Mitt Romney's Campaign 'Not Gloating' About First Debate

Yahoo's Holly Bailey discusses the candidates' attitudes and plans going into the town hall debate.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's Campaign 'Not Gloating' About First Debate
Let's go to Holly Bailey now she's Yahoo! News political reporter holly. Is that the Long Island -- in the spin room. -- -- -- being with us we appreciate it and give us has sent seven what you're looking -- next. Well you know already I would know one thing that's been happening here is about four hours ahead of the debate. They Obama team was party -- reporters -- -- -- I was telling people I've never seen a campaign manager. Coming -- -- been ran ahead of a debate. I'm -- you know walk through the spin room and was -- trying to -- about a Graham poll showing that Romney gaining. On a bomb that in Ohio and Wisconsin in places like that and that was followed up by John Kerry and so. It's been pretty busy more busy in the spin room -- expected. Ahead of the debate. And what's looted from the Romney campaign compare that to where -- two weeks ago at this point. Well you know they aren't a smiling going -- last -- debate and there are all in good spirits going into tonight's debate. I'm really they haven't really been catching Mitt Romney any differently than they did last week. Part two weeks ago I mean. You know they've really been focusing on his body language and really making show that he is gonna come across as comfortable and confident on stage. He's done a lot of town halls but you know in this town halls. You know he's pretty -- -- sort of going back and forth between the voters -- he's had a lot of effort moments and there -- really trying to avoid him sort of having another awkward moment. Comments he's had in you know they for example -- I would state fair two years ago and he. Made you know the comment that corporations are people there really trying to work on that make -- that he has a night that's you know him comfortable and confident as he was in Denver. So holly coming out of the conventions the the Obama folks were saying that -- they would probably get a -- but in the polls but that it would be a sugar high that would dissipate. You know I was I was out with the -- folks in Florida a little while back in -- move was just few -- Do they do they really believe this Bob they think this is it an -- they've got the momentum and or or are they trying to tamp down expectations a little bit. I think you know there's sort of a mixture they are you know not -- to. You know sit around and glib about it you know last week Kevin Madden -- senior advisor to -- -- on the on the campaign plan basically was like you know look. We're excited about the polls were excited about you know that shows us having -- -- but we're gonna continue to work really hard because we know that. Sometimes this can -- and so that's really really what -- at a -- it is. -- into the night and then going into next week's debate as. I'll -- you -- a fascinating article on Yahoo! today about. How what have. How granular. Mitt Romney gets in terms of managing his own campaign he's expand on that a little bit for the people on our audience. Well basically Everett -- looking at Romney answered of his very very hands on role in the campaign. A lot of candidates sometimes sort of leave it up to their advisors and sort of way and that -- really. And spite of what he has said in the publicly. Has a very active role he writes a lot of his own speeches he goes -- wording and it adds he's really in touch with what the ground -- -- ground game is data today. And the campaign has repeatedly said -- he's not stuck in the weeds but there's been some concerns among Republicans who worry that he's. Getting to stuck in the weeds. -- basically it's he's trying to sort of you know some people come. Basically call -- the chief decider of the campaign. And you know he's really been focused. On it really nit -- things that you had that's sort of surprising for Canada it makes sense -- given that he -- CEO pregnancies doing that and yet disintegrated -- -- -- civilians as possible. Don't -- strength. -- -- so -- how does that actually work on the campaign and he did he write he gets very granular but he also has a very tight knit circle. -- I mean it's not like he's going down. He's going on -- asking for advice from. Tens of thousands of people he's looking to do or three people to check in. Right yes you know he's very much delegated. You know a lot of his campaign -- he does as -- -- -- a very tight circle. And a lot of these people have you know been predicting -- -- to that a lot of stories lately talking about campaign shakeups. And whether you know some of his senior advisors like Stuart Stevens would be on the way out but they have stuck around they've really he step aside and they stuck with -- and if there's and fighting they really downplay it. You know what that's again it's interesting you know Romney is a guy that sort of -- being capitol focused on sort of turning around. Companies and -- focusing on the nit -- details -- in some ways really done that with his own campaign. You know people I've talked to there's obviously been -- a difference in Romney's message the last two weeks. -- started talking -- -- about these personal stories of people he's mad. And really try to offer a softer side. And people close the campaign Tommy that that was his decision he was someone the decided that he wanted to start doing that. -- we appreciate it we'll see you after the debate.

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{"id":17494299,"title":"Mitt Romney's Campaign 'Not Gloating' About First Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo's Holly Bailey discusses the candidates' attitudes and plans going into the town hall debate.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-2012-mitt-romneys-campaign-gloating-debate-17494299","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}