President Trump claims President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

An Obama spokesperson and a former director of national intelligence rejected the claim.
3:03 | 03/06/17

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Transcript for President Trump claims President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower
I want to bring this not prudent because I I was on my phone. And I heard a lot of click click click then going on in and son Jett and I have you don't have much to Obama did it. On hunt to out. San you're just not what we're gonna keep an eye on this all week yes in other wiretapping news doesn't want to Nugent. The hottest topic right now is a current president accusing former President Obama tapping his final. Before the election and so the White House and other intelligence about a day and strongly refute the allegations. But realistically I mean what it's yeah this is a business I'm happy think and Obama has yet. Yeah. I'm riding. Did principal a president can't. Not its. Unilaterally. Ask for someone a citizen to be back wiretap explain this bit of a president cannot do the president has to. Have the an FBI agent go in front of a federal judge and argue that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. Is being committed or or is being committed right currently have that's the only time that's the only time I can tell you I've applied for federal wiretapping. You have I have I have. After a flat. I've talked to let me. They're hard to get it yeah really hard to get an a judge has to given to us have to think there's a crime happened. Well that you are saying that I would be concerned defiant were you know president companies out there because it was done legally. Then the Sig bet then than there was legal justification for about which means that you believe that a crime was being committed which leads people to people what was going on behind the scenes so. When I read his tweets the role lot of things that that concern beating accusations just to look a fusing yeah I think he's suggesting that President Obama did it himself one which you just explained is not possible. He's suggesting that nothing was sound actually stand out right nothing was found beaten don't know yet. And com docs dot C a very serious charge because there don't know what's gonna happen now if there's going to be an investigation so. Maybe you should be tweeting about it if you're suggesting plum this furious at that press Obama's eight years was completely. Scandal for a right to work Singh epic day. I don't and the worst thing he did was smoke a cigarette put his feet up on the next hundred. So why would he after all this time change his spots. Get a good yeah. Cock a leopard does not change its spot right now that's. I don't know yet moving this. Way I know she now not here is actually sent out apology oh what about the ballot I don't. I don't I'm. They might begin and it also would implicate the FBI and maybe that's why tiniest amounts at ease bit. There's no evidence of that because route would mean yeah yeah I was all battle in cook eggs rapidly and went back exactly holding about how can those of you don't need to live tell got. Yeah. I.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"An Obama spokesperson and a former director of national intelligence rejected the claim.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45944157","title":"President Trump claims President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-claims-president-obama-wiretapped-trump-tower-45944157"}