President Trump threatens GM with cuts, Ivanka Trump speaks out on emails

President Trump threatens to cut subsidies to General Motors in response to its layoffs, Ivanka Trump says there's "no equivalency" between her and Hillary Clinton
3:11 | 11/28/18

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Transcript for President Trump threatens GM with cuts, Ivanka Trump speaks out on emails
He did mention how president trump has been tweeting about this he's also been tweeting his sire and General Motors and so we turn of the White House now. When ABC's Karen Travers and Karen what's behind the president's anger at GM. About the fact that other closing plants Aaron and that's gonna cost American jobs the president said on Monday that he had spoken to GM CEO Mary bar and told her. He wasn't happy with this wolf is critics are saying that. The president as a campaign or as a candidate and now as president last year. Has promised to keep American jobs here he's promised to bring jobs back is promised it. Rebuild factories especially in parts of the country that have been hit hard by losses like this northeast Ohio parts of Michigan. And they're saying that now this is a promise made in a promise not kept well the pro and Aaron. Taking his ire out on GM and yesterday. While we were in the White House briefing the president was tweeting that he would maybe move forward to cut subsidies for General Motors all of GM's subsidies he says. Including those for electric cars that of course caused quite headline of what the president was thinking he could do what was he trying to do you. But Republican sources on the hill say he can't do this this would have to be done through congress passing legislation there's no. Regulatory mechanism where the president could just pull back these subsidies to a question of whether or not it will impact consumers people who get up to 7500 dollars as a tax break. For buying an electric car. What would happen if the president did decide to go forward in some way would this impact people. And even if he doesn't actually follow through or even if he can't follow through and his threats. It had an impact on CN stock. Yet stocks went down and I think we've seen is the fourth the president when he set a company when he said something in his sights on Twitter. There is a backlash to this and added this week it's G and the president I don't think he's gonna let go of this one. Yesterday there are a lot of questions. Two Larry come though the president's top economic advisor at the briefing about what he might do. Cutler deferred he said stay tuned essentially the president may be having an announcement and sure enough within minutes it was that tweet saying he wanted to move forward to cut subsidies Karen up the street from you Democrats. And the House of Representatives are choosing some new leaders we know the president has weighed in on bit on that where things then. Yet today Democrats will be meeting behind closed doors casting theirs first votes for Nancy Pelosi as speaker couple procedural things here that the leadership votes are counted by is secret ballot. If nobody. Raises are handed challenge policy and make it a contested race they could move forward to just say let's do this quickly NB government while. We expect that people will object to that and demand an actual count. But eight we'll keep that secret so Erin you know how would like to do that here in Washington can sometimes have it both ways. You could vote no for Nancy Pelosi in this it's a secret ballot and then in January when there is the formal vote among the whole house you can vote yes so keep your campaign promise not get Nancy Pelosi is bad side that will be paying close attention today to see with the numbers are. He would that would mean for that eventual vote a couple weeks ABC's Karen Travers when us from her post at the White House Karen thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"President Trump threatens to cut subsidies to General Motors in response to its layoffs, Ivanka Trump says there's \"no equivalency\" between her and Hillary Clinton","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59471349","title":"President Trump threatens GM with cuts, Ivanka Trump speaks out on emails","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-threatens-gm-cuts-ivanka-trump-speaks-59471349"}