President and First Lady Welcome Olympic and Paralympic Teams to White House

Obamas commemorate accomplishments of athletes and comment on Ft. Hood shooting.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for President and First Lady Welcome Olympic and Paralympic Teams to White House
This is a special room. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York a big day for America's Olympic and paralympic heroes they -- at the White House today meeting with President Obama First Lady already speaking let's go right to the White House. The globe are again and again you all showed us that being an Olympian is about heart. It's about guts and it's about giving it your all no matter what stands in your way that's -- message that I try to can be young people all the time. The idea that if you work hard and commit yourself to goal and then pick yourself up when you fall there is nothing that you can't she. And -- Olympic and paralympic athlete you also note that a big part of reaching your full potential. Is making sure that you're putting the right fuel in your pot. You all know that better than anyone in this country that what you he absolutely makes a difference in how you perform. And that's another message that I try to spread to our young people the importance of eating healthy. And staying active. So I want to thank all of you who taped a video for let's move campaign -- earlier today thank you so much for making that happen. And I want to give a special thank you to the USOC for their work to -- over two million young people opportunities. To get active in their communities we are so grateful for -- -- and we're grateful for the example you offset our young people. In so many different ways you -- -- inspiring. Folks across the country not just every four years. But every single day and nowhere have I seen more clearly. -- in the story someone that I met here at the White House for years ago under -- different circumstances. Lieutenant commander Dan -- and was seated next to me at a dinner with the leaders of our military. And I just got to see -- and we were remarking that and that -- room -- same room. We had dinner together. But just a few months earlier. -- had been in Afghanistan. He was leaving a platoon of Navy SEALs when he stepped on and I would be. Then lost both of his legs in the explosion. But he never lost that fighting spirit I will always remember -- because just four months after that explosion. He finished a half marathon in a wheelchair -- months after the explosion. On the one year anniversary of his injuries he ran a mile on his prospects. Over the next few years stand stayed on active duty while in the navy earning medals in swimming. And running events at the warrior games and completing the New York City -- And today four and a half years after his injury. Dan is proud to Wear another one of our nation's uniforms and his team USA. Yeah it. Back then in the back. -- -- -- I also got meat and sister who stayed by his side every single minute of his recovery. And she was an important part that recovery and she's a terrific -- -- herself and I'm glad to hear she's doing well. In Sochi and inspired us all again by competing in the fifteen K by apple on the one -- sitting cross country sprint. So -- come a long way in the four years that we met -- I know that his story. And the stories of all our olympians and -- Libyans are nowhere near finished. So keep it this is only the beginning many of you were here four years ago and you college she'd be back and your back. So I know you're already getting. Ready for that next four years but in the meantime. We look forward to all that you're gonna do in this country and around the world to keep inspiring. Particularly young people. Passes. Just live a little more like -- -- live and to show and that spirited responses and so thank you all again for everything that you do. And I can't wait to hear about everything that you won't do in the years to come. And with that turn it over to guy next to me. Who happens to be my husband but more importantly -- the president of the United States. Okay. -- let's first of all be clear. It is more important that I Michelle's husband and -- program tonight at six -- -- -- may be confused. Mary you young people out there aren't married yet so I just want to know. Given -- some tips in terms of how to. How to prioritize. Obvious -- -- as Michelle mentioned. Our thoughts right now. In many ways are with the families. At Fort Hood. These are folks who make such extraordinary sacrifices for us each and every day for freedom. During the course of a decade of war many of them have been on multiple. You know tours of duty. To see unspeakable senseless violence happen. -- a place where. They're supposed to feel safe. Home base. Is -- is tragic and obviously it is the second time that the Fort Hood community has been affected this where so we join. That entire community and honoring. Those who lost their lives. Every single one of them was American patriot. We stand -- their families. And their loved ones as they grieve we are thinking about those were wounded. We're there to support them. And as we learn more about what happened and why we're gonna make sure we're doing everything in our power. To keep our troops safe and keep our troops strong and I just on the battlefield but also -- to come home. They've done their duty and there are an inspiration for it made us proud. -- earlier form and they take care of us we got to make sure that when they come home would take care of them. And that's thirty unity. Is what brings us here today because we could not be prouder of team US. We double check to make sure that all the bathroom -- -- working in his -- -- Try to bust balance of -- -- doors we don't want that to happen. I want to recognize the members of congress we have here with us as well as Scott Blackmun and -- -- from -- USOC. Are fantastic allegations. That represent the diversity and the values of our country so well. But most of all we're here just celebrate all of you. Our olympians and -- olympians who brought home a total of 46 medals. I understand that. -- steered us -- worthy also brought home a few stray dogs. But he adopted that doesn't count on the medal standings but. It tells you something about the freestyle skiers. But. The you know over the past couple of months we saw some dominating performances by team USA. American women. One more medals in the Olympics men and women of any other nation. The men and swept the podium -- -- style sting and -- snowboarding. It's not that same. Brought home the -- and. Okay. Hockey team -- -- -- for the ages with an epic shootout victory over the Russians. I would personally like to thank all of our snowboarders and results -- for making newscasters across America say things like. -- -- -- And be back to back. Double cork 1260. I don't know what that means really. But I just want to say. I'm pretty sure -- the first president ever say that. Okay. Back to back double -- 126. -- -- Insulting these athletes made -- history. -- sixteen year old Beckham farmers scoring three goals to help our sled hockey team become the first nation ever went back to back gold medals. Okay. Blue. A men's bobsled team became the first. Americans in 62 years to meddle in both the two men and the -- and competition. Okay. And we'll. Cousins embezzled about slips. No mass movement. And then Michaela Sheppard became the youngest Olympian ever to win gold and the solemn. The down loan. It is. -- -- -- -- -- Sources she said she wants to win five gold. And 2018. God I've got -- of them gala as somebody. Was once told that. You're young -- set your sights high I just got. Three words of advice. Or. You are going to be bring him back some more gold. Thanks to years of lobbying from team USA. Women's ski jumping was -- hasn't won Olympic sport and they did. Women comply just like man. Just -- -- said we have arrived we are good at what we do and we are a lot prettier than the more jumpers. Wish I could it just took. I've seen them. She was glad. So from our ski jumpers who -- equality to the athletes and coaches who served our country. In uniform like band who we're so proud of these athletes all send a message the resonates far beyond the Olympic village. And that's always been a part of the Olympics. In going for the gold in pushing ourselves. To be the best you inspire the rest of us to try to -- not be the best we've below better. Just get off the couch. Some shows -- All of you remind us just like the Olympic -- states the most important thing in life is not triumph. But the fight. And I want take for example somebody who. Couldn't be here today but by their story I think -- It is typical. So many yours and this is Norwell -- -- -- Don't know was hoping to beer. But she's been -- -- a lot want to get back her husband or kids and and they may be watching us now but almost a decade ago Noel was. On -- Top of the world after winning the women's Skelton World Cup. She was injured. In a freak accident that caused her chances in 2006. In 2010 she missed the podium by 110 of a second. And after all those Olympics she retired to spend more time they're scrambling -- -- two years ago her husband convinced her to go back. On that's what because raising -- family and racing down the track don't have to be mutually exclusive. So -- then and -- well her husband for two young children traveled from competition competition living out of suitcases seeing the world together. And -- you don't pay it off and she took on the silver. In the Skelton jumping over the wall to celebrate. With their family on the final run and and here's what's -- also that -- -- it is never going to go as plan. You have to decide. When your bumped off course. If it's going to hold you back. -- -- -- -- That's the spirit. We celebrate today that something ban understands. That's something all of you with some -- in your life. Have understood or will understand you know things are always gonna go perfect and and Michelle -- -- -- watching our olympians. That you know -- work hard for four years and then just a little something can happen. And it it you're just back close. Better the courage and the stick to ordinance. And the confidence. And the joy of competition. That keeps you movement. That's got -- That's gonna help you throughout life. It helps our country it's what America's all about it's why it. We are so proud to have you all here today. And four years from now I won't be here to -- But some president's going to. And I suspect that a lot of you. May come back even four years after that. You guys have done a great job. And what an extraordinary. Achievement and -- for all of you over represented the United States of America. At our. Olympic and -- figures. Congratulations -- It First Lady Michelle Obama welcoming -- USA the White House. Today why today for the visitors. We've been as always tweeting away. Are they are in the White House briefing room taking over Jay Carney is podium. Five the -- gathering together for that all important White House bathroom southeast. Out on the -- skiers Bryan Fletcher and Jessica -- say cheese and want more what of these folks doing on the White House front lawn good question. And -- how to answer a few of those questions from the White House ABC's -- wired. DeVon how have a crew of olympians and her olympians were on hand. For today's festivities. I'm sure there are dozens of olympians here on hand at the White House say they -- you just saw them gathered there in the east room both from the US Winter Olympic team -- also the paralympic team fresh back from Russia. Are we heard from a few of them ahead of this event very excited lot of nervous. Athletes out there are ahead of meeting the president and and they did as you showed took some fun pictures like -- he -- around here today. And President Obama of course a big sports fan and special perks for these athletes. Well the one of the athletes tweeted their -- picture of lunch today upstairs here in the White House they one who weren't given any fancy spread that they do get a bag lunch here from the White House and there were some -- shots of that crew seated around upstairs in the halls of some of those rooms -- and there are box funds which. Busy day at the White House how long -- they have to spend speaking with President Obama and the First Lady. Well as you saw the president there personally obviously just touched to have the team here today admitted to practice of celebrating. Successful athletes from both the pros college level hear the olympians today and so. This is a moment for the president relishes he heat treated there each of these -- athletes have personally and we heard from some of them there. And and we also saw him do the same thing earlier this week at the Boston Red Sox and again. Lot of self he's around here today because it. Calling them of course an inspiration to the whole country what they accomplished and what they likely will accomplish in the future. Obviously the president of and the First Lady made note of yesterday shooting also at Fort Hood in Texas is the White House plan in any other statements. On that today. That's right you saw the president take a moment at the top of his event there to address -- -- retreating today for the first time he needs an impromptu. Comments last night in Chicago erupted Dizzy Dean of fund -- -- -- to really address the situation as it was unfolding. Today he echoed that sentiment but that said that he wouldn't put -- Perhaps a bit of a finer point and his sentiments calling this really unspeakable senseless violence calling it a tragedy. In calling those three victims at Fort Hood Michelle all American patriots. Taking time to make noted that while celebrating. Our Olympic athletes ABC's Devin Dwyer the White House thank you. And you can find out more on about the story by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23185357,"title":"President and First Lady Welcome Olympic and Paralympic Teams to White House","duration":"3:00","description":"Obamas commemorate accomplishments of athletes and comment on Ft. Hood shooting.","url":"/Politics/video/president-lady-olympic-paralympic-teams-white-house-23185357","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}