President Obama Remarks on ISIS, Orlando Terror Attack

The president used a portion of his speech to sharply criticize Donald Trump's views on Muslims.
31:26 | 06/14/16

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Transcript for President Obama Remarks on ISIS, Orlando Terror Attack
This is an ABC news special work. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air because President Obama has just met when his national security team he's about to speak out. On the Orlando massacre his strategy to defeat nicest and the latest example of what he calls homegrown extremism. You're looking at FBI agents in Orlando scouring the grounds of the pulse nightclub. But the gunman took 49 lives early Sunday morning they're looking for any more clues that might help them piece together how and why he carried out this deadly Rampage. I am here investigative correspondent Brian Ross and Brian a major new development some evidence that the gunman may not of acted alone. That's right a tight focus this morning on his wife thirty year old nor Mott team. Who apparently has submitted to the FBI that she helped them scout locations that she drove around areas in Orlando the post iCloud. As well as properties owned by the Walt Disney company. She is now being talked to by the FBI they say she's cooperating and has maintained that she tried to talk him out. Of taking any action and they would be a major difference if she knew about. This but didn't do anything or actively helped him that's right the difference here is that she might be considered an accomplice if she helped drive him around a possible location scouting possible applications for a tax we also learned this morning and overnight that the gunman. Actually been at his pulse Michael many times before many many times a number of witnesses say he was a regular at the polls club and other gay nightclubs across Florida. Okay see the present day is going to be speaking at the Treasury Department he met with his national security team. For about an hour this morning including centered and Eskew advisor Susan Rice general Joseph Dunn for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Attorney general lynch Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and head of CIA Jack clapper there will be coming out the president has had a series of talks Reece tried to reassure. The public about his strategy to defeat nicest did take on terrorism said in his remarks yesterday. That this is the latest example of what he called homegrown. Extremism such a difficult. Difficult problem that to address because these individuals are often not correct and in fact Nash street officials. Has said that this government of Omar Mateen was not directed. Bias is they have no evidence of that but instead he was inspired by what he saw on the Internet. Early this morning I interviewed the Homeland Security secretary Jay Johnson says there's been no credible threat. Against United States that he knows at this time President Obama. Girls are. I just met what my national Security Council's part of our regular effort to review and intensify. Our campaign to destroy. The terrorist group ice. Our meeting was planned before the terrible. Attack in Orlando. But obviously that tragedy. Awful loss of life. Shaped. Much homework today. It all of our efforts. For most of our minds is the loss and grief the people Orlando. Those who died but those who are still recovering. The families who've seen their loved ones. Harmed. The friends. Powers who wore. Lesbian and gay and bisexual and transgender. Who were targeted. I want to remind them bit. They are not alone. The American people. And our allies. And friends. All over the world. Stand with. And are thinking about it and her pray for. As director call me. Has said. We currently do not have any information to indicate that a foreign terrorist group directed. The attack in Orlando. It is increasingly clearer that the killer took in extremist information and propaganda. Over the Internet. He appears to have been an angry. Disturbed. Unstable young man who became radicalized. As we know all too well terrorists groups like us all have called on people around the world and here in the United States to attack. Innocent civilians. There propaganda. There are videos their postings. Are pervasive. And more easily accessible. Then we want. This individual appears to have you absorbed. Some of that. And during his killing spree. The shooter in Orlando pledged allegiance to ice. As I've said before. These lone actors or small cells of terrorists are very hard to detect. And very hard to prevent. But across our government. At every level federal state and lol. Military and civilian but we are doing everything in our power to stop these kinds of attacks. We work. To succeed a 100% of the time. An attacker as we saw in Orlando only has to succeed once. Are extraordinary personnel or intelligence or military or Homeland Security our law enforcement. Have prevented many attacks and saved many lives and we can never thank them enough. But we are all sobered. By the fact that. Despite the extraordinary hard work. Something like Orlando could occur. Our meeting today director call me updated us on the investigation Orlando. Sector Johnson reviewed the measures we continue to take. On behalf of our Homeland Security. Sector Carter and German dump. Reviewed military campaign against Beisel and I want to thank secretary Lu and his team here at treasury. For hosting us and for their tireless efforts to cut off money that I so relies on to fund its terror network. At the outset I want to reiterate our objective in this fight. Our mission is to destroy ice. Since I've last updated the American people on our campaign two months ago we've seen this continues to be. It's difficult fight but we are making significant progress. Over the past two months of authorized a series of steps to ratchet up our fight. Against ice additional US personnel including special forces in Syria assist local forces battling are sold there. Additional advisors to work more closely what Iraqi Security Forces and additional assets including attack helicopters. And additional support for local forces in northern rock. Our aircraft continue to watch from the USS Harry Truman. Now a Mediterranean. RB 52 bombers are hitting I soul with precision strikes. Targets are being identified and get even more quickly so far thirteen thousand air strikes. This campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders. And as a result I souls under more pressure than ever before. Iso continues to lose key leaders. This includes saw Oman should heed the senior military leader Mosul. Wounds. Al Sadat in. Who plotted an external attacks. Should hear what you. I Seoul's military leader in rocks on bar province and me here. I'll allow it. The top iso commander in pollution. So far were taken out more than a 120 top by some leaders and commanders. And our message is clear if you target America and our allies you will not be safe. You'll never be sick. I soul continues lose. Ground in Iraq. In the past two months local forces in Iraq with coalition support have liberated the western town of route Bob. And also pushed up the Euphrates River valley liberating the strategic town Pete and breaking the axle siege. The deepening. Iraqi forces surrounded collusion and begun to move into the city. Meanwhile in the north Iraqi forces continue to push up the Tigris River valley. Making games around mock more and now preparing to tighten the noose around Beisel in Mosul. All told I saw was now lost nearly half of the apocalypse territory that it wants control in rock and it will lose more. And so continues to lose ground and Syria's well. Assistant fire special operations forces. Or coalition of local forces now pressuring the key town of mud ditch. Which means the noose is tightening around eyesore in Rocca as well. In short our coalition continues to be on offense. Beisel is on defense and it's now been a full year. Since ISO has been able to mount a major successful offensive operation in either Syria or Iraq. As iso continuous lose territory it also continues to lose the money but it is that is it's like what. As a result of our strikes against its oil infrastructure and supply lines we believe that we've cut license revenue from oil by millions of dollars from. And destroying restored sites where they keep their cash. We've deprived Beisel of many millions more. Thanks for the great work of secretary Lu and many others here today. And working with nations and financial institutions round the world. Arsenals now effectively cut off from the international financial system. Cutting off by Russell's money may not be as dramatic. As military strikes but it is critically important and we're seeing the results hustles cash reserves are down it has had to cut salaries for its fighters. It's resorting to more extortion of those trapped. In its grip and by our missiles on admissions some of its own leaders have been caught stealing cash and gold. Once again Neitzel true nature has been revealed these are not religious warriors there five's and there are things. And continue to push on the spot. I want to mention that it is critical for our friends in the senate. It's confirmed. Adams over my nominee for undersecretary of terrorism and financial intelligence. Adam has served in democratic and Republican administrations. Everyone agrees he's eminently qualified he has been working on. These kinds of issues for the years. It's now been more than two years and son numbers. More than 420 days and he still has not been given a full vote. There is no good reason for it is in excusable. So it's time for the senate to do its job put our national security first and have a vote on Adam serve American lead our financial fight against Beisel. And help keep our country safe. I supposed ranks. Are shrinking as well their morale. Is sinking. This one defender. Is as one defector said I saw was not bringing Islam to the world and people need to know that. Thanks to international efforts the flow. Foreign fighters including from America to Syria and Iraq has plummeted. In fact our intelligence community now assesses the ranks of Beisel fighters has been reduced to lowest levels. In more than two and a half years. Even as we continued destroying Beisel militarily. We're addressing larger forces that have allowed these terrorists to gain traction. In parts of the world. With regard to Iraq this means helping Iraqis stabilize liberated communities and promote inclusive governance so I soul cannot return. We'll go to Syria that means our continued support for the Fed the fragile cessation of hostilities there. The cessation of hostilities has not stopped all or even most of the hardship on the Syrian people. The hardship on civilians. And Asad regime has been the principal culprit in violating the cessation about stilts. I soul and Al must room which is Al qaeda's affiliate in Syria. Also continued terrorized Syria's. As fragile and incomplete as the cessation is it has saved lives and it has allowed. The delivery of some life saving aid to Syrians who wore in desperate need. And as difficult as it is we will continue to use push for a political process. That can end the civil war and result in a transition away from us up. The on Syria and Libya be on Syria and Iraq Parcells also losing ground in Libya. Forces the Libyan unity government are going after I sold in the stronghold insert. And will continue to assist the new Libyan government as it works to secure its country. Lastly. Here Paul. If we really want to help law enforcement protect Americans from homegrown extremists. The kind of tragedies that occurred. That's amber did. And they now have occurred. In Orlando. There is a meaningful way. To do that. We have to make it harder for people who want to kill Americans to get their hands on weapons. Of war that let them kill dozens of analysts. It is apps which are weak and opera spent. Every tragic. But we know that. Consistent with the Second Amendment. There are common sense steps that could reduce gun violence and could reduce police brutality. Of somebody who intends to do other people are. We should give ATF the resources they need to enforce. Gun laws that we Ari head. People with possible ties to terrorism. Who aren't allowed on a plane. Shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun. Not talking about being tough on terrorism. Actually be tough on terrorists. And stop making it easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. Reinstate the assault weapons ban make it harder for terrorists to use. These weapons to kill us. Otherwise. Despite extraordinary efforts. Across our government. By local law enforced. By our intelligence agencies by our military despite all the sacrifices the folks make. These kinds of events are going to keep on happening. And the weapons are only to get more power. Let me make. A final point. For a while now the main contribution. So my friends on the other side of the aisle have made in the fight against sisal. Is criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase radical Islam. That's the key they tell us. We can't be life so must we call them radical islamists. What exactly. Would using this label. Accomplish. What exactly would it change. What do make it. I Celeste committed to trying to. Kill Americans. Wouldn't bring in more allies is there a military strategy. That is served by thus. The answer is none of the above. Calling a threat. By different name. Was not make it go away. This is a political distraction. Since before I was president I'd been clear about how extremist groups have pervert Islam to justify terrorism. As president I have repeatedly called on our Muslim friends and allies at home and around the world. To work with us to reject this twisted. Interpretation. Of one of the world's great religions. There's not been any moment in my seven match yours as president. Where we have not been able to pursue a strategy. Because. We did use the label radical. His long. Not once has an advisor months that man if we relate. Use that phrase ramp turn this whole thing right now wants. So someone seriously trying thanks red. We don't know who were fighting. There's anyone out there who thinks were confused. About who our enemies are. I would come as a surprise to the thousands of terrorists who. We've taken off the battlefield. If the implication is that. Those of us up here and the thousands of people around the country and around the world war working. To defeat I saw aren't taking the fight seriously. That come as a surprise to those who spent these last seven and a half years dismantling. Al-Qaeda and the Fatah for example. Including the men and women in uniform who put their lives at risk. The special forces that I ordered to give been lot. And are now on the ground in Iraq and answer. I know full well who the enemy has. Sort of intelligence and law enforcement officers who spent countless hours. Disrupting plots. And protecting all Americans. Including politicians who tweaked. And appear on cable news shows. They don't want the nature of the enemy yes. So there's no magic to the phrase or radical Islam. It's a political talking point. It's not a strategy. And the reason I am a careful about how I describe this throughout. Has nothing to do what political correctness. And everything to do would actually defeating extremism. Groups like I soul and al-Qaeda. Want to make this war. A war between Islam and America. Or between Islam and the west. They want to claim. That they are the true leaders. Up. Over a billion Muslims around the world who reject. They're crazy notions. They want us to validate that. By implying that they speak for those billion plus B that they speak for as long. Pets their propaganda. That's how they were crew. And if we fall into the trap of pinning all Muslims would a broad brush. And M and imply that we are at war with an entire religion. And we are doing the terrace work for them. Up until this point this argument about labels. As mostly just been partisan rhetoric and settle it we've all become accustomed. To that kind of partisanship. Even when him. It involves. The fight against. These extremist groups. And that come out. Yep and does not prevent it. Folks across government. From doing their jobs. From sacrifice of working really hard. To protect the American. But we are now seeing how dangerous. This kind of mindset in this kind of thinking can be. We're sort of seat where this kind of rhetoric. And loose talk and sloppiness. About who exactly. Were fighting. Where this can lead us. We now have proposals from the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States. To borrow all Muslims from emigrating to America. We hear language that singles out immigrants. And suggests an entire religious communities. Are complicit. In violence. Where does this stop. The Orlando killer. One of the San Bern Dino killers. The Fort Hood killer. They wrought US citizens. We're gonna start treating all Muslim Americans differently. We're gonna start subjecting them to special surveillance. We're gonna start discriminating against them because of their faith. We've heard these suggestions during the course of this campaign. Two Republican officials actually agree with us. Because that's not the America we want. It doesn't reflect our democratic ideals. It won't make us more safe will make us less safe. Fueling I souls notion that the west hates Muslims. Making young Muslims in this country and around the world. Feel like. No matter what they do. They're going to be under suspicion. And under attack. And make small some Americans feel like they're government. As betraying. It betrays the very values America stands for. We've gone through moments in our history before it. When we acted out of fear and we came to regret it. We've seen our government. Miss street. Our fellow citizens. And it has been a shameful part. Of our history. This is a country founded on basic freedoms. Including freedom of religion. We don't have religious tests here. Our founders our constitution our bill of rights. Are clear about that. And if we ever abandon those values. We would not only make it a lot easier radicalize people here and around the world. But we would have betrayed. The very things we are trying to protect. The pluralism and the open us. Our rule of law our civil liberties. Parent things that make this country great the very things that make us exceptional. And then the terrorists would have won. And we cannot love that happen. I will not let that happen. You know two weeks because that. The commencement ceremony at the air force again. And it could not have been more inspire. To see these young people stepping up dedicated to serve and protect this country. And part of what was inspiring was. Incredible diversity of these can't cadets. We saw cadets were straight applauding classmates. Who were openly get. We saw cadets born here in America applauding classmates who were immigrants and love this country so much they decided. They want to be part of our armed forces. We saw cadets and families of all religions applaud cadets were proud patriotic Muslim Americans. Serving their country in uniform ready to lay their lives on the line to protect you and protect me. We saw male cadets applauding for. Female classmates who can now serve in combat positions. That's the American military. That's America. One team. One nation. Those are the values the license prime destroyed. We should help them do it. Our diversity in our respect for one another. Are drawing up. On the talents of everybody in this country. Are making sure that we are treating everybody. Fairly. We're not judging people. On the basis of what. Bait there they are or what race they are what ethnicity they are. What their sexual orientation is. That's what makes this country great. That's a spear we see in Orlando. That's the unity and resolve. That will allow us to defeat it's. That's what will preserve our values and our ideals. That define us as Americans. That's how we're gonna defend. This nation and that's our and defend our way one. Paper. Two speeches and one from pres Obama over these last 21 minutes the Treasury Department after meeting was Nash security team the president began by talking about what happened Orlando. What we know now about the gunman what he's doing overseas. To defeat basis and then about halfway in a pretty dramatic shift. In tone and intensity and even though the president never used his with the name Donald Trump. The rest of the speech was a direct attack on him and his ideas. Taking on the idea that the president not. And speaking about radical Islamic terrorism Donald Trump put out between yesterday saying is pres Obama gonna finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism. If he doesn't he should immediately resigned in disgrace. How trump yesterday also question the president's competitive zeal in taking on hiatus and you heard the president's answer. Over the last ten minutes talking about politicians he tweaked taking on yapping rhetoric and loose talk and saying all that is. Making it more dangerous for America right now pretty dramatic Jon Karl our White House correspondent pretty dramatic comments from the president. Right there his message and Donald Trump bring you not. Wow George that was as impassioned as I've seen the president on this issue taking troll on. Take him on directly. Saying that his ideas betrayed the very values that we stand for. And it was no he didn't mention his name but it's clear we knew exactly who we was talking about you mentioned other reference to politicians who tweaked. Specifically mentioning the idea that trump is put forth. Of a of a temporary ban on Muslims coming to the United States taking those on directly calling those ideas anti American. This was the president I tell you George I have seen Republicans even before trial all over and over again. Taunts him. To try to say why won't he save the words radical Islamic terrorism why won't even utter the words all he said the words several times and that's the end. And he also explained why he doesn't talk about radical is. And John the president pretty clearly they are also trying to drive a wedge between mr. trump and other Republican leaders. Calling in that I'm out on this trump proposal on that the ban the temporary ban on Muslim immigration United States. Knowing that house leaders like the speaker of the house Paul Ryan opposed that. Yet directly challenging those leaders is this what you'd stand for. And in making this argument about radical is long and trolls proposals he said this plays exactly into. What basis of what the extremists want which is a religious war between Islam and the United States and he says this is why he doesn't fall into that. What white doesn't use that term why he doesn't move and that correction but this was both a direct attack on Donald Trump Andy challenge to Republican leaders to repudiate. Which focus and Brian Ross here with me in this to the president also laying out exactly what has been done overseas the progress that he says has been made. In Iraq and Syria against sisal that's right George is chromium military strategy with thirteen thousand air straits going faster and sooner against targets and killing 120 top commanders devices over the last few months he says that is degrading them. And causing in the lose much of their occupied territory inside Iraq OK Brian Ross Jon Karl thanks very much mail much more tonight on world news tonight. We've David Muir we're going to be monitoring to see if mr. trump does respond to the speech and get the latest anytime an I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York have good. This has been a special. For me he's.

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{"id":39848932,"title":"President Obama Remarks on ISIS, Orlando Terror Attack","duration":"31:26","description":"The president used a portion of his speech to sharply criticize Donald Trump's views on Muslims.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-remarks-isis-orlando-terror-attack-39848932","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}