Bernie Sanders Believes He Can Beat Hillary Clinton

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: "I'm running for President."
13:06 | 04/30/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Believes He Can Beat Hillary Clinton
And you player emerging today in the 2016 race for the White House Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is an independent. The plans to wrestle Hillary Clinton for the democratic ticket Sanders has the longest serving independent in congressional history. Over when I'm down Cutler in new York and an interview with ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl senator Sanders talks but everything from Clinton cash fighting in the middle class pot smoking. Even as hairstyle. Senator senators your. A run for president drew him why Jonathan for the last forty years in this country the great middle class of America's men disappearing. Of people worked longer hours for low wages. We have 45 million people living in poverty and it's the same time. What we have seen is the wealthiest people in this country not just the wealth but to unbelievably the 99% of all new income generated today is going to the top 1%. The top 110 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% so what's your health and economy. In the economy right now. Is a system that is hopefully rigs on behalf large corporations and wealthy and I intend to stand up and fight for working families all of this country. I've got to say don't look like a typical presidential candidate. So my hair I mean it'd go to money there's there hara year year from Vermont doesn't give us a lot of presidents it's been awhile. You call yourself a socialist. This is not seem like a guy that. What we usually think of which presidential candidate. Well I think maybe people what one rethink that. My record is one of standing O war working families will be addressing a whole lot of issues than most politicians. Don't address. The issue of trade for example it's enormously important. We have lost since 200160000. Factories and a lot of that has to do with the disastrous. Trade agreement that allows corporations to somebody talks to try and noble low wage countries and helping the leading helping to lead the effort against the current trade agreement. I have stood up and said no to the Republicans you're not gonna cut Social Security. As a matter of fact what we have seen is living up thirteen or 141000 we're gonna expand Social Security. No we're not gonna give more tax breaks to billionaires the fact. Maybe it's about time that the richest people in this country and largest corporations started paying their fair share of taxes. No it is not appropriate to cope with the some of a billion as. By the American democracy and our political system we ought gonna pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and move to public funding of elections. Does not make me sound like a presidential candidate. You know we just had a Democrat for. Seven years almost. All this happen sooner under the daughter of a democratic president and it's not special enough. When President Obama woman and reverse split them but was reversed does when George W. Bush left office. Of this economy was on the verge of a collapse. We're losing 800000 jobs a month so people complain the world gaining a couple of 100000 jobs a month not enough that stroke. But anyone nobody thinks seriously doubts the one on one battle today. And we were six and a half years ago when bush left office. But are we anywhere and yet we should beware we should be in the answer is well. So yes we're better than we were six years ago. But there is a forty year trend of a disappearing middle class what we need to do. We need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage so the people work forty hours a week. Can live with dignity we need to crate millions of jobs because real unemployment is 11%. We need pay equity for women worked as we need to change trade policies there is an enormous amount has to be done. If we gonna save the American middle class gave some straight talk on political reality. Hillary Clinton if she really beautiful the democratic primary so we go our would not hesitate and telling you Michael and this as a on the but we're getting support from all over this country we're not going to be raising a 1000000002 billion dollars by don't have. Wealthy responses so to speak but we will raise a lot of money on line by average contribution for the senate with 45 bucks and I think we'll have a whole lot of people saying. You know the time is now in office and off the billionaires can't capital that can't control the economy and they cannot control the United States. What do you make we see all the stories about the millions of dollars that flowed into the Clinton foundation to speaking fees and all of that but it tells me what is a very serious. Problem but it's not just about Hillary Clinton a built it is about a political system today it is dominated by big money. It's about the Coke Brothers being prepared to spend 900 million dollars in the coming elections and the beavers for someone else is gonna say if is that if we don't get our act together and overturn Citizens United. And moved to public funding of elections this country is moving into all the golf took form of society. Where not only our economy political life is going to be controlled by the billionaire Klestil aware of concerns. About the Clinton foundation money they're concerned about children Adelson and his billions concerned about the Coen Brothers and they have billions. We are looking at a system where the where are our democracy is being owned by a billion handful of billionaires that is wrong. If the clintons are part of that system I think anybody now who is running for office. You know with few exceptions I think of one of the assumptions. I'm not gonna slopes of I'm not gonna go around the country talking ugliness dog saving my time is that would give me any money any and not fought back. What we will be dependent on small contributions but this issue of money in politics it's huge and I hope everybody understands. That if we don't deal with. The Citizens United decision and billionaires able to spend as much money as they won. On the foundation if we don't it was about the foundations of American democracy will disappear. You've been an independent year old Tom I looked it up correct me if I'm wrong. But I believe you were the longest serving independent history. Search. You really want to buy what's got saved his applaud after it really. Dire going to be a Democrat. I am IM and in the what was your that but I am running that's right and also since I've been in congress. All I have been caught all of the Democratic Caucus. Ever since my first in the United States congress worked with Democrats today I and the ranking member appointed by the democratic leadership on the budget committees. I think the best path forward to when this the best theft. Forward to Riley millions of Americans around an agenda that speaks to the needs of working families is doing with in the democratic. Primary process. What are your colleagues think a run for president. Well just bust answers you. A lot of already endorsed Hillary Clinton back into Russia portion city Tyronn that's. So I think it is fair to say I think we'll get some support here on Capitol Hill. But I think it is fair to say that most of the democratic senators and members of the house we'll support. Some sort. People say you're not running between your running to make a point. You wanted I mean you believe fervently in these issues and you let me tell you what I believe it yet I believe that to a large degree inside the beltway media. And the insoluble Wei world politicians is we we've we've had. With with the American people. I have been all of this country we'll stay on people or a lot angrier about the status quo. There are angry. About corporate greed. There angry that the two party system that Democrats and Republicans. Are increasingly controlled by big money that angry at the media. Which increasingly does not talk about the real issues impacting the lives a working families. So there is a lot of discontent. With the establishment economical stops them political media establishment. And I intend tackle those issues I think we've enough supplies. The surprise will be. That we can use. You really think you're gonna win it you're not just home that you think you can win the democratic nomination you think you can beat Iowa saying I am saying right now look. Who are going to the thing as the underdog absolutely no question. Where we were doing okay in the polls where he. We're going to be heavily announcement but I think the American people have had enough for establishment politics I think they want real change. I think they wanna see movement. Which stands up to the billion necklace. Intent. What does president Bernie Sanders doing his first day well on how for a state. We. Develop legislation. Which calls for rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and creating thirteen million new jobs. May be on the next they will vault while plan to reverse climate change. And on the third day will be offering a constitutional amendment to overturn this has urged Citizens United Supreme Court decision. They'll be enough for the first there's no respect did you DC president Obama's joke about you at the White House correspondent Don would you me that. What he was incredibly funny throughout his entire prosecution blew me anyway that was some of the best UC digital services which. What is his line about you. You know the idea of elect democratic socialists. Pot smoker. It was about a fact I'm not a plus it it have admittedly some 3040 years ago but. Alone. Look let's talk about them from you know people don't go towards socialists you know you'll small enough to know. That what we're talking about of the tremendous achievements brought about in countries like Denmark Norway and Sweden health care is like everybody that's helped. We apologize letters like a pretty good thing. You know which of course the go to college and demo. It happens to be free you know which stroke care course from the country virtually nothing. You know what the gap between the rich and the poor in the country is much less than it is in the United States. So I think there are things that we can learn from social democratic countries around the world. Where in fact government does wonder people so much greater degree than it does and all country world politics is dominated us. OK so a couple things. Is Hillary Clinton and have to debate you. Some people say ash so far it is needed debates and will there be debates are certainly not a crime I will do my best of it. I suspect that's it we're there Clinton. It's a foot cliff let me tell you something are known Hillary Clinton that when he yes I like or respect. And the campaigns are will be running is not anything to do with personal tax settlement. Are we running an issue oriented campaign I think that is secretary Clinton's desire let's debate the major issues facing America. OK I wanna drug moved to a later topic if you don't mind we've got something to play for you. Three we multitask here. Com. OK so I want you to listen to this is just it's just audio. The self released. Getting in the groove here. Those numbers up. What if I knew what. This thing proves absolutely positively. That I have no Korea as a sleep so we agree on. That was fun I have not heard that that is pretty good would you still performing communities is couple bars and move. O com and it's an important. Part the only audience all over the country political. Problems. All right well senator Sanders fumbled C occupational woody go for. Only in New Hampshire so. And it was. A flawed the bumpers pertinent. Thank you. Those gutters people that are signed. Well and supplies do I know that you don't believe that. Does the world counseling to help little chat about them I know I've been out there how do you really I've got other real world and about. Quickly that's Hillary's is every day people every bit as opposed you know these part time you'd. Those. The longest serving independent ever. His history of the congress. All right we shall the American people like to walk the walk. We don't thank you very much K I would appreciate it looked like they care. I thanks Jonathan Karl more on that story tonight on world news tonight with David Norris of course you can keep up with this story and the campaign any time. Down when ABC news App Store in store for exclusive updates on the go. I'm Dan Cutler anymore.

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