President Trump calls Omar 'very disrespectful' as war of words heats up

Mohamed Ahmed, founder and executive director of Average Mohamed discusses Rep. Ilhan Omar's comments on 9/11, her war of words with Trump and the impact it has on the Muslim community.
7:55 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for President Trump calls Omar 'very disrespectful' as war of words heats up
Our congresswoman you on Omar and Minnesota the president now. It embroiled in a multi days feud Mary Alison the president just last night in an interview with our affiliate KS DP in Minneapolis double down on those attacks Nicholas. No matter look he's been very disrespectful to this country she's been very disrespectful. Frankly to Israel she is somebody that. Doesn't really understand I think life real life what it's all about it's unfortunate she's got any. A way about her that's very very bad I think for our country I think he's. Extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country. Disrespectful we are to our country in the eyes of president from. For these comments she said about a week ago that have gotten so much attention in the conservative media conservative Blogosphere. Partly because they've been taken out of context we're to play for you now that it. Given the comments from the congresswoman about 9/11 that it stirred up so much debate in the past week take a listen to the full minute here. Far too long we have live the with the discomfort of being a second class citizen. And frankly I'm tired of that and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of that. Care was founded after 9/11. Because Dave recognize that saw people did something. And that all of us were starting to lose. Access to our civil liberties. So you can just say. That today's someone is looking at needs to range. That I am going to try to make myself look pleasant. You have to say this person is looking at these streets. I am not comfortable with that I am going to we'll talk to them and ask them why. Because that isn't right you half. So congress from an Omar there are making a case Mary Alice about discrimination that Muslims in this country have faced since 9/11. But getting tripped up. Even number according to some Democrats. For CNET reference to 9/11 as some people did something. Red made a lot of folks uncomfortable all adding that she didn't seem to not moment like she was downplaying. A terrorist attack I think your right though to point out a larger. Conversation that she was trying to engage and where there is an entire generation of Muslim Americans who feel like they hide. Civil liberty is in Pakistan in this country. And that that that needs to be addressed and I and I think it's important to remember that. She is one of only two of Muslim American women in the United States congress and that on multiple occasions Republicans a single her out because of that. And she certainly been used as a political tool in this debate heading into campaign nor the president stands on this about what impact is all this having on the Muslim community in this country and Howard they responded from warned that want to bring in now. Mohamad on that he is the founder and executive director. Of a cartoon series called average Mohammed's he is also a Republican in a bush a foundation fellow lives in Minnesota in. Congresswoman Omar's district cross the line to vote for her in 2018. On the hot I think he's so much for joining us by Skype it's great to see you. I'd start with asking you to respond to the president's criticism under congress or when that she is on Americans. For her recent comments were you following that. Well plus Muslims Islam phobia racing has been a reality. Our targets the congresswoman nationality. Will be a mature took up this would be almost normal woman up also. Is something really used to Muslims it's fox it is something that. Mixes futile it can target. I'm not people or even as Muslims and mixes baby video constable. Are not enough ice as a matter. The exactly the president does seem to be proving her point here by doubling down on these attacks has announced. Well unless it is booked us on and the president be callous. Would go public memorials Camilla amid Monday when evil Cayman monetary also a look at his. But apple bowl champs to use it as a way to get votes or to cheat outreach. It's just under cold or public minority DC it is indeed America came together. As the one it respectable race culture all India that it. I think she's very important Ricci to dust critics on Donald it is just becoming global. See you think you just use the word callous he thinks congress from an Omar was callous and her referenced an analog. C. Something some people because diesels an act of terrorism. This closely follows the lives or not dating. Of course under 100 lives off an update I'm on the she's also not been thrilled that people. Well there are a symptom eleven to a hobby update dates this is what we thought our congresswoman to do. I mean it is very important. Don't. She sticks to bit about the issues. On you know real high employment we additional toxicity LK the fifth district Reno was too literal issues of the U busted Minnesota students will it in the fifth district these issues which accompanying note which may just some of us across political megabyte Demi Moore clocks she's a single. The finger at hot and America RSCG. How ends on that very point. Mohammed how damaging is it to your community how frustrating is it to your community. To hear the president. Go after her this symbol in this way. Reid is facing about social ritual or not just off fox. I'm done besides being trumped it by media we're additional social media. And basically what does the Steelers wasn't used to running. It does is it basic you know she's an original money goes most of all across the country raising money thought it was we can. Almost a multibillion situation well but it does the most question with a question whether Americans where they'll bring it to get a lot of like. Being put. On the last bus into a the last minute to get. I don't Mosul what else legal Lullabot for the bodies of thi ha. I mean we saw hustle slight indeed exist under this issue just galvanize his work to running. Take it and before we let you go Mohammed 88 everyone should by the way should check out your series average Mohammed it it is terrific and then you can Google it. And find it it's great insight into the Muslim community in this country what's one thing. That both sides can do that we all can do. 22. To stem this tide of Islamic phobia that you say is rising as. Is highly charged toxic political climate. On both sides Democrats and Republicans we up possibly people but oral story. We need fresh data we need this training will conscience unlucky to look a more unified America. It is possible missile to hold additional controls us is and does the update about. All others Mohammed is to integrate. Don't fight to almost seems delivered to the Muslims the Eagles we share in America unreal sought to extremists now not mix your enemies but. What dumb blonde in this country lucky in this country is that when people chronically and the support. I'm really need the support we need done and a stunning that we will Saddam's brutal. And we need to understand. This apostles which are toxic right now within the Democrats and the Republicans. Need to blow it just needs to go it's just not far country. Think we can all agree on that Mohamed Ahmed thank you so much for joining us here on ABC news live procedure perspective. And the work you're doing in your community think he served.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Mohamed Ahmed, founder and executive director of Average Mohamed discusses Rep. Ilhan Omar's comments on 9/11, her war of words with Trump and the impact it has on the Muslim community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62439147","title":"President Trump calls Omar 'very disrespectful' as war of words heats up","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-calls-omar-disrespectful-war-words-heats-62439147"}