President Trump issues executive order for free speech on college campuses

Waiting for the Mueller report to drop, the FBI joins the criminal investigation of Boeing, all eyes on Joe Biden as talks of an early VP pick surfaces, and George W. Bush's hole-in-one.
23:45 | 03/21/19

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Transcript for President Trump issues executive order for free speech on college campuses
And. Everybody welcome to brief him on Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday whether deputy political director Mary Alice parks White House reporter Jordan Phelps. And so much of this town right now is fixated on the Justice Department waiting to see when Bob Muller's report welcome you can cut the tension. I think with a knife this newsroom. Behind us is certainly waiting for all expectations are now that Bob Mueller will com. With this report any day now Jordan and we caught a glimpse you guys this morning Bob Mueller headed into the special counsel's office really the first time. Hot and in a few weeks that we've gotten a glimpse of it AP photographers and this is video of our camera yesterday. Bob Mueller driving himself to work at a Subaru. Pulling into the garage and there is today AP photographer snapping a close shot of him wearing a ball cap going Carden terribly Jordan. You are seeing new signs from the White House that they are actually getting ready for this anytime now as well. Dad DeVon the White House like us are ready to kind of get this out to sort of get past it they expect that they're gonna find out that this report has been transmitted to the DOJ at the same time we deal. And once it does the communications team. Is ready take out they've got statement distracted they're ready to blast that out in China than attorney about this they say today they are lucky they are ready to go and DeVon. They won eight get out there so they can move past this and they aren't ruling out that the president. I wanna talk to us after it comes out or. So all eyes on that development we know the president is going to be gotten about town today and tomorrow meanwhile. Your from Seattle you know the company Boeing how brilliant guy yeah. John well and a likely coming allies are not down. Our fight expert but I so much of this town as congress prepares to head back just in a few days from recess. Is focused on one of the biggest American companies must successful profitable Boeing. Airplane maker and that very popular the most popular plane in the sky you've probably been and one at 737 this is the 737 Max model. Of course caught up in that controversy. As ABC news is learning now that the FBI. Has joined the investigation related to the FAA certification of that are David Curley tries to do senior transportation correspondent. Of course follow an investigation David thanks for coming and I'm getting great help us understand this new headline today out of New York Times that there may now be some new indications that a couple of sensors. Were missing from these two planes that crashed at Boeing and I was offering at an extra cost. So the way it actually works is that there are two sensors that tell the pilot. Or toll aircraft whether it is nose up level or nose down. And the whole system we've been talking about for a long time here. He is to prevent a stall when you run matters who you sort of father sky it's called and Cassidy noses down the aircraft. We've known for some time that that system is run off of one sensor. On the aircraft there actually 21 on each side of the cockpit. They just run it off of one and it triggered in the lion air crash the first crash of a Max we know that the sensor was bad. Because who is put in incorrectly. By the maintenance crew of lion air sent bad data the computer and started that nose down an attitude of the aircraft. So what the headline is today is that. Boeing sells as an option if you want. Something that we'll show you what your angle of attack is in the cockpit on the display and also a little light that says. That there's a disagreement between those two sensors and if you think that when Abrams wrong that could tell you that whoa whoa wait a minute it's trying to Tim we have a stalwart this. Down nose down attitude. My sensors may be wrong. Isn't so there was any dollars and the Internet design David. The question is whether the first system having one. Piece of sensor one cents or one piece of evidence. Makes inducing that MCAS. There's a debate about whether that's a bad design the question of whether having this data inside the cockpit would have helped these crews are experts suggest that are probably wouldn't they didn't follow procedures. That they didn't shut off the system it looks like. What we lion air is. Almost final report probably going to be pilot error if there's some suggestions of Ethiopia may be pilot error as well now. You ask if it's bad design. Boeing is coming up with a software update and that and caste system that would nose down if you're in a stall he will have two points today at the two sensors will be. As part of that and included will be that little light that says your sensors disagrees so they are making changes. To the aircraft in this software update to try and alleviate some of that. And I'll leave it to the experts who know about aircraft design a little better than I do as to whether the first system was bad design Boeing will tell you know. But it was and I asked them in a briefing three and a half months ago this is one point failure. In this aircraft it causes dramatic nose down and is an owner and owner know in their fault tree. The one piece of data triggers it. But if you have a trained pilot who knows the procedure. They would disengage shut off the system therefore it's not one point failure sounds like a much engineering globally gawk and up Connolly Brooke. But. You know they're making changes that will now use both sensor. It's David you can't like this latest crash will change how Boeing does business big picture going follower. Their relationship with the FAA and I we've talked so much about. There engineering protocols their relationship with pilots and pilot training the unions aren't a big takeaways going to be. So Boeing told us in that briefing several months ago that it has told the airlines about the system and how it was going to act in the fact that there would be a dramatic move down. And they expected they say you know that the airlines knew them that there is new this that they were partners but the pilots say that they didn't know. So will they be more forthcoming in and and requests training it's quite possible this investigation did is been launched now. DOJ DOT. And congress as well it quote didn't. It will be and sing we see these kind of discussions every time there's a major incident like this. About is it too cozy relationship between the FAA and Boeing if changes are necessary. I think we'll see them ordered it's a question of what they find at the end. Of the certification process was there undue pressure on anybody to change something or did they follow the book that's who were gonna find out. And the FBI certainly looking into that now congressman their back next week we'll start those hearings David Kerr thanks so much know you are entered his and that's where appreciate David. I meanwhile over at the White House today at a press and taking action. I'm one of his signature campaign promises something dad is red meat to a lot of conservatives and that is. Are protecting what he calls it conservative free speech on college campuses around the country Jordan you've been. Tracking this today the president is signing an executive order now. Two to allow conservatives insure in his view conservatives get a fair shot a college campus. He doesn't apply obviously just to conservatives but that's the pain here ultimately. I sit the executive order there aren't the kind three main bullet points on the big news here is that it's posts increase oversight on these universities. I actually in force free speech rules and if they do not come pipe if I'm not to be in compliance. And they will lose at great money from the federal government that's number wind. Number two that the Department of Education is now supposed to publish more information about the financial risks to students at before they make decisions Jake. To go to these schools so they know about the risk of debt and the success rate cut these colleges. I number three it caused for the Department of Education to make more policy recommendations to the president. As it relates to making schools more accountable on at this issue of reducing that pursued him. I thought of taking away money from hundreds of colleges and universities federal money on the basis some sort of alleged discrimination is a big deal. You Alter and you still think I'll turn it would really changed around the relationship between the government and private institutions. And public institutions potentially in the country. But this is not a new debate they're major conservative. Pacs and super pacs and have been pushing this administration to take action because they felt like conservative voices work. Sons and it sometimes totally left out a college campus we see it. A few extreme examples of that. Where very liberal student bodies have protest did certain commentators have. Have put a lot of political pressure on the heads of universities for inviting conservative political commentators. And there's there's a question. On campuses that there's. A room for intellectual debate in a robust re. Now I think there's a lot of more liberals and band and Democrats or more progressives and it's based analysts say it is that the president going too far. This is the administration taking an extreme tax. But this albeit not going to be and it has been. Is this a solution without a problem is this more symbolism than substance. Its ruling here in Connecticut they play on that point DeVon because we heard from a senior administration official today who was. Really light on the details and we past week pressed for details on the enforcement how this is going to be applied. I and they kept referring us to another agency and said they don't want to get had. Of me you know implementation of best buy you think that on the day that the rolling out an executive order they have those. Struck down a little bit we do have a guest joining us now Margaret I got you editor in chief of the Georgetown voice student newspaper over at Georgetown just across town. Margaret thanks so much for joining us won a drill down with you a little bit on this whole notion of whether there is a crisis. For conservatives on college campuses around the country EU what is your view right now from from from George Jones perspective is there. In fact an assault against conservative ideas and conservative voices. Tourist soon Georgetown because of very inching position in the does it look universe speaks and so the Catholic values that Georgetown promotes. Slade an interesting role in what kind of speakers are allowed to come to camp lists. On and how they are protests that are not test so to give you an example a couple of years Cecile Richards Hugh is the president a Planned Parenthood. Into campus and she is welcome to come to campus because Georgetown streets each all of seized on the she was heavily protested by conservatives Hughes said that on George punch knocking noting giving her platform has done its values on the scene. Hand Georgetown also allowed Georgetown College Republicans to invite Ben Shapiro this year which is going to be ugly tested out I'd say at Georgetown were a little more evenly split it two. Between. Of the university. I think gives benefits to interns at Catholic groups that invite who they want verses. Are generally liberals student body. And what's your view then in light of today's. Executive order in the president's assertion that. Additional protections are needed do you do from your vantage and talking to students there do you think this is necessary. Well Georgetown and begin to private institution is able to make what policies wants him and I don't think that the government has much saying not from. Our time they're talking about withholding. Federal grants even from private institutions like Georgetown in research grants any money who had Torricelli do you think viewers and a lot. I inundated they could lord that overdone but I'd I guess. Yeah when I hear you saying is that you think that the school's policy itself with sufficient. Right so. I don't think that there is one group that is necessarily favored over another light is meeting more clear action institutions that take strictly. Liberal stances that there student body I think both conservative and liberal groups are and then I'm pretty much equal protection at Georgetown but there's still worked ago when it comes you exclude receives university benefits and so forth so I don't think that this is going to change a lot at Georgetown itself but at a Holy See. The impact that it could change between their relationship as private solutions especially and. Loss leader and I just a high it would be one highland games if the administration were to. How about a moment of backlash against universities for students protest today in protest and on either side of the aisle feels like. A core part of going to college right up a kitchen action apparently the free speech and action that free speech would not just be who you invite on campus to speak. But free speech of the students to voice their opposition to any in the speaker's. Indeed a murder catch think so much for your perspective from Georgetown University sounds like things are in pretty good shape there for free speech although we caught up a little bit earlier. With a different perspective a young millennial Charlie Kirk who is a conservative leader founder of turning point USA it's a grassroots group. Very active on college campuses around the country involved in the president's order today he says in fact conservatives are under assault in this order is desperately needed tickle. I don't want to ask you so many colleges have free speech policies. Already in place right now why is this executive order so important my eyes and needed. Sure thank you for having me so I firsthand run an organization that is present time 14100 high school and college campuses across the country. And far too often our students are not given the opportunity of free expression of myself personally actually experience this at two universities in particular. The Paul university Cornell university in Ithaca, New York. We're Candace Owens and myself are actually not allowed to speak on campus. The university cited security concerns and even issued a statement that. Our values they're not a line at the university and being a private institution. They do have the right under the current. Laws and structure. However you could make the argument that as they are receiving federal funding should they also have to abide by the First Amendment. And so yes some universities do have good speech policies such as University of Chicago but those universities are in the minority and far too often colleges are siding on the side. The predominant train of thought which tends to be more on the left. Com and not allowing all the times she speaker such as myself the lot of free flow and marketplace of ideas to exist so we're thrilled. But the president is going to be signing this executive order today to really shine a light first and foremost. On the the issue of free speech and college campuses but also do something about it make sure that our college campuses can once again be a marketplace of. Ideas I want to ask you about some criticism that a number Republican members of congress have already got come out of the gate with this just in from senator Lamar Alexander. Republican of Tennessee who says in fact what you just said we have the First Amendment we have these constitutional rights federal courts define and enforce it he says. Quote conservatives don't like it when judges try to write the laws conservatives should not like it when legislators and agencies. Try to rewrite the constitution he's not a fan of this executive order already sitting him. I'll respectfully disagree with the senator I agree thumb on almost everything but on this in particular. The executive has the capacity and authority to withhold federal funding that congress gives them if constitutional rights are not being upheld. So you can make the argument under other constitutional rights what does due process was not being upheld which actually what's happening at times. Under the department education under President Obama where certain people were being accused. Of activity that was not so great I'm college campuses that's been covered. Extensively. So when constitutional rights are not being protected by institutions that are receiving taxpayer funding. There is precedent to have the executive stepped then. And have that funding be put in question that's exactly what's happening here. Is that we have certain constitutional rights whether it be the right to vote the right to express yourself in the right to privacy but unfortunately have be coming under attack. In certain as some these universities in particular the right to free expression. And it's not that you want a particular this is not a partisan executive order by any means. Both sides are gonna have an opportunity to have their voice be heard. Because of this executive order and far too often we find universities and colleges taking the easy path. To silence people such as myself and such as Candace Owens and many other great speakers because they don't want those other ideas to be hurt as it might make. Their job a little bit harder because there might be protests are there might be more conversation on campus our position as this is the more speaks to better. And unfortunately college campuses having gone in the opposite direction of the last when he thirty year. And president trump now speaking in the east room on that executive order bride applause there from a number. Young conservatives. College students let's take a listen. University's mission. Is preparing students for life as citizens in a free society. But even as universities have received billions and billions of dollars from taxpayers. Many have become increasingly hostile to free speech and to the fairest of them and you see all the time. You turn on the news and you see things that horrible. You see people being punched hard in the face. But he didn't go down. I say you have a better chin and Mohammed Ali and here. Okay. And you see the cal bell seeing you so that horrible scene that was a disgraceful. Thing. And a school of the university under the guise of speech codes. Safe spaces and trigger warnings he's universities have tried to restrict. Free thought impose total conformity and shut down the voices of great young Americans like. Those here today screwy people. All of that changes starting right now we dealing with billions and billions and billions of dollars. The president there talking about this war withholding. Potentially withholding Mary Alice federal funding from in east college or university that in his view as it in his under still yet to be articulated. Policy. Guideline that would have that money withheld if they violated a free speech to a centrist in because just one year ago when year ago the president. In a similar meeting in March 2018 in the east room with Charlie occur when of the guess we just had on the president. Was talking about the crisis a free speech earned college campuses. And he said I would say conservatives have majority support everywhere I think it's highly overblown. Highly overblown raising and his a different tune. Today rain and I need and I notice earlier this is them this is an an issue for a few key patents were packed in the really. RI tankan survey of space for example the co brother and all their political. Machinery they've been pushing this kind of executive order for a long time. It invests a lot of money and even set up. Nonprofits to just to work on infusing more conservative voices on college campuses the I cover campaigns and elections. They will say this entire conversation reminds me of the fact that. There's just a huge generational divide when it comes to politics in this country. And part of the reason let's be blunt here there Republicans feel threatened by college campuses against overwhelmingly. College kids vote for Democrats. You sure do we you'll be spent a lot of time on those campuses as things heat up right well Christine at all eight change. In democratic candidates may be soon to be sent to bring our eighteen. One of the hot names out there obviously betar commemorate the week is former vice president Joseph Biden who is certainly. Inching closer to Iran all indications are that he's likely to announce very soon and now. There's this very interest in report overnight in accidents at that vice president Biden's team there announced has been plotting the possibility. A packaging his campaign announcement. With. And the woman that there are flirting with potentially here is Stacey Abrams the failed democratic candidate for governor George. Race she is really caught the imagination of so many Democrats and you remember that she did the democratic response to the president's state of the union that was a huge platform for her. I you know like any good politician we assumed that Joseph Biden is very aware of his personal weakness sense. Not asleep running in this campaign in the democratic primary this year one of his potential weaknesses of the fact that he is. And old are straight white male right for a lot of Democrats are eager to inject more diversity into the field so if the president anchored by former president were to go this route. Would he be. Sort of admitting in a way that he needs more diversity that he wants to reach out to diverse voters and he wants to bring along. Among more diverse Democrats into a presence at the. Side could indeed be as she could be his the Yang to his Yang and balance it out right out of the gate at a time when you as you say so many Democrats are working for some diversity youthful in this progressive nests. Odds he or she will a lot of pitfalls I mean it's it's risky you'll be hammered the presumptive it would be it would be passing up the entire field of seventeen other democratic candidates who could be good potential VP picks. Mama meetings would be putting both of them under a spotlight for a year and a half. That is it's a ton of scrutiny normally someone brings on a presidential pick a running mate later when they're looking to inject new energy. Into their ticket this would be. A lot of scrutiny for both of them from the very beginning. You'll be incredibly risky we have to look like but it looked like candor and what does she think of all this we haven't heard from CCA rules they did meet recently and they and they did add responds with a very diplomatic response a diplomatic statement to us today. They said that all options are still on the table so not ruling out I had to tell you that I spoke to one of her close friends who actually worked on her campaign. She was just giddy this morning with that and the possibility loves the possibility. OK so good for Stacey Abrams a lot of buzz around her. All eyes and Joseph Biden of course headed into this. Home stretch here of the pre campaign if you will finally some good news today in a milestone. For the former president of the United States George W. Bush an avid golfer at age 72 well yesterday he notched. His first ever hole in one take a lucky to pleaded on the picture here in the twelfth hole of dallas' trinity forest golf club. Was a par 364. Yard shot. I have the same thing role among gloves pretty good think you get rid. Normal it. I think it girlfriend scandalous I don't think I'm a good number but I I know enough to know how hard that tested you Pattinson you know. Talked to George W. Bush for the hole in one and he says in that tweet his next goal is to live to 100. So that he can shoot his age and I don't think I would ever shoot anything close 200. 200 maybe my A and the hacker my camera shot her agent eighty that's good at that meet the candidate gave it. Are wishing you much luck out there on the golf course if you're on the links this Thursday are headed there this weekend great to have you here with us in the briefing room. Pretend Mary Alice here as always were back here tomorrow 3:30 eastern time. I'd download us on the ABC news that mark to send ABC news that comic book to CNN.

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{"duration":"23:45","description":"Waiting for the Mueller report to drop, the FBI joins the criminal investigation of Boeing, all eyes on Joe Biden as talks of an early VP pick surfaces, and George W. Bush's hole-in-one.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61847015","title":"President Trump issues executive order for free speech on college campuses","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-issues-executive-order-free-speech-college-61847015"}