter he got from him so that they exchange of love letters. Continues between those two leaders and he Sydney we gets a read and a couple weeks or maybe not for a hundred years so unreal here I think we aren't. We're back on the briefing room to bring you the latest a century from now but in the meantime we know the president spent yesterday on the campaign trail in Iowa where he was talking quite a bit. In the run up to it about Joseph Biden who also happen to be in the state this came as. A raft of new polls including some new internal polls from the trunk campaign got some new circulation the president's got polling on his mind he was. Engaging on the question with some reporters earlier this afternoon in the Oval Office the. Alison. I have great internal polling they were fake polls that will let release. Body as somebody that is so it's ridiculous no we are winning and every single state that we've called. We're winning and Texas very big what winning an Ohio very big wheel winning in Florida very big they were fake polls that work. Either put out by V. Corrupt media because much of the media in this country unfortunately as corrupt I have to tell you that Mr. President some of it is excellent. But some is very bad. Those of fake numbers but you know when you're gonna see that you gonna see that on Election Day on Election Day you can see. Some kind of always let's start with what he's talking I would these internal polls back us up to what exactly we're talking about here because there's been a lot of reporting including that some that you have on the subject. ES a what he's talking about is is polling that his campaign has done their internal polls. Gauging obviously how he's doing in these early states Pennsylvania Wisconsin Puerto California. And according to New York Times they at that showed the president these numbers. It does data and he said. I he directed aides to go Bryant and say that he's he's doing really well but he's funny but are until I am appalled this well right and he says that every single week Paul that we're winning that that's not true. But what we have learned from our sources from divided talking due from it what into the Tina's been talking to is is the polling internally how surprised Ainsley reported last month honest till that he was down and Wisconsin. In Pennsylvania and that heat. A small group of people have seen these polls but the but the was very surprising to it so they aren't worried about it and especially you can tell too but he's worried about it because he is tweeting about Joseph Biden attacking him. On the campaign trail so and that's just where these numbers are right now he says that their fate and other fake numbers of course their internal we haven't seen this stating I bet millions. Yeah and of course that's if he's thinking about it he's talking about it now tweeting about it all all all around that's exactly. You think it's something that he's that you we know with the Biden contrast yesterday it is on. The president's mind and Jordan belts I think that the wave that this president is approaching the campaign looking at the numbers of that that last line we heard that. SoundBite from moment you'll see it on Election Day. It does get to how this president is trying to rerun the twenty sixteenths label all over again from the labeling of his opponent. Through the DD disbelief in in public or private home. Absolutely it's kind of the trying sixteen play buzz all over again we hear him questioning. I Joseph Biden mental stamina which of course with this same thing he did. With Hillary Clinton and we hear that same brash denial of the poles and and and act last time the president was proven right the full impact. We were wrong ad base interest staying that today at Kellyanne Connolly on the president's top advisors and who in fact herself. Mate and named first held as a pollster with here in front of reporters. Not disputing those internal numbers the same way the president get off his aides have kind of stopped short and that's flat out denial that the president has made by having to say. That the polls are irrelevant but whether they say there are relevant or not we know this is a president who is obsessed with the polls and the numbers. And he is following the very closely. And this comes just a few days before the president set to formally launch his reelection bid with an at a rally down in Florida Jordan adults are our thanks to you. I wanna get to some news Katherine off of Capitol Hill from today. Awesome procedural maneuvering some moving the ball down the field a little bit on the issue of contempt of congress or expecting to see movement of the against wolf the attorney general. And the commerce secretary Wilbur Ross that would move us in that direction in addition to that. A hearing earlier today on the mall report on the part of it that had to do with Russian meddling into and an intriguing society that's that our reporter Marian palm caught up with. That's the C Donald Trump junior on Capitol Hill there before the Senate Intelligence Committee we remember a few months back when news broke that he had been subpoenaed. By the committee which is led by Republicans. He went out to DA and here's what he said on the way out. I'm glad that this is finally over we're able to put. Final clarity on that. And I think that really understands that. As many. No sir are you worried about perjury and at all. And again thanks to Merriam Kan for catching that nothing he's not worried about perjury. We don't know the specific reasons that he was called up there this is behind closed source matter what what are you looking for out of this testimony what was done Jr. updated. Oh yes and he spent nearly three hours behind closed doors today remember it he was. Up from behind closed doors with the same committee and twice seventy and for over nine hours and we'll think. Really this was about was to address discrepancies in at least this is what he indicated not. In his testimony per say but in the testimony of Michael Cohen. As a related to John junior's knowledge about the trump tower Moscow deal and his knowledge about south. He when he was asked the question earlier he indicated that back and may be the reason he's up here because of Collins testimony because in their wirdzek Cohen was a liar perhaps by enemy what kinda he wasn't with them four you know as long as he was last only three hours and of course they did. Negotiate with the committee the time in the scope of his interview but that's at least what he indicated he says he's not worried about treasuries and skies over silly doesn't it it's over sort of hoping he's going to be a better anytime soon again. And as always do these things will be interesting how the word gets out Katherine folders are thanks to you. We're gonna bring in our colleague we know and here in a minute to talk about some new immigration numbers that are out when if you want to. Step up big table come on come on end. It's so let's talk about this because the Pew Research Center is out with some some new numbers that have some interesting headlines. To my mind I just intrigued by the idea that it according to their estimates. The number of unauthorized that's there were unauthorized immigrants in the United States is actually down by more than a million over over a cup. We're period it's a new decade low we saw peak in that 2007. About twelve over twelve million unauthorized immigrants in the celebrity you're everywhere twelve million unauthorized sure sure and that's come down quite a bit this steadily over the last several years. And if we're seeing that mainly driven by. More Mexican nationals leaving than arriving a big portion of of that that. Yes that was in choosing to me that that now Mexicans are not the majority of these the folks are talking about here unauthorized that they they've been overtaken by people from other countries. These numbers that were mostly before. The indeed the search we've seen from Central America. Cracked right so this is these are new numbers looking at 2017 we're just getting in the 2017 data so this is before. The recent surge. Central American miners' and families that we've seen at the southern border in recent months. But it does show that throughout most of the a bomb administration. 88 major decrease and it really does some of the data here seem to kind of undercut the argument that trump was making during the campaign. About we heard a lot of how the country was getting overrun with immigrants how we need to clamp down our. Little room he said yeah. So I might I'm curious are for both the you can come what this can do for the policy argument because you're right and the president. I imagine the president's supporters saying this is because of the president's tough policies 2017 of course the first year of his presidency. People left on their own or they weren't coming here in in the first place but it is quite a different portrait that's painted here. And end this comes amidst the but the backdrop of discussion of what you do with the wall when you do with Mexico with tariffs when you do with doctor recipients who work. Among the among the people who are. Currently authorized to be here but are still technically did not citizen. It's right in and those doctor recipients have been in something of a limbo and the best chance they have actually reducing this number of unauthorized people is the democrats' dream bill which is has been Patton passed by the house last week. And is making its way over to the senate. The that will reduce this number by add about two million according to some independent estimates basically giving a pathway to legal status for a lot of these unauthorized people. And that's something of course the Dem Kirk Democrats have been pushing for a while. President Obama. Gave. He issued the executive order on doc two to provide that temporary deferment removal for people who and again these are people who come to the country. As children and I were brought here and now don't have legal status. Ammunition at these numbers from a couple of years ago but a different kind of snapshot media in changing. Sense of of who these people are and what the numbers actually represented went on we appreciate it thank you thanks for your reporting. One on shift type a shift gears a bit soon to 20/20 action. We had an interesting site earlier today right here in Washington DC senator Bernie Sanders. I giving a speech on his defense of socialism of course. This is the longtime democratic socialist senator from from Vermont he's still not technically a member of the Democratic Party even though he's running. For the democratic nomination for president take a listen to what he had to say a few moments ago here at George Washington University. We must recognize. That in the 21. Century. In the wealthiest country in the history of the world. Economic. Rights are you know men right. Is why. I mean like democratic socialism. It okay. I want to bring in now my colleague Adam Kelsey whose one of the reporters covering the Biden a sorry that the Bernie Sanders campaign. And Adam is over there at the site where this speech just just wrapped up all a lot of interesting tidbits in this speech I start first and foremost with wide. That the senator's campaign though he does do this in the first place about a well but awoke couple weeks before the first debate. Most interest in DeVon this is actually something that Bernie Sanders did back in 2015 November of that year as well give a speech just up the road at Georgetown University were here at GW in Washington DC where he. Labeled democratic socialism under his terms now he was attacked back during that presidential run and during this one as well. Offered basically trying to turn America. Into a full blown socialist held the country you hear a lot of attacks on the Republican side for moderate Democrats about how he wants you he wants America to resemble Cuba or Venezuela. In Bernie Sanders determines it's just about creating a level playing field from day one every American is born with these same basic rates and that's I to get a complete education to get a job we could pay to get health care as well I'm not kind of the boogie man form of socialism that some of the moderates on the democratic side and net president trump and the Republicans have been trying to and basically cast him under. And Adam I am intrigued by that though the way that he is casting his democratic socialism because he's talking a lot about. One democratic president in particular FDR. One of the architects of of the current. A safety net system as we know it of course an icon in the Democratic Party there was a lot of flakes Franklin Roosevelt in the way that Bernie Sanders described. His views of of democratic socialism today. Yet and that's basically his argument was that. FDR style politics and the new deal is a form of socialism in user. Basically a programs like Social Security that Americans take for granted that the government provides them with. Obviously once they hit retirement age in the case of social security and that the government can do more earlier in life and we heard from Sanders a specific pitch today he actually took a page out of FDR spoke FDR talkback in the 1940s about a second deliberate I Sanders talked today about what he's calling the economic bill of rights something that would guarantee a living wage quality health care education like I said earlier also a clean environment any secure retirement so some some big goals here for this economic bill of rights but something's Bernie Sanders. I says should've been the norm. All along. And before we let you go I want to talk about another twice when he headline today is actually the deadline for polling for qualifying for the first democratic debate. You'll be taking place two weeks from now in Miami Florida. A new poll came out so dated that Steve Bullock the governor of Montana was hoping might give him some good news but. Out of it doesn't look like much gonna change and we pretty much know who the twenty candidates are at this point as we await formal a formal announcement tomorrow. What else we know what the candidates that are likely to be left out. Yes see you mentioned Steve Bullock the governor of Montana he was the big names he was somebody who as of last week actually we thought it was going to meet these debates he DNC changed their mind about a pair of ABC news Washington Post polls that polled respondents and in an open ended fashion that in providing a list of candidates to Steve Bullock who had received 1% in a ABC news Washington Post poll earlier in the year ends up getting left off of the stage because of that we saw and a mom with Nevada poll earlier today got less than 1%. Just missing and a qualifier the other folks are going to be left off the seat Seth Moulton congressman from Massachusetts and I Miramar Florida mayor Wayne and mess up some of the names who will not be part Decker but twenty Donna Miami. All right and Kelsey thanks you for covering that that Sanders speech earlier today appreciate it. Want to bring in now my colleague Trevor alt making his briefing room did you'll welcome the great rhetoric to have your Trevor. And let's talk Joseph Biden a little that he was obviously the the big story. Yesterday out with his. Planned attack on an president's help with him in the state. I take a listen to this this is this is from earlier today as he wraps up his is appearance of Iowa. The president United States yeah. Kind of an interest in little slip Davis and Lorraine my opponent the of course it feels like that the last 24 hours but were not close or that. Yeah I mean we are still seventeen months out from the election but at as close as we can get to a head to head feel is what we had yesterday and I don't look Iowa with the president and the former vice president having that back and forth sort of all day long trading jabs. Today the vice president Joseph Biden wrapping up his trip this two day trip to Iowa got a couple more events and now is heading his way to Chicago but. He continued his focus on president from which is something that the president talked about yesterday and he is correct in saying Joseph Biden's talking about him a lot there's no way that anybody could dispute that it's just. Whether or not is an effective strategy and it certainly is leading to a Joseph Biden's in the head the polls right now but moved for what to see how it plays out today what he. Targeted was the fact the president trucked in April said that Windmills cause cancer. But other than that largely sticking to his stump points that we've seen the Denver of the labor movements. Typical democratic talking points and the only area that I'm really seen Joseph Biden sort of try to separate himself policy wise is what he mentioned yesterday is promising if he's elected. Curing cancer during his term that is one area where he's been getting a little there push back from Democrats as well. But it has been playing sort of to Joseph Biden being the front runner he's had relatively light campaign loads so foreign now moving on from Iowa as far as we know campaign event wise. Not heading until New York until next week. The eyes it's interesting because I get the sense that these men like talking about each other that let this moment in time trump sees benefit in talking about Biden because he understand he thinks he understands how to run against them in rerun as we talked about earlier. That's why sixteen playbook. On the flip side Biden sees a big upside in talking about my opponent the one guy right standing there rather than having to worry about the fact he's got 22 other Democrats intend immersed. Yeah it's almost as if he can talk about it like it's foregone conclusion of he's already campaigning against Donald Trump rather than all of those democratic candidates and we just how to graphic with how many of them are going to be at the debates now and it isn't precinct has with those quinnipiac poll numbers that we're seeing is Joseph Biden as of right now has a large lead. Head to head vs Donald Trump but his lead against the democratic field is shrinking and so you have to wonder how long he can sort of coast on the fact that. He might be the presumptive non Marie the nominee or at least. Has that strong leads so far but it is shrinking the further that we go and you wonder if he is going to have to ramp up his campaign to try to get more people on board galleon that the first to be just two weeks ago Trevor all appreciate having your helpful to have you back Wilson anytime they keep America. And we're gonna close today show with oh really a really special moment in Washington DC a want to bring in. My colleague Serena Marshall come on up to the big table Serena. So yes it up so this is really cool so we do the movie hidden figures I think opened up a lot of lies to the reality of the space race and some of they didn't figures in this case it that they refer to of course the women. The unsung heroes of NASA that I'm alive though he wanted to backgrounds map and let's talk about. VV the honor that they are receiving just today. Yes this is a beautiful tribute to some incredible women that they are you said as he said the unsung heroes a NASA there the figures behind. This astronauts whose faces we come have come to know so well and they really industry here in Washington and it's at right in front of the NASA headquarters in DC. From E Street into him figures weigh in their honor. He was the man who became the first American to orbit the year. I do not remember. John Glenn a man well known to history has done legally and only leaves you. That's actually halted its ingenious and I'm Protestant definitely watching that today where the women who put in there fusion. Protocol for women. Some protocol for masters in. He just act brought to the forefront of American history thanks to the movie hit in figures and today Catherine Johnson Dorothea Von and Mary Jackson. Remembered again with the street renamed in their honor. These female mathematicians. We're doing the heavy lifting in aeronautical research its about how women of all backgrounds proved that not only are women good at math. Sometimes they are the best at math tourists and locals alike reacting I think these. It up thought. First he didn't. Minorities. Played very vital role Catherine Johnson was a mathematician an asset for more than thirty years. Working as a human computer at a time before computers were trusted. Asked to verify the numbers. Her work was essential to the beginning of the space shuttle program calculating trajectories launch windows and emergency return paths at a building renaming in 2017. Telling ABC news. And everyday. Now orange today do you billions. What do you. Now one of the things you might not realize I know I didn't realize this Rick is that her work one of the last prime just as he worked on was contributing to the mission to Mars so even after her retirement long after her contributions to NASA and science is still going to be felt. And we should point that's a pretty rare honor in the District of Columbia the industry Dana Henry and isn't there aren't that many of them and this is a well deserved honor and a and a at a really cool tribute very cool. All right Serena Marshall thank you for bringing that. And some pretty exciting news here at ABC we're just getting a first look at an exclusive interview. The president trump conducted with our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos we have a cliff to bring you right now. Respond juniors are Woodson told this committee today and he didn't he was not charged with anything in retrospect certainly not only wasn't he charged if you read it. Was all of the horrible fake it is. I mean I was reading that my son was gonna encourage others a good young man that he was gonna go to jail and then the report comes out. And they need to say they think they rightly should you can't yet be when he got okay let's put yourself in a position your congressmen somebody comes up and says hey. I have information on your opponent. You call the FI. I don't think coming from I don't you do I've seen a lot of things over my life I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FB. In my whole life. You know call the FBI you throw somebody out of your office you do what if Al Gore got to school and briefing book he will be here well that's different as stolen briefing but this isn't stuck. This is somebody that's it we have information. When your opponent well let me call the FB. Give me a break life as it would have been a director says that's what should happen. The FBI directors wrong. You're campaign this time around foreigners if Russia China if someone else offers information upon should be except there should be calling it via. I think maybe do I think you might want to listen I don't there's nothing wrong with listening if somebody called. From a country Norway. We have information on your. I think at one here you want to kind of be your turn to elections and that it had to have information I think that take it if I thought there was something wrong let's go maybe to the FBI. If I thought there was something wrong. But when somebody comes up with up a researcher to come up without weary search on the school the FBI the FBI doesn't have enough agents to take care of it. You don't talk honestly to congressman they all do it they always that's the way it is it's called upload research. And of course much more to come on that interview here at On world news tonight on Good Morning America tomorrow. But for now that does it for this edition of the briefing room you can check us out on the ABC news out. And we'll be right back here tomorrow with another edition of the briefing room.

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