Protesters Escorted Out by Police at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Several people were removed after disrupting the attorney general confirmation hearing.
10:26 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Protesters Escorted Out by Police at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing
I need a kid I liked science and me I just excited I've been hearing room where senator Jeff Sessions. Confirmation hearing underway just down the hallway right behind me it actually senator Jeff Sessions office and right now there's a thin. That's going on you can see there started seeing it takes some of these protesters. Out of the office and he capitol police walking in right now and these people have been here things happened ten minutes. It's in protest against senator Jeff Sessions his. Confirmation hearing is literally just around the corner underway right now so right now if we can and have Gary don't win a little that you can see some of these. Protesters you ask pointed out. A. I. And the hearings been underway now for 45 minutes that we are patents when protesters. Both in the hearing room as well I have what you're seeing right now and senators question ha ha. Yeah. Blood. To use just gotten a few others being escorted out also earlier I've today even before the hearing got started. There are worse than men dressed in kkk outfits who were escorted. Out of the hearing room shouting senator Jeff Sessions will name calling him a reassessing that we don't need your Reese's attorney general. Just a little while ago there also in the hearing room there were some cool he protesters. Two. Were brought out and we see capitol police is continuing to go when they're still if you want people that appear to be sitting in office. And it's. Little. And now we're actually walked down the hallway at. More protesters coming out of the hearing had. Glad you see it's kind of developing people. Party clean up the third protest for the can take it. And now. Will be escorted outside of Jennifer. They are a little bit. Pathways. Ten field a book at him to put an where senator Jeff Johnson's opposite it's right. What if pop around. It. But I definitely this is right here. And then just over here it. Around the corner is where at the hearing is going on so we're seeing right now protesters in both areas. Right now we have another protester brought out some professions. And it is just something that's probably didn't. Throughout the day now one expects a theory that. I will be taking center stage at art is its protesters is Jeff Sessions civil rights record. And a lot of people have concerns about where he stands on race issues tomorrow we're actually this is something pretty unprecedented when we see senator. Congressman John Lewis about its icon Andy head of the Congressional Black Caucus congressman Cedric Richmond. Will be testifying against senator sessions this is something we don't see very often is a senator testifying against a senator. As their own colleague in a confirmation hearing now before senator sessions is about to take. A Pakistan right now and it was shortly to offer his testimony he is actually introduced my two senators. Who support him to have senator Collins a moderate Republican. I mean who doesn't agree with him on everything but she did come out he had offered for support for him so. This India tomorrow what's the theory tomorrow with the testimony of senator Hillary Booker in the congressman's can be veering into seeing an unprecedented moment to watch and bring my colleague. Josh Haskell that kind of saw some of these protesters on the while ago inside the hearing si SE coat pink protest are they shouting we're over here. In senator Thompson's office but people who are sitting and economists. Will this was. To be a moment of course for people but no senator sessions well to speak on his behalf senator Shelby from Alabama. Senator Collins and it just did not go as planned because they continued to be interrupted I would say every three minutes. Code pink with laugh it some of the compliments that work. Given towards senator sessions and then. It got to the point that. Capitol police had to take out that code pink protestor and physically remove her against her will and she was shouting. Senator sessions evil his voting record is evil and we followed that protestor out and then. Join you here for this city and and while that was going on there were three more in eruptions inside kkk protests. Protesters who were. Associating senator sessions with the kkk. In erupting I saw as many as four were taken out the last five minutes so it looks like roughly around ten. Protesters so far different cases it the office. Inside of course senator sessions hosted just sat down in the chair about five minutes ago sell his hearing off to a rocky start statements. This is something it's not completely unusable. A lot of contentious hearings we often see a code pink brings protesters other parts would bring protesters and this is just this. Start of the confirmation hearings and Jeff senator Jeff Sessions as the very first nominee. He's facing a hearing later today Iran had general John Kelly who is trounced pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security. He's gonna have a hearing tomorrow we'll have wrecked cars and factories the nominee in total I think there's. Ten hearings. This week. 48. Nominees over three games and so there's going to be a lot more. And rumors of him wanting it also struck me is and I wanted to viewers to know this. Obviously this the United States protest but welcome the code pink protesters they're not hiding. They heard trusting code pink that would include opening acts along with some of the other groups are not trying to plunged in and they are allowed to be there until they. Make it disruption. In Iraq someone's testimony or lack. When senator Shelby was Jeff Sessions. So if you go in there that there is you know many members of the public and they receive rove about six. Code pink protesters wearing those pounds I'm and they're still about six in them. In there and you can just imagine the state goes on in the hear things that bother them. On how will they stay quiet so yes we're kicking off with some protests have been surprised me is something that goes on for the rest of. Day and for those of you who are joining us at home and maybe haven't been to a congressional hearing before we're just the kind of turn around right now to see you can see. Which are limited in in where we can tell but this is it's a very crowded space crowded hallway. Just to the last as we're at the hearing room actually is but as you can see there's plenty of media. As well as people we're just coming to see the hearing just trying to be a feel as team what happens here on Capitol Hill where some of these hearings. And we're trying and that makes it enough space people can can walk by. But as sir and I I see that. Night that. You. Room. It breaks here appeared imminent. This meant that. Some. Very muscle from Alabama. From Hilton Alabama had two comedic talent as an assistant. Rosenbaum 2000 six's without cute babies with the actress. Stickball. Count leave him with expect people whose rights on the one that England. The most predictable Susan jails in Alabama state of Alabama and he was opposed to that. Also had encounters with whom whom was he appears to be believed in redemption I wouldn't be opposed to people who have that voting rights ECB wounds in his bid would be to give him but he believes they have prisoners until vehicles about him that. It is there something that he could say today in this hearing that could change your mind. As two why he you don't support. Something to say that the trade Lamotte. If he was if you know they actually early in the media you know what will be the question I was actually in that question would be have you been in the and have you changed your mind and teaching to haul have you changes behavior and we do changeable in practices against minorities. And black people. You know if he could tell those days he denounces what he has done holding practices that he is split. If he could denounced his connections with in white supremacist racist. That he would denounce his standings. On some of those things every oppressive on immigrants in those in the month month. In that might make you consider things mama. Other than that moment. The statement a statement that sent a viewpoint that's shared by. What we've seen here. I've today as as we talked about earlier. Back in the 1980s senator Jeff Sessions I was actually nominated for a federal judgeship and some of these issues. Came. Where's people disagree with what he had potentially sad. To some people allege that he called and at least an American at the time he said he didn't say that that he key defendant himself. I'm but these are all questions that are gonna keep continuing to come up. Throughout the day so stay tuned to us here and ABC news dot com's Wallace on our FaceBook pages or we'll have more kind of the scene that's happening. As senator Jeff Sessions. Confirmation hearing for attorney general is under way.

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{"duration":"10:26","description":"Several people were removed after disrupting the attorney general confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44679762","title":"Protesters Escorted Out by Police at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-escorted-police-jeff-sessions-confirmation-hearing-44679762"}