President Obama Promotes Healthcare Law to Young People

U.S. president shores up support for his signature health care law following days of GOP attacks.
58:50 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for President Obama Promotes Healthcare Law to Young People
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm Dan -- New York with the CBC news digital special report president Obama's new health care law is the divisive issue in congress this week. House Republicans have tied their stopgap budget bill to simultaneously defund what both sides call obamacare. The senate set to pass continuing resolution later this week that will fully fund though that health care mandate the public though. Still means in convincing president of politics stage in Largo Maryland touting the benefits of the -- -- first -- but he BC's Mary Bruce who's outside the White House. Mary the president's the White House concerned about still how much the public doesn't know about this plan. That's -- good morning -- and the president is assuming the role of salesman in chief today. -- imagine there five days now until the public is able to finally enroll in obamacare and the president is making a last ditch effort to convince Americans to finally get on board with his health care plan. -- imagine the president's about to take the stage help. Here is taking the state right now primarily let's listen in. -- One of the hardest working most effective governor in the country government. -- Martin O'Malley. It is great to be. -- all of your rear today. I want. We also. A few folks who worked so hard on behalf of the people of Marilyn -- signaled that. Senator Ben Carden at bear. And a study owner -- Congresswoman Donna Edwards is very. And all of you -- here. Sometimes investment. Let's stick beltway politics -- a little bit. Even if you're just a mile or two outside the beltway. Now. I know -- A lot of you've -- semantics going on in congress right now. -- -- -- want to take. Look at a time today to speak with you. The people who send us to serve. About something that is critical to our family it's. Critical to our business is. Critical to our economy. And that is but reforms that we are making toward health care system. There's been a lot of things that. A lot of misinformation. A lot of confusion. But there are few things. More fundamental to economic security of the middle class and everybody was trying to get into the middle class. Bad health care. For a long time. America was the only advanced economy in the world. We're health care was not a right but a pervert. We spent more. We got less. We left tens of millions of Americans. Without the security of health insurance. By the time the financial crisis that. Most -- premiums have more than doubled. In about a decade. About one in ten Americans who got their health care through their employer. Lost that coverage. So -- health care system was not working. The rising cost of health care. Burden businesses. And became. The biggest driver of our long term that is. But this -- always been. About more than just statistics. Everywhere I went as I ran. For president back in 20072000. -- Every place I've gone. As president. I would hear stories. From folks just like you. Of insurers that deny the child covered because he had a preexisting condition might have. Of cancer survivors -- had to choose between their home or their health care. A small businesses who want to do the right thing. By their employees but had seen their insurance premiums go up so high that they just couldn't do it anymore. And these stories were personal for me. Because I remember my mom worrying about how she was gonna do their finances when she got very sick. I remember the fear Michelle and I felt -- Sasha of the few months old and she got meningitis and we raced to the hospital. -- -- -- give her Spinal Tap and yet we have -- what was wrong and we were terrified. Never felt so scared or helpless in all of my life but we were fortunate enough to have good health insurance. And I remember looking around that emergency room and thinking. What about the parents want their -- What about parents who get hit with a bill of 40000 or 30000 dollars. And they've got no idea how to pay for. What about those parents whose kids have a chronic ailments like asthma and have to keep on going back to the emergency room because they don't have regular dot. And the bills never stop com. Who is gonna stand up for that. In the wealthy. This nation on -- No wonder should go broke just because they get sick. In the United States of America. Health care is not a privilege. For the fortunate -- it is our right. And I don't get it we didn't do something about our unfair and inefficient health care system. It would keep driving up our deficits. It would keep burdening our businesses. It would keep hurting families. And it would keep holding back economic -- That's why. We took on a broken health care system. That's why would help folks like static. And -- and -- We got it. Through congress. That's why we've been implementing it. That's why we are going to see if you're. Affordable care. Detroit it was a challenge to get it done. A lot of special interest. Who like the system just the way it was -- us to implement. Then Republicans decided it was good politics to fight. Even though the plan we proposed. Drew on a lot of Republican idea. But. Despite all the obstacles. To Affordable Care Act passed both -- the -- I signed it in the -- The Supreme Court. -- -- Republicans. In congress have now voted more that forty times. To undermine -- repeal it. -- -- -- For president ran on a platform. To repeal. And every step. They've been unsuccessful. Five days from now. Five days from now. On October 1. Millions of Americans who don't have health insurance because they've been priced out of the market. Or because they've denied access because of -- pre existing commission. They will finally be able to -- Quality affordable. Health insurance. Preexisting conditions whether it's back -- -- allergies. We're sticking you with sky high premiums. Those no longer will prevent you from getting affordable coverage that you -- That's gonna happen in five days. Now of course the closer. We've gotten to this date. The more irresponsible. Folks who -- opposed to this law have become. Some of this. Republicans who -- three years ago hope that this wall would be -- again. If -- ever get. Now -- they're threatening steps. But actually -- badly hurt our entire government not going to be Affordable Care Act -- because what they're threatening to know. Some of threaten the government shutdown -- they can't shut down this long. Others have actually threaten the economic shut down by refusing to pay America's bills if they can't. The labor law. That's not gonna happen among -- president. I could hear the thing. And so today. I want to speak plainly and clearly and honestly. About what it means for you and for the people you care. Let's start with the fact. Even before. The Affordable Care Act politics affect. About 85% of Americans already have health insurance. Either through their job or through Medicare. Or through the individual market. So you're one of baseball's. It's reasonable that you might worry. Whether Health Care Reform is gonna but great changes that are a problem for you. Especially when you're bombarded all -- appear -- So the first -- you need to know a bit if you already have health care. You don't have a lot of -- in fact for the past few years since I signed the Affordable Care Act a lot of you have been enjoying. New benefits and protections that you -- have a court. You're coming from obamacare. Let me to give -- a few examples. Because the Affordable Care Act more than a hundred million Americans. Have gotten free preventive care like mammograms and contraceptive care. -- -- -- -- Because the affordable care. And young adults under age 26 update coverage by staying on the -- -- Because -- Affordable Care Act millions of seniors on Medicare. Have saved hundreds of dollars on their prescription medicine they've been given a prescription drugs take. Because the Affordable Care Act just this year eight point -- Million families actually got an average of -- hundred dollars back. From their insurance companies because the insurance company spent too much things like overhead and not enough on actual Medicare. Medical care. Because the Affordable Care Act insurance companies can no longer put lifetime limits. On the -- -- family means. Or discriminate against children with preexisting commissioners. And starting on January 1 they won't be able to charge. Women. More for their insurance just because -- women. So tens of millions of Americans. -- are -- better wrong. Because. Of the benefits and protections provided by the affordable care -- said they may not know. -- that rebate check came in the mail. -- notice that they're not. Having to -- today for some preventive care that they received. But they're getting those benefits. That's already happening that's already in place today it's been going -- several years. Those -- the benefits obamacare of them were up along the Republicans want to repeal. Although -- went when you asked Republicans. Whether they would repeal the benefits -- just mentioned when you say it won't. -- do you think it's the right thing to let young people stay on the parents plans they can keep insurance -- And up. Prevent seniors from from -- more discounts on the prescription drugs. Then don't say not -- -- -- we like Lowe's both things are okay. So I don't like Obama Karen Perrier. But some of the component parts at least -- that poll well they don't mind. But that's already in flights. Now here's the second thing you need to not. If you're one up over forty million Americans who don't have helped. Including hundreds of thousands of folks right here -- Starting on Tuesday. Five days -- -- You'll finally. The same chance to buy out quality affordable health care as everybody else. And. I want to break this down -- want to know exactly how it works. The major reason why people don't have health insurance it's. They don't have a job. Or that you have a job at their employer doesn't offer -- insurance. Or their self -- If you've ever tried to buy health insurance on her home. You know it is really really expensive. It's even worse if you have a pre existing connection and up to half of all Americans have a preexisting -- it. -- the reason it's it's really expensive if you buy it on your own. Is because you're not part of the big -- -- not part of a group plan. And -- what group's -- they spread rest between sick and helping people. Between older and younger people. Groups because insurance companies want the business -- -- lot of customers. They'll negotiate a better deal with a -- than they will within a bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if you've got a preexisting conditions else that we don't want to -- you. Because we think you might get -- later on and we don't really want -- pain we just want -- premiums. So so if you're not part of a group you're either uninsured -- Or you need to spend a small fortune on insurance that oftentimes is not very. That's what's happening. Right now. The Affordable Care Act was designed to solve that problem. And here's how we do it starting on Tuesday. Every American. Can visit health care not -- To find out what's called. The insurance. Marketplace. For your state here in Maryland actually being installed Maryland. Health connection not go. Healthcare dot gov you can look him I'll tell you where to go not linked to your state. Now what does little simple it's a website where you can compare. And purchase affordable health insurance plans side by side the same -- you shop for -- plane ticket on kayak. Same way you shop for a T beyond. You just go wrong. And you start looking and here are all the options. It's buying insurance on the private market but because now. You're part of a bigger plan right everybody Maryland's all. -- in it and take a look at the prices. You've got no choice. Now you've got new competition because insurers want your business. And that means you'll have cheaper prices. So. You better and -- learn some basic information about yourself. What level coverage are looking for. After that you'll be presented with a list of quality affordable plans that are available in your care. You'll say clearly what -- plan covers. What -- plan calls. The price we'll be right there it'll be fully transparent. You know before this law only a handful of states required insurance companies. To offer you instant price quotes but because this law insurers and all fifty states will have to offer you -- price quotes. And so if you. Ever tried to to buying insurance on her own I promise you this -- a lot easier. It's like books and a hotel owner of plane ticket. And here's another thing about these new plants. If you're one of those folks who have a preexisting condition. These plans have to offer you coverage. They can't use your medical history to charge you more than anybody else. If -- couldn't afford coverage for your child because. He had asthma he's covered up. If you couldn't afford coverage because we're told part burn of the bridge that the division your cover. If you're one of the 45 million Americans waited a mental illness you are covered. If you're young adult or -- to open door striking out on your own. -- -- If you're young couple -- Previously had insurance the didn't include maternity benefits and now suddenly. You need to maternity benefits. -- cover. If you lose your job. And your health care whether. Your covered. Also all those things that -- deny you coverage of the parents know where they're appropriating isn't broken healthcare system. On January birds. When these plants take -- -- I don't know what. Yes -- end -- starting on Tuesday. The plan won't take effect on January -- And when these plans take affect all those things changed forever. Choice. And -- In states where the federal government helps run these marketplace. The average American will have more than fifty different plans to Jews -- -- different levels cover. And because insurance coverage -- compete. Against one another for your business a lot of Americans will pay significantly less for their insurance than they do now. Premiums are going to be different in different parts of the country depending on how much W -- -- Many families including more than two thirds of all young adults who buy health care through these online marketplaces. Are also going to be eligible for tax credits that bring the cost down even further. So. -- -- -- specific right here in America. Averaged 45 year old and we headed toward my brother. All right so we're gonna do. Somebody -- had about Sharon. Here in Maryland. Everett -- by a girl making 200 -- thousand dollars a year. Could end up getting covered. For as little as eighty dollars a month. There you -- month. Here in Maryland a family of four making 60000 obvious. Could get covered for as little as -- 164. Dollars a month. It's the same story across the country in Texas. Averaged 47 year old -- employed by about enough to get covered for as little as 83 dollars a month. In Florida family for making -- to thousand dollars could get covered for the will -- -- 104 dollars a month. And given my the government and -- prizes insurance companies. -- Propose these prices because. They want to get -- -- these big groups with all these new customers. The insurance companies are saying these marketplaces this wall will work -- put money on the line -- they think it will work. Competition -- choice transparency all these things are keeping cost down. Not knowing you can offer your family the security health -- that's priceless now you can go it further Costner can't open up. Probably less than your cell phone bill. Good health insurance. For the prior year earlier -- -- -- or less. Let's say you're young woman. You just turn I'm Anderson missed I got two daughters right. Let's -- you just you just 126. Let's say you can't stay on your parents plan anymore. If you buy health care through the marketplace. -- plan -- to cover pre check -- flu shots. Contraceptive care. So. Getting more health care each month. Your pay. For the premiums. All told nearly six in ten Americans without health insurance today will be able to get covered for a hundred dollars -- -- It would actually. Be eight intent if every governor were working as -- -- governor O'Malley to make a formal. Unfortunately we've still -- a few Republican governor -- were so close to the very idea. Of the law or at least. Their -- from politics. The ban lifted a finger to help cover more people some of them -- -- actually trying to harm the law -- it takes effect. But a lot of Republican governors are putting politics aside and doing the right thing. You've got. And and they deserve. To regulate that one before but you know -- conservative -- and Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania. Arizona. About eight Republican governors and all they've decided to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act to cover more people in their states. And millions of Americans without insurance will get coverage through these programs. So. That's what that's what a horrible characters that's what all the -- back. We're given more benefits and protections for folks who already have health insurance. And we created a new market. Basically a big group planned. For folks without -- insurance so that they get a better deal. And then we're providing tax credits to help -- support. You would think that would not be. So controversial sure. You would let. -- it's okay. Let let's go ahead let's do this on her body has health insurance company. The result is more choice more competition. Real health care security. And one question people -- -- it possible to do all this and keep costs down. -- part of what we -- it was built into the law all sorts of measures. To it to assure that the growth of health care costs which starts slowing down and -- hands. C under the old system doctors and hospitals they were rewarded. Not -- the quality of care but for the quandary here they get paid. For the number of procedures they did instead of whether there were working or not. Now other penalties for hospitals -- high readmission rates. And last year surprisingly enough. For the first time ever hospital readmission rates for Medicare patients actually fell. That means fewer taxpayer dollars go to provider that don't serve the patients well. Over the past years we've. More than doubled the adoption of electronic health records for possessions so that means they can track what's going on better and make fewer mistakes. New technology startup companies are coming up with a new inventions to monitor patient now. Prevent infections. There's innovation going on all across the country. As a consequence today Medicare cost her -- -- Arriving at the slowest rate in years employer based health care costs are growing at about 13. The rate of a decade ago. All told since I signed a -- character at all. We have seen the slowest. Growth in health care costs on record. I thought -- let's think about this. If you've got health insurance are getting better protect. Better benefits. You don't have all the Jersey now going to be part of -- plan. Healthcare cross over role. Are rising much more slowly than they did before we signed the law so personal -- So what's all the fuss about. Why won't want what is good than -- but. What -- the -- commitment these Republicans are just so mad about. I want to be honest. There are. Parts of the bill. Some folks don't like. To help pay for the program. The wealthiest Americans Bentley to make more than 250000 dollars a year. We'll have to pay a little bit more. Extremely costly health insurance plans. Will no longer qualify for unlimited -- rights. Now -- most people who -- -- mortar health insurance. Now have to take responsibility. To buy health insurance or pay a penalty. It now. The reason we do that is when uninsured people. Who can afford to get health insurance don't. And then they get sick or negative but are wrong and they show opened the emergency room what do you think let's of that. In the form of higher premiums because the hospitals. They they got to get their money back somehow -- they're treating somebody doesn't have health insurance. They Jack up premiums for her body doesn't have health insurance it's like a hidden tax. Of up thousand dollars per family every year -- got health insurance. Source -- that's not fair if you can afford to get help just don't dump the calls on us. The law also requires employers. -- more than fifty employees to either provide health insurance for your workers or pay a penalty. Now some some -- that's not fair but. If you. Our employer you can afford don't provide health insurance you don't -- -- gets that. They go to the emergency room or they end up on Medicare -- because you're not doing what you're going. -- you should be doing. Why -- -- else should be -- those costs. -- -- some folks who disagree with -- basement that violates people's -- tell them they've got to get -- insurance. Why -- the court. So -- congress want to pass this bill in the law it is unfair. For folks to game the system and make the rest of us pay for it. Responsible employers -- -- the right thing given their employees health insurance to get undercut. By some operator that's not providing health insurance for their employees. That puts. The important on the right thing and it doesn't -- right. So this idea that you've got responsibilities everybody. That's what Massachusetts did when they pass their health care plan a few years ago. And by the way today in Massachusetts. Almost everybody's covered and the system worked pretty well. So. -- -- do. Not let let me just wrap up by saying that's like any law. Like any big product launch. They're not only some glitches. As this thing on -- Folks in different parts of the country will have different experiences it's gonna be smoother in places like Maryland where governors are -- and implement it rather than find it. Somewhere around the country there's going to be a computer glitch and the web -- it's not. Working quite the way it's supposed to work something happens where there's some -- made somewhere that will happen that happens whenever you roll out of new program. I guarantee you -- opponents of the law they'll have their cameras ready to document -- that doesn't go completely right. And helped send it to the news folks in -- look at this with things not work. But most of the stories you'll hear about how obamacare just can't work it does not based on facts. Every time they have predicted something not work and its work. That being -- would comment real -- -- let's premiums would would be sky and it turns out loam hauled actually. The prices came in lower and we expect lower than I predict that's -- -- competition and -- work. That's what -- does turn -- -- jobs there's no widespread evidence that. A formal parent to certain jobs -- one of John McCain's former economic advisors -- just this week. And I'm quoting here. X I was expecting to -- get I was looking forward but it's not that. -- not that. So. Three of the network -- -- there's gonna help the economy over the long term. Not only that would help lower cost for businesses. Not only will help families -- -- up entrepreneurship in this country because if you've got a great idea for your own business. But you've never. Tried it because your -- had a preexisting condition you don't want to lose your employer based coverage. You've got the ability to get you don't cover -- security. That's freedom. -- -- now only five days away from finishing the job. -- -- Starting on Tuesday. You can sign up. But you don't have to sign up on -- You've got six months to enroll in these new -- You can go to the website you can check it -- You can see about what -- What I'm saying is true. You can -- next week. You can sign up next month. These two months -- three months -- but use you can sign up. Tell your friends tell your classmates. Tell your family members about the new health care choices. Talked to folks at your church. In your classroom. You go to football game basketball game talk to them. Tell them what the law means. Over the next few months David local leaders from across the country are gonna hold events to help get the word out while they're drawn. Secretary of health and human services Kathleen Sebelius did in Texas right now working with folks on the ground to make sure this -- works for Texas -- All across the country people are getting -- all the people are working. Because we're all in this together that's when America's at its best that's what this country's all about but we need you. To spread the work. But you don't have to take my. My work or if you talk to somebody that lot of -- watching Fox News messages more. You can say you don't want. Don't take my work -- goal on the web site. See for yourself what the prices are. See for yourself what the choices are that make up your own mind. Just -- that's all I'm -- Make up your own mind I promise you review on the web site. And it turns out you're gonna say it. A 1020300. Dollars a month by their insurance. Or you'll be able to buy insurance for the first time -- Even if you didn't vote for mate. I'll bet he'll sign up for that health care plan. The politic. Go -- up Beers out. This works. And part luck part of the reason I need your help to Megan's -- work. -- because there are so many people out there working to make it fail. Why why -- of the one of the biggest newspapers in the country recently published an editorial I thought was pretty good they said. The Republicans. In congress. Are poisoning obamacare than trying to claim it's not. -- -- -- -- I -- they have tried to put up every conceivable road -- They cut funding for efforts to educate people about what's in the law. So mom said if their constituents call them we won't even try to explain -- what's in the law. They actually open up an investigation into people. Who try to help churches and charities understand how to help people sign up for the law. Some of the tea party's biggest donors. Some of the wealthiest men in America. Are funding a cynical ad campaign trying to -- young people not to -- health care at all. These are billionaires. Several times over. You know they've got good help -- Actually spending money on television. Trying to convince young people that if you've got the choice between getting affordable health -- or going without health care you -- choose not having. -- do you think -- you get -- you got hurt. And you get stuck with a massive -- these same folks they're gonna help you out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interesting -- how all over the last couple years. The Republican Party has is just split itself up around this issue. And the fact is the republicans' biggest fear this point is not an Affordable Care Act will fail. When they're worried about. Is it's gonna -- street. I'm -- think about it. As they -- there and -- being. The -- -- go ahead. -- so much. And then -- -- vote to repeal it and that that would. So what is that they're supposed -- about. It's not a big political issue out of -- trying to scare -- Everybody. With a wild about death panels and killing granted. Right -- about Armageddon. So they have -- actually works. No look pretty. If it actually works. -- mean that everything they were saying no that wasn't true and they were just playing politics. -- the other day one Republican in congress. Said. We need to shut this thing down before the marketplace -- -- And people get to see. Back. They'll be getting coverage and getting these subsidies. Because and and on -- quote him here. He said it's gonna -- almost impossible to undo obamacare. So so. In other words. We've got to shut that thing down before people. That they like it. That's strange -- Even -- the and the closer we get the more desperate yet -- -- the last few weeks but -- rhetoric has just been cranked up. Took -- -- -- one congressman said. Obamacare is the most dangerous piece of legislation ever passed. In the history. Of America business. The most dangerous people advice. -- -- Promoting. -- -- of the marketplace. So people can -- a group insurance plan the most dangerous ever. You know you out of state represented somewhere. -- that it's as destructive to personal and individual liberty. As the fugitive slave act. Is worse. Than a law that -- slave owners get their runaway slaves back. The quotes I'm not making the step up. And and here's here's one more than I've heard -- like this one. We have to and I'm quoting here we have to repeal best failure before it literally. Kills women kills children killed -- senior citizens. Now had to say that -- was from six months ago I just want to point out we still have women. We still have -- We still have -- -- All this would be -- and everyone. So crazy. And a lot of it is just a lot of it is just hot -- a -- that's just politics I understand that but. Now. The Tea Party Republicans have taken it to a whole new level because they're threatening either to shut down the government. Or shut down the entire economy by refusing to let. America pay its bills for the first time in history unless I agree to gut. A law that will help millions of people. About that. Shutting down the government. Just -- -- you don't. Like a law that was passed and found constitutional. And because you don't like the idea of giving people new access to -- -- health care. What kind of ideas. -- -- -- but think about. How that would impact now there's an area where a lot lets people would be badly hurt by government -- Lot of people around here. You'll wake up and go to serve their country every single day in the federal government. Civilians who work a military base analysts. Scientists. -- People -- process new veterans and survivors benefit claims. That it ought to stay home and not get paid. And it we all know it would. Badly damaged the economy. What ever. -- that Obama care might have on the economy. Is -- -- band even a few days of government shutdown. -- -- -- Gonna hurt the economy and won't won't hurt the economy better the government shut down. And by the way -- the other -- says that it's not gonna hurt the economy obamacare is gonna help the economy. And it's gonna help families and help them. As for. Not letting America pay its bills. I have to say no congress before this one has ever. Ever. In history. Then there irresponsible. Enough. To threaten. Default. An economic. -- -- Just suggest. America not pay its bills. Just trying to blackmail. A president into giving them some concessions on. Issues that it. Have nothing -- -- where the but. I mean this is the United States of America. We're not a deadbeat nation we don't we don't run out on our -- We don't really don't. Not pay. There are no. We -- the world's bedrock. Economy. The world's. Currency. Of choice. The entire world looks to us to make sure that the world economy is stable. You don't mess would that. And that's why I will not negotiate. -- We're gonna submit to this kind of totally response bill. Congress needs to pay our bills on time congress needs to pass a budget on time. Congress needs to put an end to governing from crisis to crisis. Our focus as the country should be on creating new jobs and growing our economy. And helping young people learn and restoring security for hard working middle class and. It's not about the fortunes of any one party does not about politics is about the future of our country. If Republicans do not like the law they can go through the regular channels and processes to try to change. That's why we have elections. They can go through. Normal processes and procedures. They democracy. But you do not threaten. The -- and credit of the United States of America. And meanwhile we're gonna keep implementing the law. If the law and like -- that they're going to be some glitches along the way every law has picked up -- for starting off. People forget by the way Medicare part date passed by. My predecessor George Bush. Passed by a Republican House of Representatives. The prescription drug bill passed into law ten years ago was even more unpopular than Affordable Care Act before took into effect. Everybody was what a disaster was going to be the difference was. Democrats. Worked with the Republicans. To make it work. Good thing to remember this even -- Democrats weren't happy event. The law wasn't paid for. And was gonna add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit. And we weren't negotiating. A better deal with the drug companies everybody worked. Once -- -- the law to try to make it work. And today. About 90% of seniors like their prescription drug company. So. You know -- -- -- that's -- level of cooperation from Republicans right now. But the good news is. I believe eventually they'll come around. Because Medicare and Social Security faced the same -- -- -- Before Medicare came. In the law. One Republican warned that one of these days you and I are gonna spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it. Once was like America when men -- fort. That was Ronald -- And eventually Ronald Reagan came around. To Medicare and autos pretty good and actually helped make about it. So if that's what's gonna happen live. The informal care. And once is working really well I guarantee it -- will not call it Obama here. -- prediction for you. A few years from now when people are using this to get coverage. Airbus feel pretty good about all the choices and -- movement got. They're going to a whole bunch of folks. Hussein had not I always thought this provision was -- I voted. I voted for that -- You watch. There will not be. -- -- -- -- almost all the work with anybody from either party if it. If you got a serious upper. Making affordable care better or making -- broader health care system better. I'm happy to work what did. That's what -- majority of American people want they don't want posturing they want government. They don't want politics. They want us to work together to make the lives of ordinary Americans enrollment better. So. -- that's superhero. Some very well funded opponents. We may have some very talkative opponents. But you're gonna be the best most credible messengers to spread word about this -- all the benefits the American people. Standing. Ever so tell your friends tell -- Get covered get on -- website answer the questions of folks who don't know. What this is all about. Point them to help here that. Teach them hop to use the web -- make sure they sign up let's help our fellow Americans get out. -- -- -- -- Of the opportunity. -- -- The president may have crowd fired up and prince George's. College in Maryland just outside Washington DC the president remarked that very tough sometimes it's good get -- of the beltway talk about politics and on the agenda for today to talk about the Affordable Care Act -- the exchange opens up on next Tuesday October 1. Four -- six months. Of course it is known by both sides as obamacare and the White House is on a very public. Very strong push to get published in -- I want to bring in ABC's -- -- is outside the White House. And -- you -- -- representative saint -- there Merrill and greeting the president says he's going to be making -- way outside of that. Auditorium but first I want to ask you -- the significance about appearing. At a college at a community college and Maryland have all of all states. This part of the president's broader push to try and reach out sent to the used to the young people and get them to sign up to get them on board. With obamacare the young population is incredibly critical to be able to have this -- function as its intended. The president needs in the White House needs to get young people to sign -- in order to help offset and subsidized -- the cost of the older. Populations that are going to be signing up is well young people as you might imagine don't have quite. Her nearly as high health care costs -- older populations in need that -- need a lot of young people to sign up to help offset those those -- of the older population so it's no coincidence that he's standing there talking to an auditorium full of young people as we saw him earlier this week that's part of this big push to -- To get out this message but also to get young people to -- up. And the president -- -- plain spoken language to describe some of this he says like booking a plane ticket essentially to enroll in this kind of coverage. He's also mention the fact that there have been some Republican governors and some conservatives. That essentially have shown their support either force band expanded Medicaid. Four or for their support for the Affordable Care Act -- the White House think -- that kind of bipartisan appeal will resonate -- with the public to get that push to go forward. The president pulling out all the stops to make this final sales pitch in -- -- last five days before the exchanges open up. He mentioned yes there are some Republicans who have come on board who now have backed. And offered support for for obamacare but. Really this is about as the president and some fiery language really about getting Republicans to stop using -- -- a constant political football we heard him mention if past three years ago it's now been deemed constitutional. Enough is enough it's time for Republicans to accept the fact that this is actually going to happen. And we have seen sort of summer in the Republicans are fed up with that we know that the senate is preparing we expect for them to pass a measure to -- to go ahead and fund the government without. This proposal that's been floated to to defund obamacare is part of that so this is really about the president saying enough is enough already Republicans get on board this is going to be happening what you like her. Well if you -- America back us up a little bit legislatively because into the senate he said he is prepared to start voting on that. But what happened in the house and that continuing resolution though that they had passed. That's right so we know you don't just point four hours ago essentially senator Ted Cruz -- -- -- just -- the final hours of his marathon 21 hour slots beach. And there wasn't. That proposal that was floated to try and defund. The president's signature health care law. Any part of any bill that would go ahead and an offer continued funding for the government we know that Monday at midnight the government will will essentially be out of money and that -- Risk a government shutdown now the senate -- we expect will go ahead. And we'll actually approve a measure that will go ahead info on the government without that proposal to strip out that Republican suggestion that they defined obamacare. And that -- proposal then go on to the house but don't -- subjects yet house Republicans are not gonna give up that easily we expect that. House -- and send back another matter back to the senate that will include. Continued additional changes and so. It's like that this fight will continue for several more days but again the clock is ticking -- like watching a tennis match but -- about that as far as at a time -- when mark -- might we expect -- We expect about at least either tomorrow or Saturday so -- -- that we will see some activity here that big time and there is moving along but as we said. House Republicans are not ready to -- take giving just so essentially what are -- hearing that from the White House how concerned is the administration about the potential of a -- And the effect that it might have a implementing. On the Affordable Care Act. The White House is asked concerned that -- shut down way to impact implementation of obamacare as they are that. That -- continues to be used it to try and -- harm these other bigger. Bigger measures such as finding the government such as the debt ceiling. I don't I think that the White House is obviously deeply concerned that a government shutdown is still a possibility but. As you mentioned we do see some progress and it does seem possible that that could be averted but but right now I'd it's kind of too soon to tell even though it's just a couple days away. Well and I hate to ask you this but what is the mindset right now on Capitol Hill as far as -- October 15 deadline looming about hitting the debt ceiling. Is anyone talking about that or is it really just kind of like these next couple of hours next couple of days it's really take any attention. Absolutely scary the government shut down sounds think about the fact that there's this other looming deadline that is potentially even more. Disasters when it comes to the economy that's October 17 that's when mark your calendars that's when the debt ceiling occasional hit that debt ceiling and possibly. Go into default on all of its debt so it's a big problem here and is weeks as the president mentioned we expect Republicans. Today to put forth their plan. To raise the debt ceiling but it's gonna be filled with top of the proposals of the White House we know RD rejected including another plan to try and delay and to fund the president's health care bill as -- the president -- he is not going to negotiate on this. He says America is not a deadbeat nation in so. Once again we have the house Republicans -- up against the White House a BC -- you're in for yet another rat. Yeah I ABC's Terry were assess -- the White House for no doubt you're going to be very busy over the next couple of weeks Mary thank you for that. Let's have a complete report on for now I'm Dan that's -- New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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