Candy Crowley Reins In Obama, Romney

CNN's chief political correspondent served as debate moderator at Hofstra University.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Candy Crowley Reins In Obama, Romney
Gentlemen thank you both for joining us here tonight we have -- lot of folks have been waiting all day that talk is not want to get right to it. And governor Romney they'll be plenty of chances -- -- I -- that all these belly tiles let you at Detroit answer and the rest I answer I. I got the mark okay -- ill will you've certainly we'll have lots of time -- coming up. I guess I got a movie don't even in the first question he actually got to actually get the first question so I get the last question at last answered only in the follow up it doesn't quite work out that I'm -- you view it a chance here. I promise you I'm going to him. And the governor I got that I -- add oddly absent to have you both and I understand -- here right next via boat view but. I we'll get run out and I -- all right and I justice helping distressed that I just described you precisely how I do -- that's what this a single number that people can put. And they can put their their their deductions credits and that I got -- that you're while keeping track -- issue. I'd I don't believe it's okay I don't believe lecturer are talking birds or at that time the time keepers are all working on how you that the last art. It's it's it's that for the -- you to talk to -- -- -- -- -- orders -- but go ahead and use this two minute -- -- -- commitment on the let let's speak to if you -- -- governor the idea of self deportation. But they'll let let let me go back and speak to the points that the president made and and and let's get the correct -- Paul the second the like I'm -- Mr. President -- -- speaking on. Fathi. Missed this doesn't look around finish. And -- -- -- and -- I -- hesitant to get short. See all these people they've been waiting now we could just academic or -- Austria Croatia where I don't China optimistic predominantly rural rural heartland -- completely off. About it. Have a break and we I don't -- -- -- I make sure -- it that around I think Q a the president fourteen days before he called the attack and then gutsy. An actor get the transfer it if he didn't and facts are so let me let me eat it Colin act that -- -- -- candidate -- -- He did -- active terror it did as well. Take it it is well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of their being a -- out there about this tape. To come out your -- this that. Administration the administration. Indicated that this was say -- reaction to a to a video it was a spontaneous reaction. Now Mr. President I have to I have to move you along here that you want -- hill doing it'll -- do it here just once not once because this is important question was asked if you're presently -- -- here is to widen I need to move on -- Christian has gotten so let me let me this will make during the and other terms of whether or not we can move this economy forward for these young I understand and reduce our -- OK thank you so much it comes to it and let's say I thank the -- -- -- for their hot under the offering university for their hospitality.

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{"id":17496467,"title":"Candy Crowley Reins In Obama, Romney","duration":"3:00","description":"CNN's chief political correspondent served as debate moderator at Hofstra University.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-candy-crowley-reins-obama-romney-17496467","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}