Obama Thanks Our Veterans

Honoring our troops on Veterans Day is the focus of Obama's weekly address.
3:28 | 11/12/11

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Transcript for Obama Thanks Our Veterans
I'm speaking -- from the primary flight control of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in San Diego. As one of the biggest ships in the -- up Friday it was home to one of the most unique college basketball games I've ever seen. It also gave members -- military and our veterans the chance to on one little -- On this veterans today I wanna take this opportunity to thank all our men and women in uniform for their service and -- sacrifice. This today isn't just about thanking our veterans it's about -- dedicating ourselves to serving our veterans as well as they've served us. And right now that's never been more important. Last month I announced that as promised we will end the war in Iraq by the end of this year. Many of our military families will be welcoming loved ones home for the holidays. At the same time we've begun to wind down the war in Afghanistan. And in the next five years over a million service members will transition back into civilian life. Joining the three million who have already done so over the last decade. These -- men and women who have served with distinction and some of the most dangerous places on the plan. But for many of them the challenges don't end when they take off the uniform. Today more than 850000. Veterans remain unemployed. And too many are struggling to find a job worthy of their talents and their experience. That's not right. We asked these men and women to leave their families and their jobs and risk their lives to fight for our country. The last thing they should have to do -- fight for job when they get home. To give our veterans the opportunity they've earned I've directed the federal government to lead by example and already we've hired 120000. Veterans. We've also challenged private companies to hire or 300000. Post 9/11 veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013. So far many patriotic companies have answered the call hiring more than 60000. Americans. And yesterday thanks to the hard work -- Michelle and doctor Joseph Biden. Companies announced their commitment to train or higher 125000. More over the next two years. But we still need to do more. That's why is part of the American Jobs Act I called on congress to pass returning heroes tax credit. Which would give businesses a tax break for each unemployed veteran -- -- And wounded warriors tax credit which would give businesses tax break for hiring an unemployed veteran with a disability related to their service in uniform. These proposals will go a long way towards putting our veterans back to work. On Thursday I was pleased to see the senate put partisanship aside and came together to pass these tax credits. After all standing up for veterans is in the democratic responsibility or Republican response -- it's an American response -- It's one that all of us have an obligation to -- and how should pass this bill as soon as possible so I can sign it into law. As commander in chief I want every veteran to know that America will always honor your service and -- sacrifice. I just today but every day. Just as you fought for us we're gonna keep fighting for you. For more jobs. For more security. For the opportunity to keep your family strong -- America competitive in the 20% for. So all our veterans thank you for your service.

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{"id":14939336,"title":"Obama Thanks Our Veterans ","duration":"3:28","description":"Honoring our troops on Veterans Day is the focus of Obama's weekly address.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obama-veterans-day-weekend-honor-our-troops-weekly-address-politics-14939336","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}