President Trump fails to shake German Chancellor Merkel's hand

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether the lack of a handshake was a slight against an ally or a missed cue by the president.
5:13 | 03/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump fails to shake German Chancellor Merkel's hand
Liz I'll start real charmer and its first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Particularly in this moment international diplomacy. Look. It he also made a joke about both. He and mark was spied on by a bomb which was met with I think my favorite look IB ERF. Tanya let. Well he's yeah. Yeah she's thinking I had this guy's got nuclear codes and she's he's been dead you know she's not even a three I. I I don't think. My husband. Studied chemistry and and collagen reminding me that she has a Ph.D. in quantum chemistry down she added an idea that what you look at. I university study I am not eight. I'm sure. Woodson was looking at him like what am I doing your but I I've got to pick Sean Spicer and trot that the trump could not hear the request only sketchy. Data that may I hope that maybe in black and that may on the correct but yeah. Given this piece of information I handshakes with world leaders in the Oval Office. When they're taking your picture are what's happens every time there's a world leader. He should cancel Japanese prime minister that. Robin key Canadian prime minister of justice and though British prime minister Teresa may Barack Obama when he was still president. Meeting here mainly I haven't heard yeah us and there's a precedent that you you are seeing now taken picked you know every you know that they they expect you to do this thing that he'd shake her hand earlier rain but I'm learning about specifically for in them out in not old bull. Office. When it taking habitat. They always do a lot but if you look at the if you look at him. If you look at the picture he's he's smelling as they say from the order they like looking at him and he's the abusing him he's enjoying like he loves can't get attention and then she's escape an annoying question guys like duplicate may not hear incredible mess when you get out. They asked and that in your office there'd be a little body language opening rehearsal went out and so hard for him because you did see that was President Obama but that's a small detail the other thing I think a lot of diplomacy we feared with him was about people that or not our friends. He also just continues to tick off every ally we act now from Australia to Germany. Great Britain it's like we have friends to lose right now we're not that fool you know what I don't. So I look Obama's photographer that he consistently trolls. I'm then president shot to take a look at the Victor every every time there's something that's all court he posts. He pulled the picture like Merkel with Obama but how they had a great relationship and it's really interesting to follow his his out of position at Newark. Yeah and he dollars that they different behind this season's like you know you have Merkel criticizing trucks travel ban and you have trump criticizing. Germany's refugee policy and that's fine. But he's letting those differences leave that room where they have those private meetings and displayed got to the world and you do that this does doesn't look good no matter what your differences are behind the scenes half those meetings do we need to do. But you don't sweet about it and you don't just like. That's Columbus ga yeah eight it did your parents about different countries in this is what you don't do because you know who. This is a tweak. That he did after the meeting with arm he said despite what you have heard from the fake news I had a great meeting when German Chancellor Angela Merkel nevertheless Germany -- vast sums of money to make south the United States must mean they've lost the count full and thanks to the I yeah. But did German defense minister responded in a statement. There's no debt accounts and made our goal. Defense spending. Also goes into UN peacekeeping missions into why European missions and into op contributions to fight against ice is as terrorism. So what you need to know. Do it in that office and an is you don't want to be demanding money. We owe money to people there who. I have in my did appear far. Like shine like China. You know and if China does what you just can't. Oh we're broke I now do you think just. No cigar. Synod. I say they won't upset that the belt was not here very upset at how you are not enough well let probably didn't give the teams were very good news.

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{"id":46257507,"title":"President Trump fails to shake German Chancellor Merkel's hand","duration":"5:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether the lack of a handshake was a slight against an ally or a missed cue by the president.","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-fails-shake-german-chancellor-merkels-hand-46257507","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}