Presidential candidate on why he's ratcheting up calls for Trump impeachment

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., told "The Investigation," "We spend too much time in this party debating the politics of impeachment, when the law is very clear and our constitutional duty is clear."
14:42 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Presidential candidate on why he's ratcheting up calls for Trump impeachment
I. And do. And welcome to the investigation on crisp Lester senior executive producer here at ABC news and I'm joined by my colleagues Johnson Tucci and Matt mosque where the lead reporters on the trump investigation. Joining us today is congressman Seth Moulton. Who's also running for president. And he is an outspoken voice. Calling for impeachment of the president not only about the Moeller investigation but also about other things that the president has done its. Not a little world a political question. It's a moral man. It's not a decision. It is as a duty. It is our job. And it is high time we do it. Not become bystanders who were okay. It's really well being with courage and do what's right. Thank you for joining us congressman the Muller testimony got to leave this week. But it seems like a lot of the error has come out of that balloon do you think so has the country lost interest to not. All I don't know but I don't care because we. Spend too much time in this party debating the politics of impeachment. When the laws very clear and our constitutional duty. It's clear. This is a debate that we need to act because it simply the right thing to do. And that's why I voted portly back in December 2070 before any other candidate in this presidential race. Because at some point we just have to recognize that doing the right saying it matters more the polls or politics. Even notice that during the two democratic debates a couple weeks ago. Impeachment and Mueller were hardly mentioned it it it almost was an afterthought. Why is that. Well I think it's a mistake but I think it's because there are people are party who are afraid. Did to pursue this they're worried that the politics may be against the Serb money they make it more difficult to win in 20/20. But the way I look at it if I swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. But the politics of my party and Mueller has made it very clear that we have a constitutional duty. To pursue this person pursue impeachment. And and I actually think the politics now have shifted so one when I first voted for this back in December 2017. I wrote a vote explanation that's. The politics are tough depriving his core I wish we had more information but simply based on the merits of the case this is the right thing to do. Now I think the politics are actually shifting in our favor. And more and more Democrats are shifting toward having this debate on impeachment. Dan then ever before know and shifting in the other direction. Qaeda colleagues on Capitol Hill who are. Who are working to minimize but they're moving in my direction not await and I think that having this debate the or the American people. Will expose a lot of probably do it. Congressman let me just let's focus on next week when Bob Mueller is going to come up to the hill he has said that his testimony will not go beyond. The 400 plus page report that he submitted at the conclusion of his 22 month investigation. What do you feel I know you're not on those committees but. For your colleagues that are going to be there and have the opportunity to question the special counsel. What do you feel are the areas that be your colleagues that are not pushing for impeaching yet that being mean T hear more about from Bob Mueller. Well I feel like anyone who simply read the executive summary of the Muller reports. It can be easily convinced that this is. As debate that we need. In congress. I don't expect Mueller to say anything hasn't had the in his report. But too few Americans have let it I don't think most of my colleagues it even read it. Have you read the full report congressman. I have I haven't read every single up footnote but. And it literally every word but yet. I've read the report and it's clear. That what Robert Mueller has done is. Conduct its investigation but come to the conclusion that you can't prosecute. Because he'd make it very clear the constitution says that the way the prosecutor president this through impeachment. That's what we have to delete laid up on a platter. And I imagine that this hearing will be much like his press conference from a few weeks ago. When he got up before the American people and actually didn't say anything that wasn't already in the report. But to many Americans it was news news because they haven't read the report and a lot of the news hasn't been accurately reported. I'm curious when when when Mueller sits down what do you want. If if you think the American people who are not fully. Familiar with the report. Need to hear something what is it that that stood out to you that you think they need to hear from him. Oh well. Very detailed accounts of obstruction of justice. And that's probably the most glaring charge. Mueller makes it quite clear should be debated at impeachment hearings. But to me to eat most important unmistakable conclusion of the report. Is that Russia. Wanted one of trouble if the president. And every American whether you're the most ardent trump supporter or the biggest foreign hater. Every American should want to know why Vladimir Putin and Russia wanted this guy elected president. But the national security issue. It's a in the democratic security issue it it to its initiative that that they could affect all of oral had and we don't know why. Congressman did you also as I said before in the beginning you also have called. For the president to be impeached about other issues including most recently with the allegations of Jean Carol you know where she claims that she was raped by president trump. At Bergdorf Goodman. Do you believe he should be impeached for that. I believe we should have been hearing food is determined that one way or the other thing that's you know convince people get confused by what you mean by I'll be impeached right. Congress does two things we debate they would only vote on them. I'm not saying that balance the rights and have a vote on impeachment but we absolutely need to start impeachment proceedings that's long over two. And one of the things that come up when you know you opening here Angel got you you can you can investigate a range of issues. That's what happened. When Nixon was was investigated. Day. Raise issues that they didn't realize at first were. Where we're going on but having that debate before congress and the American people. In the responsibility that we have. The House of Representatives and other Democratic Party leading. And I don't know why are our leaders are so afraid of. Kyra I wanna switch gears with you just because you said about her earlier how impeachment proceedings a Lal. For different access for congress right announcing the vote you're seeing just the actual investigation so one of the things. That impeachment would allow. On that so far the trump White House has been able to block from members of congress is testimony right we've seen the -- administration to block certain members the administration cleaning presidential. Privilege claiming executive privilege to not allow people to go and face the various committees like judiciary and oversight that are doing these probes. If impeachment happens and if these proceedings he do you start moving forward that does open those floodgates you can call whomever you want to a degree. Who do you want to see testify before congress that this administration has block so far. Everybody could be in the administration has block should be kept the art. By. The usual number I think that. Oh I don't know who my number one it is but I do you think that. The most serious charges here the national security charges. Where trump in danger to national security of our country. By playing into what Russia has been trying to do and supporters. Campaign in his presidency. And so I want to hear from more national security professionals in the United States to explain it. What is going on between trump and Russia. Why. Does trump believed Vladimir crude and over every American intelligence agency. Why did he do blushes bidding and not the bidding of his military advisors. Those are the most serious charges. I think they've. We talk a lot about obstruction of justice and rightly so. The charred almost since precedent is dereliction of duty by the commander in chief the United States is failing stand up to Russia and keep the state. All right congressman thank you very much for joining us so I appreciate it we'll take a quick break. Welcome back to the investigation I'm joined here by Matt mosque and Johnson to cheek. The two believe reporters on the trump investigation and he you know we heard congressman molten there kind of describe what that is perhaps the more Liberal Party line of the Democratic Party people who really want impeachment but. You know. He really didn't answer my question when I said that is that the wind out of the sails I mean. It's not an issue on the campaign trail it didn't if it wasn't barely mentioned. During the debate. Then I mean Chris I think wait you're capturing as the real challenge. Now further people who have followed this investigation from the beginning I mean the Muller report is a very serious. And and deeply deeply research investigation and and now what we're dealing with is say. A political food fight really on Capitol Hill where where I think the public naturally loses interest when they see something like this devolve. And the fact the matter is that okay if people nags hill. Bob mall is gonna test Thai people be clued in. He's testifying Bolton now allegedly July 24 we've been delayed delayed delayed so now we're gonna have a testimony on a Wednesday ended dead heat of summer. No one's going to be focusing in on that right now I mean if you really want people to tune into this you wanna do in the pure people are actually in the police to pay attention number one number two. And molten admitted to his credit. Mueller has said again and again. Nothing is gonna go beyond my report. So for the people that may be not read the report fine but I think it's gonna be what's the shark sure of that hearing. Are the Democrats they have a plan to get certain things out there that they feel are important but then you have to think about what the Republicans like Jim Jordan others are gonna do. Too distracted traits he credibility away from Bob Mueller. During that is testing and. And not to mention a Bob Mueller although an has that had a distinguished. Honorable career he is not. A dynamic. Orator and if it's not going to be riveting television combative TV it's going to be. Soft spoken. Reasons. I refer to page 232. Of my report that he's innocent flipping the pages EF 452. Turns during. The hearing and that's where it could really blow up I think from the Democrats face because. He's not gonna take a side on either side and he's just gonna repeat himself over and over. I will play devil's advocate for 12 anatomy I think that there are. That the potential. Is there for Bob Mueller to reveal some of the inner workings. For example we know he wrote the a letter to the attorney general. Raising concerns about the attorney general's executive summary and the politics involved in that we know there's still a lot of unanswered questions about. What was the exact decision making process on obstruction and whether or not the president could be. Prosecuted. For any thing. And I think there's at least an open door for Mueller to shed light on those portions of things. That you know and I'm those questions we still don't see answerable I. I think if there's two things that he would go there aren't your point I think that if he actually tries to explain. Is he referring. His report to congress to start impeachment proceedings or how does he advise congress to move forward now he does something like that that actually moves this false. Follow word. Re winning Sunnyvale he came very close yeah doing that in the report itself where there are there's language that essentially alludes to the idea that it is now congress' responsibility not the executive responsibility. If there are charges to be pursued against the president. There's certainly opportunity friendship right so I'm much your point he alludes if he goes you know. Either getting at a gray going black or white I think that would move things forward the other thing that I think we glories. He says or few Soros yes I believe there should be impeachment right right I mean he just says adding that would be be a moment. But the other thing that I think would be interest thing if he would do it I dowdy would. But remember at in that executive conclusion of the report after we actually all jittery it we read the footnotes to. He does say he's office referred other cases to twelve. Twelve plus cases to other jurisdictions. If he gives any sense as to what those investigations are where are they a are they here in DC are they up in the southern district New York. That would also give some lines to congress to see where the bread crumbs led after Bob Muller Klose. John or are those investigations. In in any payroll. From the political influences the administration and the new attorney general. Well I think it's going to be at least interest thing if not excited and let's leave it at that and remember to hit subscribing give us a five star rating I want to thank Trevor Hastings and chairman Crawford. And we'll be back next week for another episode of the invest fiction.

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{"duration":"14:42","description":"Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., told \"The Investigation,\" \"We spend too much time in this party debating the politics of impeachment, when the law is very clear and our constitutional duty is clear.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64365701","title":"Presidential candidate on why he's ratcheting up calls for Trump impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-candidate-ratcheting-calls-trump-impeachment-64365701"}