Questions For Carney: Will Obama Negotiate If Government Stays Shut Down?

Obama supports short-term debt limit deal, but unclear if he'll negotiate before government reopens.
9:22 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Questions For Carney: Will Obama Negotiate If Government Stays Shut Down?
Com. Good job straightforward threat or. Is the president willing to engage budget negotiations. With the Republicans if the government is still shut down any president been very clear -- The if that if the Republicans thing for the Tea Party is driving a Republican decision making it there things that they can extract concessions. By punishing the American people but punishing the American economy. In order to get what they want the answers now the president is meeting with -- house Republicans today so the idea that. This is about having conversation. While they're having -- conversation today. But. They will not whether it's -- -- care or tax breaks for millionaires or any other -- are possible demands. They're not gonna get it in exchange for funding the government. C see our that was set by a Republican of the whole point of the short term CR. As proposed by the speaker. Originally included basically clean CR said at existing levels was to allow for time to have budget negotiations so what's the rationale for. Refusing to do that. In order to have budget negotiations there is not the only. It is its fight to hit its its its its deliberate harm to average folks out there. Some of them who are directly affected because they can't go to work. Others who are affected because they can't get a small business loan or. You know they can't get access to services that are important to them. The -- there is macro economic harm done. The longer the government shut down and there's no there's no logical rationale -- -- and I would say that they're doing harm the American people they're doing harm the American economy. And by all accounts are doing harm to the Republican Party. Which is bad for America we need two strong parties that. That can work together and and not. You know not be in a situation where one faction of one house of one branch of government. His you know forcing shutdowns or default so very long answer to guess -- question would be sure right. The president will not engage in budget negotiations with the Republicans tell. The government has reopened -- us finish our position is clear they ought to turn on the lights and a pair of bills president been ready all -- -- Many fundamental question -- I don't know what the Republicans is. Why. Is the price of negotiations the president has been willing to engage in all -- long. Doing harm to the American people doing -- to the American economy and threatening the global economy. Because it's preposterous because the Republicans. Have proposed this six month extension because they are able point six what's up six -- -- excited six week. -- attempt to give. Time for these budget negotiations that happened while the government remained shut -- -- -- the proposition -- Yours is suggesting that audit suggesting -- -- -- you know anonymity -- but it. Again since we've seen nothing from the Republicans yet beyond a very brief press conference we don't know what. They're actually going to propose -- what they may try to get passed in the house. But that the suggestion. In your question is that Republicans would. Think that we can resolve all of our significant differences over the budget. And -- while we work that out. We did do sustained -- to the American economy and sustained harmed the American people and their rationale for that would be one. Put pressure on you got 72. I love that crystal was -- Here that's right they want to. Used harm I'm not obviously not suggesting that this is your -- I'm saying it. The logic here is that they would harm the American economy American people in order to try to extract concessions from the president. And and and their counterparts on Capitol Hill that's an unsustainably. Bad proposition. Bad economics it's bad governance and politics the president -- clean truly clean six week extension that's -- He's gonna need an -- clean CR. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again. They continued to continue to. Talk about ifs and buts as the speaker said doesn't get us anywhere. We haven't seen any -- From the house Republicans yet the president believes they ought to pay our bills the president believes they -- Turn on the lights and the president has always been willing. To negotiate. And worked out and find common ground with Republicans. Over our long term budget priorities but he's not. You know that again going back to like the assertion that they're gonna use. Punishing the American people as leverage. Doing harm the American economy -- leverage. That's unacceptable to the president I think he's made that clear. From -- discussions with the first -- Particular yeah. Well dad and my -- and thank you won't want an -- Takeaways. President is hoping to fund for -- -- reason definite. Even if he does not homelessness copies please see are there -- for this. While -- try again. The president believes the answer is yes but he's not paying a ransom for congress do his job because the only people who get hurt. -- well the American people get hurt when the Republicans -- the government down the American people get hurt when. Those who believe default. Is not a problem or listen to and followed so yes. Bit but he has yet. This president -- -- stood before you at this podium and answered this question. She using it clean -- -- pageant -- is not an issue on the stuff out of the. This yeah -- Or. -- see it -- his biggest what is done. There are just -- I actually don't get it just too literal -- right and we want to accurately before closing up the American mind. -- failure to appreciate it changes every floor and similarly related work. Accurate and artistry and what's gone on him you just want to make sure here's what -- that is the bottom. We a lot of questions based on a bill that does not exist and may never exist and doesn't even reflect with the speaker of the house. And his colleagues discussed. A couple hours ago so I think we -- to see. Whether they're serious about. You know. Putting the matches in the and the gasoline. Aside when it comes to threatening to fall and if they're serious. Will -- -- -- what they've moved forward on what the president has been crystal clear about all along is that it is unacceptable to him. -- -- the Republican Party driven by the Tea Party caucus you know try to extract. Ideological. Objectives. In exchange for opening the government and raising the that's. Your position that until they do continue was getting yeah. -- -- this thing whether they're serious about putting the matches and gasoline side where you've also said they -- keep a nuclear weapon in their back pocket. So yeah he -- nuclear weapon in his back pocket the same as putting matches and -- He's sorry guys -- I news. Nuclear weapons and start -- about what's actually happening. Well I wish we knew and I think that there is nobody who has followed. That imaginations. In the house Republican conference for the last several weeks and you might argue for the last several years who has any clear picture. About what they're gonna do and win and whether they're gonna do the right thing by the American people which is -- -- government. And -- -- your statement that -- -- putting gasoline and matches a sigh as consistent quit. Keeping nuclear weapon you popularly explained that kind of personal at all -- refrain. Refrain from using. The president strongly believes that he would be far preferable. If congress were to. Pass a bill that would insure that. The United States could pay its bills for a longer duration longer than the hypothetical six weeks that -- currently been discussed. But as he told you guys just two days ago if a clean debt -- -- -- a clean bill raising the debt ceiling for six weeks -- it. Hit his desk he would sign. It would be a sign -- it would be at least for a short period of time the removal of that threat he thinks -- it. The implication. -- a willingness only to raise the debt ceiling for six weeks is that Republicans haven't gotten over their obsession with using the threat of default. As a means to try to extract concessions. From him. To do harm to the world economy the American economy and American middle class in exchange for trying to achieve there. Political -- But he answered this question I answer this question. Will -- remains to be seen is what the speaker of the house will actually put on paper and what he could get through his. Rather. District conference.

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{"id":20536038,"title":"Questions For Carney: Will Obama Negotiate If Government Stays Shut Down?","duration":"9:22","description":"Obama supports short-term debt limit deal, but unclear if he'll negotiate before government reopens.","url":"/Politics/video/questions-carney-obama-negotiate-government-stays-shut-20536038","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}