President Obama, Gov. Christie Meet in NJ

The president and New Jersey governor prepare to tour storm damage.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Transcript for President Obama, Gov. Christie Meet in NJ
And you know while it is of course a symbolic gesture to have the president -- it still means so much when you see. The leaders the governor's the president give it personal -- incumbents and and say hello and it just to say you know what I'm paying attention. I think I feel your pain I'll look into we'll -- we can do makes such a difference to people who've lost so much at all even though Governor -- And the president certainly not on the same time side of the political aisle. They have -- put politics aside. For this time he -- president coming out right now coming down the stairs of air force -- one. As governor Chris Christie has commended the president on how he has been responsive to needs. New Jersey residents. And they may have been. Two leaders. Talking this -- -- two leaders Governor Christie along with the president. Shaking hands talking about what they're getting ready to look and and the loss but they're getting ready to city as the two men walk there. And. Meantime we're looking at pictures on the right -- seaside heights -- amusement park news copter seven. Earlier got that video and in fact we -- on. Seven on line. On our home page a little while ago we have the before and after pictures showing that amusement -- from the summer time when it was in its story and pristine shape. And the aftershock indeed if you haven't seen -- go to the website take a look at it should still be up. It is just amazing to see. OK now we have one of the marine ones that they actually. Take -- -- boarded from Washington. And so this is what the president's going to be flying around -- -- that with Governor Christie to pouring the devastation. Along the coastline. And it is all up and down the coastline is as you mentioned -- one thing when you have. Mother nature in this type of destructive. Incidents there isn't that doesn't -- -- -- do an economics because if you go along the Jersey Shore. There are certain pockets certainly they cater you know from DL to bell mired. To Spring -- town. He runs the gamut of some being a resort town some being family. Town some being this season all. And something our moment is there really were found -- about what we're glad that I think about you know the fun house and -- part -- so many people. Go to just simply washed away.

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{"id":17610009,"title":"President Obama, Gov. Christie Meet in NJ","duration":"3:00","description":"The president and New Jersey governor prepare to tour storm damage.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-governor-christie-meet-in-nj-17610009","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}