How President-Elect Donald Trump Will Spend Inauguration Morning

It all starts at the Blair House, where presidents-elect have stayed before inauguration since Jimmy Carter.
3:35 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for How President-Elect Donald Trump Will Spend Inauguration Morning
So I have seen some really well I didn't hear you. So if he didn't. Cellini. You're. Back. Warner job flirt constantly. They should say. We're excited to have. This is really is that she. Just. She did when I went inside. So he hurt it. First guest book patents are obviously he'd first Mars that stars treat each. Presidents. Work actions. Such as our first class saying yes he actually along most you know process. It's CD. Act congress and others if he's actually let's. December. Really easily warehouse starters it is that you can't be science. Aaron didn't care threatening breakthrough in this tradition started future president last operated guest. Irish he bursts. Yeah. Think our time he came in the 1990s. So this shows examples according to state that something that means just split. So I am not serious and when the first things that's on top. It's a sign it's not raining cats might and there an early opens network for diplomacy. For their administration. It really. Yes the guest book for the world in bites. He cheeses and and the candidates as well so we have a future First Lady sometimes often been children presents. Very polite to you sir yeah. That day over here it quickly just recap act how the president on Wednesday will go first. The accident. And we. Eight. We as you're outside you're seeing incredible warehouse that this is again where he. And like me please what her reasons for this. Since the start. David Wolf that we hold a breakfast for themselves. Informal formal and he will sign their first official ministry. Find it very first changes we're. Hand we're at a press three seen. Church rituals. He won't. The outgoing president purse and spirited. And the wheel while. First incident happened you. Staying at Blair house. So. It's pretty boring he. Very small part of David's report today it's. Really the first thing to. Morning star. And you hear it changed. One. Thank you sentencing time. And eighty so much for joining our life street eastern it's. I'll learn my scenes To check out all of our coverage on our streets today in just 18 friends today. You can follow me on Twitter accurate mouse.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"It all starts at the Blair House, where presidents-elect have stayed before inauguration since Jimmy Carter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44764314","title":"How President-Elect Donald Trump Will Spend Inauguration Morning","url":"/Politics/video/president-elect-donald-trump-spend-inauguration-morning-44764314"}