Obama on Romney's 'Biggest Whopper'

Romney's 'Biggest Whopper?'
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for Obama on Romney's 'Biggest Whopper'
The clock is -- Felt what we're not going to allow Iran to perpetually. Engaged in negotiations that lead -- I've been very clear to them. -- because of the intelligence coordination that we do with a range of countries including Israel we have a sense of when they would get break out capacity. Which means that we would not be able to intervene in time to stop their nuclear program. And that caucus ticket order to make sure that. If they do not meet. The demands of the international. Then we are going to take all options necessary to make sure they don't have a nuclear governor. One of the challenges we've had with Iran is that they have looked at this administration and and felt that the administration was not as strong as it needed to be. I think they saw weakness. Where they had expected to find American strength and I say that because from the very beginning the president -- campaign some four years ago city meet with all the world's worst actors in this first year. They did sit down with Chavez and Kim Jong ill with I Castro and with that with president Ahmadinejad. Of Iran. And and I think they looked and thought well that's an unusual. Honored to receive from the president of the United States and then the president began what I'm called an apology tour. I'm going to do various nations in the Middle East and and criticizing America I think -- at that and saw weakness. Nothing -- governor Romney just said a stroke. Starting -- this notion of me apologizing that this has been. Probably the biggest whopper that's been told during the course of this campaign Everett fact checker and every reporters looked at a governor has said this is not true.

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{"id":17539778,"title":"Obama on Romney's 'Biggest Whopper'","duration":"3:00","description":"Romney's 'Biggest Whopper?'","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-debate-obama-romneys-biggest-whopper-17539778","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}