‘The president did nothing wrong’: Pence on Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader

Vice President Mike Pence sat down for an interview with ABC News.
4:31 | 12/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘The president did nothing wrong’: Pence on Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader
And resident has denied any wrongdoing can describe them all eyes are things we use an almost perfect. I think the president and the call was focusing on issues that mattered to our country. He spoke to presents a Lansky about. Issues that were concerned two six speaking about the United States the president has an obligation. To ensure that when we invest hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid. Military particularly in places like Ukraine we make sure that there's not corruption. Also the president always made a priority. Me. Ukrainian leadership that we wanted Europe. War and supporting Ukraine and after. After Russian military role in decrying media has been supporting. Warren eastern Ukraine only describe college perfect right I think I'm I think the president did nothing wrong. If you compare it with the whistle blowers compliant. If you compared with the false. Version of the call from the chairman Adam Schiff read before the committee you can see. What the president did here was simply raise issues that he believed were important to the United States. Chairmanship yesterday yeah its treatment he's not financial it's and Williams. Instead on the unlikely that we'll. And I don't with a domestic little patter it's just that not detox and I think. My memories of the serious question of whether you're continuing effort to obstruct the house's impeachment inquiry aren't headed not just to protect president something yourself as well. Any response about why not release them. While we win. But the fact that. After his sham investigation is over. Adam Schiff is now asking for more information information his committee already passed. And that frankly those who will consider these articles of impeachment. Already have access everything you need to know about this. Investigation about this partisan speech. I'm I think it was professor Jonathan Turley said this in patients. Brought on the weakest Evans. In American history. It's strictly being brought a partisan thing. So will you know will will look at the facts. I think people know. My involvement in this was. Was focused on the issues of president trump was focused on. Supporting president Celeste peace effort and corruption and enlisting more Europeans or. I'd be happy to. Provide. That information. And that narrative to anyone who would requested but I think for Adam shift to be making more accusations. After. I'm saying for two years and there was evidence of collusion when there was. After after. Saying that he had no contact with the whistle blower that was found. Absolutely false and about reading a false version of the president's. I think the I'll I'll I'll just let his his allegations fall in the category of a mother. False allegations. How boring and involved in the morning and another scary and regional that was tights and Nancy. Well why I was. I was never aware of the allegation. The military side investigation. Became public. And to this day I don't believe ever want us. And the president. Made it clear call to our ambassador to the use there was no quid pro quo he wanted nothing. There's no quid pro quo in the call when the president asked me represented him out in a meeting in Poland. With president's alas he told me to focus on two. One. Was one presence Lansky was doing it to end decades of corruption. Which was what presents a less he was elected on a landslide election in his right. And secondly what he was doing to enlist more European support those issues are the issues I spoke about exclusively. I was present excellence gave those things I've talked to him about and when he reportedly made tremendous progress they were making. In addressing corruption moving reforms and listing more Europeans or prison Trout release the agents.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Vice President Mike Pence sat down for an interview with ABC News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67809639","title":"‘The president did nothing wrong’: Pence on Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader","url":"/Politics/video/president-wrong-pence-trumps-call-ukrainian-leader-67809639"}