Obama, Peres Deliver Remarks in Jerusalem: ABC News Digital Report

Presidential counterparts discuss their friendship and the relationship between the U.S. and Israel.
10:52 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Obama, Peres Deliver Remarks in Jerusalem: ABC News Digital Report
This is a special -- from the ABC news now with President Obama. Investigate predator forming. And polled the people of his. -- to view injuries and it was a beautiful to see through its people friend. And -- to unfold terrific. And see the paternity. And disgusted -- openly and trinity. After the meeting we just had. Under -- confidence. That fuel vision. Can because falling remittances. Your vision is it should ever. You're I've utility. With an impressive -- -- called off on selling our -- But to come and none -- get the but he. In the domain of securities. I want to thank you -- Monday beautiful and pulled -- only days. And for many grown sleepless nights that in the -- of them. Be -- spend Teri. Polo country. -- -- -- in an age fifty is both global and domestic is evidently. In dress. Maybe the -- people. Vision may unite them. There's a common vision. United -- us. To -- pronged of angels. -- bring these. Close up as soon as possible. The greatest danger is in no easing -- -- in -- so -- said so you do. We trust to a policy. Which quotes. Who throws by -- -- -- that it. Too -- by -- -- -- means. We think -- statement. That both -- options. Remain on the table. They're made it clear -- an invention is -- upon pain but the program. Bill trying to get out to -- the negotiations with the Palestinians. Go to dignity. The goal of using who stayed put that to be -- solution. There is no better -- -- trooper one. Because it though that a president of the Palestinian Authority -- Muslim. -- -- -- now. In that their -- to -- -- And bring peace. Hamas and a -- is -- that organization. The targets. Innocent people. On all moto -- He announced folksy Hezbollah. Continues to stop -- bombs and threaten house civilians. -- And the way the target. Innocent people -- course the where. -- -- Is destroying the minimum. And softball team that -- from Mexico. Over decision pre approved by president Assad. Fortunately. Decision in North -- atrocity. Was destroyed. But -- importantly. Though some -- chemical weapons remain. We've got a double. That -- weapons. To four in the Federalist hands. It Gordon lead Benedict. -- an attempt to bring splitting. Tibet well. If he's -- -- choice -- and initiative. It may brilliant piece of the action -- -- -- people economic rules so that states. If realized it Kennedy. Tibet though -- We prayed it didn't become. The pirated video division is between the skeptics. And -- who believe in peace. Your voice. -- But he. You're -- drugs with a clear message that no one showed that skepticism. Window days. They vision that say is clearly that peace is not only reach. People submitted. -- -- -- -- -- -- There is no other way committed if you throw a bit though those mobile Tony though to make it possible. You'll resume -- the historic step. In bit better option. Mission. Revenue weave through all the way better. -- First visited you when I was still senator. And had the after to visit the lovely garden and for me be able to bring. -- from the United States that will. Find a home in -- garden I think is symbolic of not only of friendship between our two nations. Between the two of -- personally you know. Mr. President tell you what's remarkably prime minister's job is to -- President's job is to charm. Well as with all our lives together I have once against -- succumb to to your charms and I'm grateful to your -- -- -- It is wonderful to be back. In Jerusalem this eternal city. And I'm pleased to begin my visit where they son of Israel -- devoted his life to keeping Israel strong and sustaining bonds between our two nations. You know president for -- knows that this is a work of generations. Just as he joined the struggle for Israeli independence in his early twenties. Is always looking ahead. Connecting with -- young people and I'm especially. -- grateful for the time be allowed me to share with those extraordinary. Israelis boys and girls. Their dreams are much the same as children everywhere. In another sense though their lives reflect the difficult realities that Israelis face every single day. They want to be safe there won't be free from rockets that hit their homes -- their schools. They want a world where science and technology is. Created to build and not destroy it. The want to live in peace free from terror and threats that are so often directed that the Israeli people. That's the future that they deserve. That's the vision that is shared by both our nations and that is. Shimon peres' wife work. And as president -- -- Such fond memories of your visit to White House last spring when I was honored to have. Present you with -- America's highest civilian honor -- medal of freedom. And that metal was attribute your extraordinary life in which you help virtually every position in the Israeli government. So to there was another opportunity for me to benefit from the president's perspective on a whole range of topics from the historic changes that are taking place across the region. To the perils of the nuclear armed Iran to the imperatives of peace. Between Israelis and Palestinians. To the promise of our digital age and I should note that one of the advantages of talking to. President peres'. Not only does the have. Astonishing vision but he's also pretty practical minded politician. And consistently as good advice in terms of how we can approach many of these problems. I reaffirmed to president -- as I work as I will throw -- my visit that. In this work of the State of Israel will have no greater friend than the United States and the work we do -- our time will make it more likely -- the children. That we saw today alongside children from throughout the region -- have the opportunity for security. And peace and prosperity. -- this obligation. To future generations. I think was well symbolized by the tree planting that. We started our -- -- -- the talmud recounts the story opponent. Of American war. Who saw Amanda planning a cure -- -- ask the man how long before this tree yields -- To which the man responded seventy years. And so -- after -- sure you'll be alive. In another seventy years to see it. And the man replied. When I came into the world I found -- trees. As my forefathers. -- it for me so -- like plant for my children. President Peres -- understands that story well. And so we want all thank you for all the seeds you plant. The -- of progress the seeds of security. Seeds of peace. All the -- that have helped not only Israel -- but also. The relationship between our two nations grow and I believe that if we tend to them. If we nurture them. They will yield fruit and every hill and valley of this land not only for the children met today but for Israelis -- Palestinians. For Arabs across the region. That's not only good for the children -- of this region but it's good for my children and the children of America. I deeply believe that and I. Couldn't ask for. A more wives. Or. -- -- -- Partner in that process. I'm very grateful for -- -- -- and I look forward to our continued work in future. I think you. Please remain seat isn't. What the president of this and -- -- final thought a lot of affair between President Obama on his first trip to Israel as commander in chief in acts along with Israeli President Shimon Peres. President over there for the next couple of days strengthening ties between the US and Israel. And of course we will have a complete recap on abcnews.com. And of course if the president does make an appearance later on today with either. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu or with the president Shimon -- -- we of course. We'll carry that right here on ABC news now for now though we're gonna return you back to your regularly scheduled program. Assistant special with the from in the ABC news now.

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{"id":18772714,"title":"Obama, Peres Deliver Remarks in Jerusalem: ABC News Digital Report","duration":"10:52","description":"Presidential counterparts discuss their friendship and the relationship between the U.S. and Israel.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-president-peres-deliver-joint-statement-jerusalem-18772714","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}