Protesters Escorted Out of Sen. Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

ABC News' Arlette Saenz tells us what to expect during Sen. Jeff Sessions' attorney general hearing.
3:07 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protesters Escorted Out of Sen. Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing
We're gonna be here can you that perspective and insight at the hearing continues. We also look fat in this field giving us live coverage on the ground and Josh Haskell I believe is outside the hearing room. Where they first making here is going to take place got tossed was going on there right now. Saw my people are starting to arrive of course were in the Russell rotunda. And right down from the hearing room is Jeff Sessions office so reporters are kind of staking out his office for its been all morning we assume he's been going over notes. Maybe even a mock practice here in the air and then he will walk. Roughly 200 feet. From his office in June the hearing room and inside that hearing right now I know that you guys at live pictures up I just want to. Did you since the people who we've seen so far because your com of course he. Was the man that spoke about his son at the DNC then became a big circuit for Hillary Clinton he's here he will not be testifying. Arm but we saw him earlier this morning senator Corey Booker. John Lewis I mean there's a number of senators. Mostly on the democratic side so or that I've seen that are going to be in the audience and then eventually speaking. And then in addition to that you have Republicans that will be introducing. Senator sessions on and he also Condoleezza Rice. Who will be here so a number of kind of high profile. Senators former politicians who've already been filtering in but everyone is still waiting for Jeff Sessions at this point he's still in his office. And then he would meet his way as I said 200 feet. Into that hearing room for a long day. Most likely days. A lot here and he questioned the flying high school. Those August senator walking into the room reading some of his colleagues there. And photographers snapping away we've also seen now it looks like a couple of things happen. In the back of that hearing. Believe it looks like they are now being escorted out and and they're still there it looked to be a number of protests that still remain in the active dot that's that's not surprising giving. Given the nature. This hearing today anything as they've been. And senator sessions oh. Record problems he's right is he in the past protesters marched to be expected today and that right. That's correct and only try and show you the protests are actually being taken out. Right now and they're being led down stairs and it looks like. It was the sort of disruption because I heard it from my vantage point here which is literally. The window where we can get the best signal for you guys that we. Inside courtroom. And so that's kind of seems like forty even started some fireworks going off in there. That's exactly related beginning just a little bit but back here in the studio look at looks at some of those protesters. Aren't wearing. Kkk. Hoods. There are also some. Holding signs about dean of Columbia these issues that are kind of come up again and again how senator sessions view of race in America how he sees immigration. Here.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"ABC News' Arlette Saenz tells us what to expect during Sen. Jeff Sessions' attorney general hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44677813","title":"Protesters Escorted Out of Sen. Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing ","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-escorted-sen-jeff-sessions-confirmation-hearing-44677813"}