President Trump greeted with open arms by residents devastated by tornadoes

The president and first lady visited the town of Beauregard, Alabama, to survey the damage left by massive tornadoes.
2:59 | 03/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump greeted with open arms by residents devastated by tornadoes
This all comes on the heels of the present in the First Lady. Heading down to Alabama they're touring some of the damage from the storm that hit the year earlier this week I want to bring in. ABC's Rachel Scott she's been on the ground from the beginning and Rachel you've been Criss crossing the area talking. Until local officials down there what are some of the things in the present in the First Lady are seeing on the ground right now. We I would John just take a look at where I am standing this just shows you that power. And this year forced of those 100 semi fat and mild than 170 mile per hour winds that ripped through this area just take a look behind me. That. Wind wrap I'll eat. Can be behind me. Street right here we do not know whether or not there's irony OK hopefully he was right as you like that kind of storm. Yeah yeah the president indicated this is the center of the hardy and destruction and officials tell me that all 23 lives were lost all children in just one square mile of each other just right before he went and I just under who are residents here who said he Mossad. And members of his bailing. And evil 120 degree came from just one family so this community is simply devastated they not only lost their property but they also lost their neighbor has. They lost members of their family. But you know today the president did receive someone have a warm welcome here any people the residents turned boulevard were happy to see him you know. Said this is not about politics you know in the past that. Sometimes the president has received a look at a criticism on these tracks right where he's Torre. Limited damage and destruction. Near Puerto Rico called at eight PR stunt but here residents say lesson is not about politics this is about getting help. And they welcome the president from her with open arms saying if he's here to help. Outs and he's here to get resources and to this area and he needs to see this firsthand that we would love for him to be here I talked to one strong supporter. Who was wearing a trunk twenties when he hacked eyes scanning on the side of the street waving at the president as the motorcade. Drove by and he got emotional. And he said listen this is a small town. The small town a bowl guard ray and in an Alabama he's good you know national news maybe you never heard of it but so it's a big deal he sent that the president would take a trip all the way down here to the small town -- aren't Alabama to meet with tornado victims. And see some of this damage firsthand and to hand he said that meant the world he's that in fact it was an early birthday gift his birthday is next week's out. Just here on the ground here and you just complete devastation as residents continue to comb through this area trying to find anything they can possibly salvage that images like see I mean this is not hard to come by in this can ready. Homes completely toppled over walls collapse. And residences have a long way to rebuild here. ABC's Rachel Scott on the ground for us and Alabama you can see all the angels reporting any BC thank you Rachel appreciate.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The president and first lady visited the town of Beauregard, Alabama, to survey the damage left by massive tornadoes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61566969","title":"President Trump greeted with open arms by residents devastated by tornadoes","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-greeted-open-arms-residents-devastated-tornadoes-61566969"}