Has President Obama's Big Strength Vanished?

Matthew Dowd discusses president's shrinking favorability gap over Mitt Romney.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Has President Obama's Big Strength Vanished?
Matthew -- RA BC news. Political analyst -- that if this poll tonight what do you make of it as -- troubling news for President Obama in his favorability rating we've talked about this is the question that he could rely on. For so long expect going away. Well that looks like it's going away I mean we saw that you know Mitt Romney's convention nicely for days obviously the president and I the limelight sort of taken down time all of that. That this convention has to help improve that number and advance the cause and that. But it should be traveling to them because the huge advantage as you said that they had with the like ability GAAP and electability -- gap is closed rather dramatically. Which we make of the fact that. Please. Come -- their conventions. With that low favorable ratings that we've seen certainly in modern. I'm not at polling times but about the electric and what -- the -- about neglected their -- in November. Well I think that that -- questioning me. First let me get tells us how much different this convention is in the president of in this convention -- that he came into Denver and the environment that exist in the country invigorating distant country was a huge weight was coming and he -- -- to get up and confidently. And riding into the White House and he -- it very well this. Much different environment totally different -- -- polarized environment it's -- you basically have -- -- loves their guy. Democrats love Barack Obama Republicans -- Mitt Romney and they both make the other -- equally as much as they like -- -- with a very tiny sliver of people in the middle affiliate is polarized environment where the margin for -- for the straight it's kind probably three -- four points really and that's something major happens and that's why because conventions really important -- kid he'd move that -- three or four points in mid Atlantic -- let. Four years ago in Denver -- on the wave and ride at this time in much different and much more difficult thing you have to do any coordinator three days that you. We had just we adjusted on the program earlier he said were -- -- bounces the sold but losing. It colorful metaphor the first orbit is that we're talking about here are rethinking. It is outdated term we think about bounces or we just at its height election it's -- that's going to be more losing that -- Well I think a couple of things have gone into that obviously one is the polarized nature -- electorate where there's very few people in the middle. But two is is we recall -- past history it's only been recently when we get these really late conventions jammed up against each other. That's only of recent vintage used to be you'd have a convention in July 1 week two or three weeks later another -- -- so there was time. To build that to demonstrate that -- we don't have that anymore. And we've had. 400 million dollars in advertising -- which we never headed for. So both candidates are fairly define the issue seemed fairly clear and we just I have not had an environment where were already past Labor Day -- -- usually attend the general elections starting going. We're now at a convention post Labor Day and so I think it bounces is gone as long as we -- convention -- like that. And it doesn't mean that I know you have a lot of opinions about. Our great. He snagged an Amtrak adds that it expected when it -- billion dollars just in the -- learned that the could that -- they expect to. Bob that would let 1000000002 thirds of it spent between now and November 6. What kind of effect exactly -- just that island. -- -- -- Of the first affected attendance gonna people regular user wrote remote controlled methodical. Because they -- most people cannot stand political advertising that's the first effect. The next affect I think -- think what's gonna wash it out and I am we did a study on this -- -- doesn't work. -- the effect the political advertising in the presidential race is reduced anyway I'm always -- call when I look at political advertising. Could a guy saying commercial advertising he said 50% of my ad dollars are wasted I just don't know what 50% -- -- -- get into politics I think 80% of ad dollars are wasted. It is don't know which hardest hit. I -- think it it is not to have it's much effect I think the real effective these campaigns now. Are any speeches here. And they come in this court debates three presidential debates and the vice president of the bells will change the nature of the -- more than any -- all right ABC that's thanks to get it we'll see as the week goes by.

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{"id":17154941,"title":"Has President Obama's Big Strength Vanished?","duration":"3:00","description":"Matthew Dowd discusses president's shrinking favorability gap over Mitt Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/president-obamas-big-strength-vanished-17154941","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}