Protests Greet Trump In Vegas

ABC News is at a rally hours ahead of the final presidential debate, where activists and union workers have gathered to protest the Republican presidential candidate.
3:59 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Protests Greet Trump In Vegas
Hello from Las Vegas I'm Charlie James and mark out but it's not hotel Monday yeah there's a lot of activity going on right now it is up to protest rally. Led by the culinary union witnesses say large and powerful union we'll hear from representing hospitality workers. And they haven't given beats going on in quit trump right now and that's because in December. See workers here at the trump hotels. Voted to unionize and the culinary union is saying that. Accident but trump. Is the Trump Organization is illegally. Refusing to sit down and negotiate without so they've been holding numerous rallies. Outside the hotels and then and staying in the a lot of yeah. Let my the culinary union out Indiana and they're go out all. And I talked some people about why they're here yeah but debate and a lot of attention here right now on the hotel and the ground delivery platinum look. Happened anywhere yet ransacked and I can not believe Harrison. I'll have been immersed made we paid him to make it it was 18100 dollars. Not my name is Tom Moran I'm retired bus driver and it took me two months of work to make money to pay for. And where you next time you I'm Daryn you know from Michigan 12200 miles with his head in the back in my car and make the point. The point wasn't the head to head is expected to. But the point was O'Donnell comes treats people who chairs down. The dark side. People could make it nice. They'll think they have yet Dmitry eight you have to realize if you have something interesting and unusual. You can use the power the trust amplify your bullet voice you're not powerless your vote matters. There's a lot make the Florida 537. Votes. George Bush Clinton and president had talked to students here that have me worried some of them so well. My Bernie. I'm medical center grace Thanksgiving of the presidential race as I know Hillary's little better but. Four and I think again you're young you have seen the things I've seen. Presidential race especially if you know Donald Trump. Would tear the country down. Yeah. Just and a cigarette it's is person is issues dogs all around. I don't always vote for Democrats have voted for Republican in Michigan is governor. Because his opponent was America's angriest mayor I don't go for pain anger and vitriol that lot of problems solved some little unite us. What's your name and did skiing gets you involved but that's currently on our how to. I'm from Rochester hills Michigan. I actually we went to the Arenstein together that's how I met Tom and we had just the banner but I. And had two previous paper machine has made one for my local congressmen and wanton. Point four I'm not our governor Governor Snyder whose voice not a 100000 people who play Michigan. So when Tom saw my other teams that all we have damage on ten. And we've been traveling across the country we were in Ohio we were in the Pennsylvania. We read. New York get their first debate and now we're here for the debate and to support the workers here Donald Trump. Won't he says the great negotiator but he won't even negotiate when. So we're here to support them to support Hillary Clinton in her quest for the white and the hurry. Yeah. Yeah campus near the student union in the in the we'll have it and we've got a chalkboard or have people tweeting to trauma. It's that it's called chalk board change and we it will happen at the banner and the jock ward the center. And all right well thank you for thinking that they can't see appreciate it.

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{"id":42919531,"title":"Protests Greet Trump In Vegas","duration":"3:59","description":"ABC News is at a rally hours ahead of the final presidential debate, where activists and union workers have gathered to protest the Republican presidential candidate.","url":"/Politics/video/protests-greet-trump-vegas-42919531","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}