Tom Ridge on Second Presidential Debate: Romney Consistently Strong

Former Secretary of Homeland Security discusses Obama, Romney's performance.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Tom Ridge on Second Presidential Debate: Romney Consistently Strong
So the unique conventional wisdom and I have used that phrase -- twice. I apologize that I think imagine it was in the CB Kelso -- around this notion that. The president. Change the dynamic changed his demeanor had a good night and that the comeback narrative may now start to be written. How do you respond to back. -- saw anybody that thought that President Obama needed a second the date to show how. Brady is on his feet to haven't watched him over the past three and a half years so. I don't think you get any credit for doing the job did you shoot it down the first time around. Obviously -- -- fairly partisan point of view that but the fact of the matter is he's always been good on his -- And that frankly had he been better on his feet in response to be a competitive environment -- the challenges that governor Romney in the first time. They wouldn't been spending the past week and a -- talking about altitude. Lack of preparation -- Jim -- -- -- I didn't have to watch this debate to know how strong demand that President Obama is when he's on his -- addressing a crowd is very good that. OK but before this debate this was -- Mitt Romney momentum that was the story. He's in the headline tomorrow that Obama takes this race back. Well documented -- -- Of course I -- Is as if he's. If at all you get it if you get credit for doing what you should have done the first time around I don't see how that is necessarily anything. That in putting you back into the game in making that clear debate even more important. I mean I think governor Romney was consistently strong in both debates. He had -- more opportunity this time around to articulate and spend more time on his vision for the next four years President Obama had the same opportunity that look. If you took a contrast. -- style points about it pretty well regarded style points. But whose vision I mean I got a sense from President Obama that he's we're gonna have comprehensive. Deficit reduction comprehensive immigration reform comprehensive energy policy blah blah -- the next four years but Mr. President. The first four -- not OJT. You have how she had descended what happened and I think governor Romney is articulation of both his business experience. His his decision making resonate. Private sector public sector Olympics and the fact he's willing to take these problems on I think. He's in the the edge on substance. Tom Ridge. -- thank you very much one I really appreciate your time Tom -- joining us from the spin room tonight.

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{"id":17496578,"title":"Tom Ridge on Second Presidential Debate: Romney Consistently Strong","duration":"3:00","description":"Former Secretary of Homeland Security discusses Obama, Romney's performance.","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-fact-check-tom-ridge-presidential-debate-17496578","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}