Mitt Romney Must 'Channel Disappointment, Not Anger'

ABC News political analyst Rick Klein discusses challenges facing President Obama, Romney.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Must 'Channel Disappointment, Not Anger'
Let's turn out -- ABC's Rick Klein can walk us through personal of the evening demanding thanks for joining us here. You don't walk us through this sort of accord David Muir talked about this a little bit -- can give us the nuts and bolts of the choreography of the evening. Story now this is this is a -- debate -- -- that it is reassessing. Lights and sponsors and all kinds of crazy things happen in the ways -- -- candidates when I was up. None of that tonight or very little actually Jim Lehrer the moderator he gets ninety minutes played with here in the debate is bite. Rules of the Commission on Presidential Debates is split the fifteen minute segments of the six different topics actually three of them -- the economy you can believe that that's -- -- has chosen it. Inside each one of these segments -- to have an opportunity for some real interaction with the candidates -- two minute opening statement for each of the candidates. And then. All that's all those guys can interact with each other -- -- -- -- in question each other. They can probe they can probably can talk over each other's going to be elected gentler to mediate what could -- -- pretty -- What you to think. As as political experts what do you -- think the potential is for real sharp direction. I think it's inevitable I think it has to happen -- -- other reason Mitt Romney needs to make a splash and I think. He knows he's got an opportunity and this is his biggest and best opportunity to make the case directly to President Obama he goes no one's really seen that. So his chance that even expressed that usually I'm out there standing toe to toe with the president challenged. -- and -- did that during the debate that -- it during the for primary debates he got very when he was up on the ropes. He got very specific he got very aggressive and he was not afraid to go out there and really you know put his. Whenever -- -- for -- -- whatever he needed to put forward. Some of the other candidates. Shied away in those moments -- we saw candidates who are at one point the front runner. Rick Perry obviously had his stumbles -- had that with Michelle Bachmann with Rick Santorum they all stumbled in those debates when the bright light -- -- what was shining on them. Not so -- not not so much for Mitt Romney. We have to clutch players on the stage -- -- let me just get back to the tricky balance for Mitt Romney because on the one hand is all this talk about his need to connect. -- have a real human moment at the same. At the same time -- under enormous pressure from his fellow Republicans to draw sharp contrast and let me just read to you Everett -- -- earlier this is my favorite quote perhaps of all time for any political pundit ever. Is from a Republican strategist but it -- -- -- but who says that Romney has to be quote like mr. Rodgers with a knife under his cardigan. Any truth ICC. -- according. Actual sort of works you know what whatever weapon he wants the wheels underneath they'll ask about. That but it's a tricky -- of courts as it is for -- one but I. I also don't think we're not dealing with a Mitt Romney who is -- you know America publicly -- -- -- -- -- Cover of magazines and newspapers something about the guy before so it's not like this -- -- first introduction. But I think this is the time contrasts you know it's interesting talking probably vote for months and months and months they maintain. This election a referendum on the president. Well -- what if that was the case they lost because this election hasn't -- -- -- the economy they have the changes into a choice between two candidates that as a tacit. Admission that there original strategy wasn't working. This change in strategy that is so important that the need to present what -- -- do differently in the context of what the other -- doing wrong tell present quality space what what's not -- about its policies. But then present himself I think to actually match up. Quite well for them. Well and tell us a little bit though about the style here that you expect there's we've been talking about this for -- while the fact that. You're gonna get a lot of people tuning in especially for those first 1015 maybe thirty minutes and then they may wander right after that so. How do you hold someone in. In that. First five minutes without looking like you're over anxious over aggressive. Yeah I would I be telling that run channel will this appointment not anger because that's the mood of public right now at least the public that's persuade able in this election they don't hate President Obama they're not angry about President Obama is disappointed in President Obama you saw. Touches of this at the convention a couple of weeks ago where they talked about. How the yes we went we -- the country to get better but you know what didn't work out that's the -- that it -- hasn't -- tonight. And -- the balance of this campaign -- do you think I think he's for four years it didn't work out the week. Everyone hoped that it would. -- -- -- --

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{"id":17390232,"title":"Mitt Romney Must 'Channel Disappointment, Not Anger'","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News political analyst Rick Klein discusses challenges facing President Obama, Romney.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-2012-mitt-romney-channel-disappointment-anger-17390232","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}