President Obama DNC Speech: ABC News Analysis

Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, George Will, Donna Brazile and Mathew Dowd examine the speech.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for President Obama DNC Speech: ABC News Analysis
Year old president of the United States and George instructs how often kept saying I am the president. I know what it's. Green -- and the man who came in talking about the audacity of hope talking about hope over and over again still need. Did the work in different speech for four years ago -- This speech was not triumphed. It was so we're hoping that sobriety makes sense in this -- the city's the president they sit on the president who has changed. The president is mindful of his own. Things he says. Appreciate that he said. Let's -- now the family back to come out on stage hair out of the plan. There are forward Sasha and Malia ages fourteen and I'll let now we're going to school tomorrow. -- crazy things and they're going to. -- high school of course work remotely ends soon. Check tonight. Jake Tapper -- isn't right there in the midst of an all day. Completely. The poetry of the but a lot of it was more -- we talked about via choice he wants the -- Choice election. The -- after. So it was almost three or four different speeches cobble together a crowd of course here have. We're -- -- crazy week take care of home. Right now that is one of the -- of the -- as well. No doubt. So we'll have our eyes will be kept repeating. -- that he is the president is playing on the fly. I'd really take this -- several business. It was almost in his state of the union talking about what you would do in his second term but that last part of the speed. Trying to get these people here can get the people that. -- his campaign talking about we have Providence on our side. They loved it tears of the eyes of a lot of these delegates a lot of tears. And just take you back on stage for a moment we're seeing. Weighing the rabid -- of course Michelle Obama's brother and also her mother's 75 year old -- who haven't found enough mother won't. You know Playhouse in helping with the girls on this time I want to go to Cokie Roberts -- -- so -- a platform that could. What do you say I'm single mom hugged each other looking very very happy -- this -- I'm very happy delegates with the -- lose a lot of confetti. I don't really struck me here was this speech. -- -- -- Make things. Right Susan the future that I am outlining. It's do you now -- continues not. Can -- you can't. Those voters know they're not better opposite quote from the campaign manager Matt Rhodes and that it's time to change direction they're saying this is a referendum on President Obama. I think that this speech did tonight Jordan was -- three teams that we Obama campaign. -- -- -- It's unclear what Americans that I endorse the principles of our bipartisan debt commission that sets him up to say to challenge the -- -- Is there any amount of cuts that -- Second and seven they want your vote but they don't want you. Are planned cuts that's enough to challenge them to be specific about the deductions by which they're basically. -- and third and to meet Georgia striking aspect of this program. Which you so much more focused on the military and foreign policy and Republican was. The complete role reversal of the pardons the Democratic Party this year wants to talk about. Republicans -- and -- it took only about it. They went all the focus of the you know judge senate this week the Democrats had to comment until the American people. What they've been able to accomplish over the last three and a half years the president tonight I believe was a little while. He was inspirational. He was also humble his -- -- four. The American. We happen for the stuff. That I just want to let everybody get -- -- Again look once more out there at this stage and as we've got they had to move suddenly. Into this -- they didn't have time. Blow up the balloons -- -- confetti and light -- having to do the work that would attempt to match that's what about. The president say that the other team is. With the foreign policy we're gonna wind up losing -- -- gonna take that money every. I was struck by a couple -- for. Things first. He wants to run on foreign policy which usually Republicans run on and Democrats defend he wants to use that as -- big thing I was struck by normally reelection campaigns. Fall into broadcast categories one celebratory. Look for great things we've done give us four more years it's awesome tech and the other one is. We're not it's a lot of blame the other guys blame blame blame blame the other guys Harry Truman 1948 he picked a middle tech path. And I think he was look at street and an undecided voter in Ohio -- with modesty in tone and saying things haven't always been great we have a vision for the future the question is. Did it give that person undecided -- to have the confidence that he does have a plan and that's unknown. That's right they know the path is harder but is -- -- the presence that he was suffering harder but better fast and it's worth pointing out again. The early voting is already started making the start I had today here in north Carolina -- heading on to other states as well. And then as one political philosopher said it is three yards and a cloud of dust of the debates they begin on October 3.

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{"id":17178991,"title":"President Obama DNC Speech: ABC News Analysis","duration":"3:00","description":"Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, George Will, Donna Brazile and Mathew Dowd examine the speech.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-dnc-speech-abc-news-analysis-17178991","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}