New Website Aims to Fact Check Campaign Ads

Founder Kathleen Jamieson says will monitor ads and media.
3:00 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Website Aims to Fact Check Campaign Ads
We're joined by Kathleen Hall Jamieson she's with the -- fact -- brute fact check. Dot org and professor Jamieson. -- tells little bit about your group putting guys in -- do and in the in the coming election. A fact checked out -- is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center University of Pennsylvania which I direct. And were opening a second site as a distant cousin sites third cousin once removed from fact -- which were calling slack -- dot org. In 2012 we're previewing -- Monday with take downs of what we call the five worst -- of twenty tan and the worst web video 2011. We'll also be with the units -- visual parity so we'll be trying to make fun of the deceptions and -- -- while fact check dot org and the other wonderful fact checking sites. Are taking -- down in more traditional print form. As starting in January will launch an attack campaign against Abraham Lincoln an 1864. Using the consulting techniques of contemporary politics. And show you for example how easy it would be to destroy the reputation of arguably the nation's best president. Using those techniques and then finally we're going to be watching news segments like the one that you just produced. So when a news segment airs an ad just out enhance irresistible to news. But doesn't focus on whether any inaccuracies and it. We're going to be clocking up the amount of free air time that you've given for each of those candidates for each of the networks on the Sunday talk shows. And we're going to be pointing out where -- -- deception and got through your news and -- -- as a result and hence she may have done a disservice to your viewers. The professor Jamison let's talk about how you distinguish them between ads and web videos it seems like these days. You can't swing a dead cat without getting something on YouTube that either campaign or an outside group put forward. So how on earth can you guys keep up with this. And what what really is the bar here is this just looking specifically at candidates is is that outside groups -- a -- viral videos that maybe you don't know who put them out there. We're going to be trying to focus on those things most likely to have influence and we're going to try as you try it's a dilemma for all of us. Not to give access and air time to things that are created simply to manipulate the public through free access we know that when things are more controversial. When they're funny. When they use visually evocative an interesting images they're far more likely to filter into the news talk an opinion talk. On and be on critically analyze and also do that without getting any -- time -- in behind them that means they get their impact on voters through news coverage not -- actually -- And we're gonna try not to take that -- But once we see news starting to cover and we see evidence that there is potential impact even if it's only as a result of that airing. It's gonna come into our field and we're going to try to see if we can do something funny by way of pointing out where the deceptions are here to try to keep most focused on what really matters. But the candidates stamps are on issues. And what the accurate representation are the similarities and differences among them. How are you gonna have drug the line for yourself you guys are going to be funny and -- going to be. Parity -- aren't you -- into the same traps that some of the news organizations are gonna punch him. We're hoping that we can be funny and focus on the deception -- the same time. So this isn't going to be funny for the sake of funny. At one of the test is going to be. Our academics capable of being funny anything. So that's our first challenge and the second is that. Unlike comedians writ large who can just to simply take on anything they want and aren't worried about whether in the process they might leave a false impression. We're going to be trying to focus on the same deceptions that are fact check site tactic or at -- a fact -- -- -- as opposed to focusing on. But also get -- the -- a way to visually reinforces the -- in the correction it's a hard task I don't know if we're gonna succeeding. Definitely it is an example -- unable to tell -- they were on the right track. -- all right thank you professor Jamieson. Always funny we think.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Founder Kathleen Jamieson says will monitor ads and media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14867514","title":"New Website Aims to Fact Check Campaign Ads","url":"/Politics/video/project-aims-fact-check-campaign-ads-14867514"}