President goes to the Hill in an effort to get GOP behind his tax bill

Trump had lunch with Republican senators on Capitol Hill this afternoon to discuss his tax plan, and two Democratic leaders refused to meet with him after his harsh tweet directed at them.
6:44 | 11/28/17

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Transcript for President goes to the Hill in an effort to get GOP behind his tax bill
At. With congressional leaders but. Plans changed as they do we're gonna break that down framed at the minute let's go live to Capitol Hill. ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce was there watching the president walked in an out to the talking to folks there Mary. Did we hear anything from president Trout for anyone else about how that meeting. Visited luncheon is just breaking up this is the luncheon with senate Republicans the president we did see him just Levy he believed. I didn't respond to any repeated shouted questions both about tax reform and also about North Korea when he was coming in he did I ever do me a thumbs up what I asked him if he was confident that he can seal the deal on tax reform. This is the second time in recent weeks that the president has come up for this lunch and trying to rally the troops to try and get Republicans on board with what is really must pass legislation for Republicans. It's a pretty much to do or die moment here when it comes to that Republicans aspirations to pass tax reform. The clock is really taking they now have. Believe it's ten working days left them both the house and the senate are in session the president wants to deliver on its promise. To give the American people tax reform the president wrapped up as a Christmas present but there are significant differences that still have to be hammered out with in the Republican Party over appearing aspects. Of this bill and so while the press thinking come up here and tried to encourage Republicans to get on board. What comes next really is less to do with the president and more about whether Republicans can work out their own different and that's an insight there now what are some of those sticking points where everything possible that might be threatened to get Republicans behind the plan. While they Gary I have to say for signing a huge media's comes I apologize for all of the shuffling going on around me. But but they re each and that's part of the problem here is that they range from. Concerns about inclusion of a repeal of the Obama care individual mandate to other Republicans who have concerns. That that this land is skewed towards giving benefits towards large corporations and does not have enough benefits for small businesses and the issue here is that this is all of very delicate balance so any concessions made. To get some Republicans on board could upset. And put off kilter and and lose votes from other Republicans and of course all sorts of numbers game up here I'm no math wits but I know that when you start to offer more cuts to one side it needs it to start making that up. Somewhere else. Simple math at play there very brief on Capitol Hill hang with us for a second I want to bring in Jordan felt his over on the White House. North line he had Jordan let me ask you about this now because the president has another meeting this on his schedule for later today there were some planned attendees that seems to have shifted. Slightly what's going on there. You add the president must have a meeting with this so called bake for at that Hume major Republican in the two major democratic. Leaders from Capitol Hill by it's now just him and a couple of Republicans that well how allowing here at the White House. Tie it all started when the president on stock won his tweets this morning. Act saying that he didn't see eight DL I expressing pessimism that he could. And make any sort of agreement with Pelosi and Schumer who he calls shocking the NC in his two please. I and Pelosi and humor shot back at short while later with the joint statement. I saying. Can you don't think there's a deal the race we won't show up I and they invited the Republican leaders on helped set to meet with them individually. But of course the Republicans aren't gonna let the Democrats have the upper hand. In this arguments at those two democratic leaders at McConnell and Brian will be here at the White House a bit later this afternoon. To meet with the president at there are also to get together to try to pass at a planted her bank's. A government shut down which quit happening in December and but now added that prospects that government shutdown that that anti. Ice now ops with this showdown between. The president and the democratic leaders now. That we could be heading for our real shut down now. And Jordan Leno at the heart of some of those negotiations are present campus trying to post there at the oval lot that office is this tax plan the just so. Key to Republicans I Dili as they say before the end of the year but there's a lot of information coming out other people are getting a look at what it would me. The CBO information based on their analysis say that this would actually hurt lower income Americans that the number of those if this is associated we have the individual mandate for health insurance. Repeal would mean that four million people are immediately caught without insurance. And many more thirteen million I believe over the next decade. It's not looking rate for the tax plan haven't had any kind of response from the White House the Republicans. On that new analysis. Yeah on that this is a high stakes week for president Ron heat desperately in need of some legislative victory before the end of the year. I he has said repeatedly that he wants tax returns tied up and delivered to him as a bit of a Christmas present for the American people. On and we see the president ants at some Republican leadership continued to express optimism. That they will get this dying the president just yesterday in the Oval Office said. This is coming along great. But as you note on Nat at the improv is in the pudding and there's a lot of evidence C testing. That at this might not happening that they don't have necessarily all the votes they need with fat slim Republican majority in the senate. To actually get that Stein. And as for that Stevie Al and house as. I senator hatch was actually here at the White House yesterday for at lunch with the president I think and he was asked about that very problem. And he told reporters that he doesn't think the CBO analysis is right so that senator hatch not that White House directly. Add you know the Republicans are gonna cast doubt on anything that seems to indicate that they sad that this and tax plan. I isn't really the breakthrough in middle class that that their pitching ass. Of course we'll apple announces that And full reporting on whatever comes out of that meeting later today in the White House Jordan Phelps. At the White House Forrest thanks so much thinks they Bruce over on Capitol Hill as well thanks to you for watching. Head over to any time get the latest on all of those stories and download the ABC news act. Get all that news right to your phone from the fourth suffice for now I'm on an Abbas penalty back here soon.

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{"id":51439732,"title":"President goes to the Hill in an effort to get GOP behind his tax bill ","duration":"6:44","description":"Trump had lunch with Republican senators on Capitol Hill this afternoon to discuss his tax plan, and two Democratic leaders refused to meet with him after his harsh tweet directed at them. ","url":"/Politics/video/president-hill-effort-gop-tax-bill-51439732","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}