President Hamid Karzai Addresses Afghan Sovereignty at White House

Afghan president and President Obama discuss shifting role of U.S. military mission in Afghanistan.
6:19 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Hamid Karzai Addresses Afghan Sovereignty at White House
The presidency and I discussed today. And in great detail. All of the relevant issues. Between the two countries. I was happy to see that. We have made focus on some of the importance. Issues -- -- Concerning don't sovereignty. We agreed on. The complete -- -- detention centers and detainees to Afghan solvent. And that this will be implemented to. Soon enough to might intend to Afghanistan. We also discussed. All aspects of transition. To. -- Afghan governance and securities. I'm very happy to -- from the president does the also discussed earlier that. In the spring this year. Without Afghan forces will be fully responsible for providing security and predictions about them people. And that the and international forces the American forces will be. No longer presents an Afghan villages that the hospital -- that both Afghan forces to. Provide for the Afghan people in security and protection. That's -- also agreed to. On the steps that you should be taking to it in the peace process. Which is all highest priority to Afghanistan. We agreed on. Allowing at part of an office and -- in -- Where. -- that how to run would engage in direct talks with the representatives of the high council for peace. Where will be seeking they -- all the relevant regional countries. Including. Cracks. -- would be trying our best together -- it is the United States and our other allies to they tend. Peace and stability to Afghanistan assume -- possible. And implying all means that we within our power to do so that Afghan people can live in. Security and peace and work for them. Presidency and educate their church. The president and I also also discussed economic transition and Afghanistan and all that entails broadcasts. Once the transition to Afghan forces completed months the most -- these international forces of withdrawal from Afghanistan. We hope that the dividends of that transition economic -- -- -- -- would be beneficial to the Afghan people and -- Not have adverse effects on Afghan economy and the prosperity but -- game. In the past many years. We also discussed the usual in action in Afghanistan and the importance -- prediction for the Afghan people and with the hope that will be conducting a free and fair -- in Afghanistan where. Our friends in the international community in particular the United States will be assisting him. -- Conducting those addictions of course. Where Afghanistan will come. The right environment for conducting elections without interference and without. And you consent and that -- -- for the Afghan. That people. We also discussed. -- And admit -- -- detail and -- bottom -- the tree house. All costing self. The bilateral security agreement between Afghanistan and the United States and I informed the president. That the Afghan people. Already today in the -- -- -- rookie. Call quality. Strategic partnership agreement between us and the United States. Have given their approval to this relationship -- value it as one that's good -- -- So in that -- the but not for security agreement is. One that the Afghan people -- -- and just and -- Conducted in Egypt. Where -- interest of the United States. The interest of Afghanistan would be kept in mind. -- we have. A number of other issues also talked about during our conversations and perhaps. Many times and -- in the and that conversation. Beginning with the congress -- of course. -- and thank the president for the year. Helped out the United States -- -- people. For all that we have gained the past ten years. And that those games we'll be kept by and he's sounded one or looking for pieces and and stability of Afghanistan computing industry often constitution. Thought also trying to the president and and endorsement -- the sacrifices of Americans. Men and women in uniform and the -- -- other countries. Accordingly. It also involved. The -- Obama the sacrifices of the Afghan people of the immense sacrifices of the Afghan people in the past ten years. More than four. Service men and -- the Afghan people. I'd be going -- to Afghanistan this evening to. Bring without -- people. The news -- Afghanistan. Standing. Children children. When America. -- is sovereign independent country. But. In. And cooperation. And and -- Thank you mistress -- what was --

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{"id":18192878,"title":"President Hamid Karzai Addresses Afghan Sovereignty at White House","duration":"6:19","description":"Afghan president and President Obama discuss shifting role of U.S. military mission in Afghanistan.","url":"/Politics/video/president-hamid-karzai-addresses-afghan-sovereignty-white-house-18192878","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}