President Obama, Hillary Clinton Dine at the White House

Former secretary of state joins the president for a private lunch, fueling 2016 speculation.
7:03 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for President Obama, Hillary Clinton Dine at the White House
This is a special room. Report from ABC news. I'm -- pepperoni or -- ABC news digital special report reunited. And it feels. So mysterious. For now we at least. Former secretary of states and First Lady Hillary Clinton you -- making her way in there. She was dining with 2008 primary rival turned boss President Obama White House today. A private lunch no word on. How it came together and what they were discussing Clinton of course an early front runner in the 2016 democratic presidential nomination so there is plenty of speculation to be done. -- -- a separate fact from fiction is ABC's political director Rick -- Rick thanks for being with us today. I damn bit of excitement down there -- DCI -- for the moment though. A lot of put aside what they did or did not potentially discussed at today's -- a lot of folks in the political theatrics here we're discussing -- the photos are out there are so what exactly does this mean then for projection of the public. We'll keep in mind that they started out as friends -- it became rivals and then it became allies and now there's something different tire related gone their separate paths however. Those -- could converge again because -- -- the very real potential that Hillary Clinton is gonna wanna be Barack Obama's successor. That is a little thing called Joseph Biden that's part of this and it's telling that Joseph Biden not part of this lunch but every -- -- Hillary Clinton will do anything in public and certainly when she does something -- the White House it is going to -- when he sixteen speculation keep in mind that interview that they did late last year President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Appearing together on sixty minutes -- kind of valedictory. Farewell into lines are private sector life and and -- thank you for a job -- and present mama's mind was -- on. These are the important that kind of optics around this that that I think you're gonna figure very much and the people calculating now around 2016 you could say it's the world 126 seem to keep in mind. Almost nothing can happen around the presidential race until Hillary Clinton act she is the 800 pound gorilla in this race and what she does matters very very much. And Christine our -- you've paid for the relationship as it's developed over the years between those two. Is far is going beyond the voting public which may may or may not be paying close attention -- this what does a signal into the donors. Opt for the ready for Hillary -- supporters. The very -- -- -- for -- democratic donors that Hillary Clinton hasn't made up her mind keep your powder dry is what they have been told and in just about as many words but people supporting. Hillary Clinton that you mentioned -- ready for Hillary -- now this is an outside. Group that doesn't have any formal affiliation with Hillary Clinton but it -- in gaining momentum it has been gaining support. Over the last couple of months we're going to see their first filing with the Federal Election Commission this week actually we'll get a sense of how many names they've gathered how much money. They have that piled up in the in the first couple months of their existence and it has become a campaign in waiting there are bigger and bolder democratic names that are involved in this effort it started out as some some junior former aides in the 2008 campaign -- -- since then we've seen. James Carville -- -- -- senator Claire McCaskill governor Jennifer Granholm among others. When their names this effort it has gained in momentum and is -- and there's a very clear sense in the political world right now. That this is the grassroots army that Hillary Clinton will have waiting for her if and when she decides to run. That's the bigger picture but -- running back to the fun stuff now what do you think. Might have been discussed at today's mean after talking about the families and the weather and -- vacations -- -- over the summertime. Let me start with -- I doubt they even talk about 2016 that's what we want to talk about I can't imagine. It coming up in a forum like this. My guess in the in the meeting hasn't come hasn't come to much of -- conclusion yes that we don't have a readout from the White House my guess is that they discussed foreign policy I have to imagine they talked about. What's going on -- just this week in Egypt may be about about what's going on in mideast peace talks secretary Carey's role in taking over the -- for Secretary Clinton. My guess is they caught talk shop quite a -- these are a couple walks and there are certainly big issues. Out there are and -- and as you say lots of personal things involved -- that as well you have to imagine you're talking about how how much he's enjoying. Getting up late sleeping in and not getting paid hefty sums to give speeches this year. She certainly talked about that I don't -- a lot of people's attention moment as you know came out over the weekend as far as what the schedule was for the president today. You think we should expect more these launch dates. Are dates just any of these kind of appearances at the White House -- future if they're -- to talking about shop. I would expect. It will happen from time to time they've they've been a handful of meetings since she left office there was a dinner with the President Clinton as -- Secretary Clinton at the White House attended by the Obama's. They met of course it did the bush library opening back in April so that they'll continue to share the same space of the shares in the -- state state. They have a lot of mutual aids involves a lot of the former Obama campaign folks are beginning to enlist with some of the early Hillary Clinton efforts so there's a lot of overlap. And as I mentioned -- it couldn't escape my notice the fact that Vice President Biden is in Washington today with quote no public events scheduled it was almost like a signal from the vice president's office at eight. I cannot -- still. If you look maybe he disaster by someone else that's not -- gain as much attention. As former secretary of state and four First Lady. I have to ask you about this any noise out of the Clinton land camp that the latest developments in the Anthony Weiner saga might be having an impact on -- -- at least. As it relates to. -- -- dean his wife -- -- that is of course. Clinton's trusted friends and aides are hurt. Yet it is a growing concern in the Clinton world about the spillover effect. Donors who were enlisted by whom -- to its to go on -- the -- campaign dismayed by what they're seeing right now the fact that she's standing by him. We're seeing a a little bit of public pressure beginning. From big name Democrats Dee Myers the former Clinton Press Secretary David Axelrod the Obama advisor among those now saying it's time for Weiner to go. So I think there's some -- around the edges a lot of concern. In the Clinton world about being tarnished by this -- format it -- saw the lesson these lessons and Hillary Clinton they were the wrong lessons in their view. I don't get a sense that there about it to weigh in publicly I think the clintons -- keep as much of their. Their own brand out of this mess as they possibly can but I've been assured by multiple people who. -- close of the clintons that they would very much like to see this come to a conclusion they would not mind that all -- Anthony Weiner leave. Their preferences this happened cleanly and quickly Anthony -- asked about that on the campaign trail says he's not listening to any other politicians he's not listening to Sunday Talking Heads he's running his own campaign. And of course big is the Clinton plan the Clinton camp would like to talk about the fact that it's -- I was at the White House breaking -- this afternoon. That's exactly right it's on and -- -- the position that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Perhaps less important than the simple fact of seeing Clinton at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Complete write an for now on Dan Butler New York this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19806852,"title":"President Obama, Hillary Clinton Dine at the White House","duration":"7:03","description":"Former secretary of state joins the president for a private lunch, fueling 2016 speculation.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-hillary-clinton-dine-white-house-19806852","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}