Preview of President Obama's Farewell Address

LZ Granderson walks McCormick Place and talks about what to expect from tonight's address.
11:09 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Preview of President Obama's Farewell Address
This goofy granderson didn't see unite here in Chicago in the former employees located just on Friday. Who sells itself. Stars are familiar he should just go home be adopted home personal. Please bring you decided. To say goodbye to have Chicago's most we've responded to unlike the tournament didn't use personal Obama. This newly. Do you every year so you think tonight. No audience will be more important struggles history and disease history. Obama was saying about. Perhaps the U later. There's no indication reaping the do the workers made him famous tune with our first car. Organizing your different sense your help to problems. Having been supported president. Not quite sure how to give you this is my understanding. Yeah you know handed out Saturday morning. Where there are thousands lined up in street single digit weather just get a single ticket Norris beat president. The personal problems farewells. Has been mentioned. Known primarily for. If there's any place. Here's. Trying to address. Disperse here. Murder. Decades. Can you please you want to catch its third term he will. Chicago. The radio line for hundreds of security doesn't need you all over the world. Which are his friends. There's no bombs. Didn't really work hard this right. Directly tonight straight season there's at least your bed tonight. Pretty much like there's talk. Don't be surprised yeah. Clear street. It's invisible to be crazy but this will experience like 43 degrees outside the rain is coming down its most recent. You turn forty pounds. Yeah. And rose cardinal. Women were dressed in nine big. It's. As for me. Overcast it's. There you know. It wasn't beautiful at all. Registering why. Secret lives of their president and so. What's inside. It's. You bring. We're Baghdad. People have its. Spare. That's okay. Sad news. Confirmation started. Haven't. Jeff Sessions. First everywhere. It's. It's Brewster. These birds don't speaking. First it's an attorney general's. Just released had a problem. You that is worse years than. Video the neighborhood. This bill. State issues its dressing we respect greatly organized hundreds. When you hear that criticism of course after. Large numbers. He was only really. Petersburg and zero. I wouldn't mind. Fifty ministries are currently zero problems voted to kill. I believe he's. And our. This dude is crazy media downstairs. Are still trying to make every room over into the hedge. Over personal experience it's for her rich for the broke. Do this raises. Healthier. You can certainly say it is. More importantly. At least nine days. All right over my left this season getting darker and darker unfortunately desperately people are those that stood in line were always followers. Freezing there that are here are their arms over to bring yourself. There are several rows of chairs. Facing the podium where president. Obama's words. They are significantly you. Far away from the VIP here you Rick. City officials national figures would be I made several. Emails calls and emails from the closely connected to the Obama administration sources that I used. Lost 78 years he's been in office. And ask you know your records speak with the actors featured much to my surprise. Many of them decided. Knocks Carl. I'm I was told by one it really just wanted to have his moments of themselves and the cold beer. I'm not sure there's going to be here on CN producer and repeat. Percent of people are humble little celebration. Becomes obvious that could present problems going people those who were. Also talked about the fact that they wanted this opportunity to say thank you because they do remember what the remember. The jobs every month. Police didn't. It would it was right in which you had to be positive to serve in the military. Victory for the wars and all the men and women was. They remember what these fresh. Before this administration and lobby concerning having conversation about reverend. So much but we're here today. There's said but he also want to say thank you for all the change. Hope this is it did leave it. Personally I was able to get married. During the time the administration has really hurt you webinars Chris Caldwell. Proven record will be changing malls there are not and we are you with his usually. It's a high rise residential computing head of the conversation he wrote in an interview nonetheless these ascendancy after it happened it hurt. Supporters but why didn't want to say thank you. Here we are in you media section. We. Probably have the right whose dirt cameras. Personable and will be coming to save. There will see you later okay pictures. Gamble. Paper. Obviously do designated for the VIPs reserve expecting. Some. Democratic party's biggest names to me to present here. I don't own bedroom has to. Of Vermont running annual. His first administration. And bear arms. And again just got that from writing Jay received rookie. Supporters who greeted him he. Also here he would receive an offer totals from. Your ministry sort of past eight years to Lombard streets all right. Some are happy moments Russell. Followed suit. Or one of my favorites is President Obama sitting on the bench. This whole musical where's Waldo school. Provides. Takes over to. Deepest sadness and well. Chicago's favorite son. Will you be so much relief. We're here to see accomplished during his eight years president emeritus. Yeah. Old friends.

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{"duration":"11:09","description":"LZ Granderson walks McCormick Place and talks about what to expect from tonight's address.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44691554","title":"Preview of President Obama's Farewell Address","url":"/Politics/video/preview-president-obamas-farewell-address-44691554"}