Raj Shah: 'There's nothing to corroborate her claim'

The White House principal press secretary discusses Stormy Daniels at today's press briefing.
8:47 | 03/26/18

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Transcript for Raj Shah: 'There's nothing to corroborate her claim'
And a happy Monday this is the briefing room coming from ought. Behavior of the ABC news that it if you look like captain Paul kept missile. Little stormy at the moment I don't know what's going on over there but definitely a rough morning over at the White House and died in that. A lot of other topics happening this morning but sixty minutes last night their highest rated sixty minutes since Barack Obama was on years ago. Capturing. Lot of problems over the White House. Atlanta one of those viewers the president yeah well a company didn't say that he's consistently denied these allegations that she brought up in the sixty minutes piece that indicate that he. I have watched it but the reality evidence he. Having consistently denied he's been and will not answer any accident the little house. Point at this one quite significantly and we know there every time someone has seen him that statement eat last week when he was uses force to sign the budget. I'm easily ignored questions again is not one thing each and is still thing and. And Raj is spokesman was released shortly it's for the strongest and aisles of the Aaron McKie today he said. He did not the president does not only does not lead any. Physically threaten says he says he denies all underlying claims in the interview meaning he denies having an affair with this person. You know and last night. What's the first time we really got to look at stormy tell her I'm sorry we wheat oats we aren't just horrendous story but this isn't her own words and. I mean it was up to the viewer to decide credible and the bigger issue here Katherine as you know really what happened with this 130000. Dollar payment. Mean by Trump's personal attorney Michael Collins now we know that the president had dinner with Colin just. Saturday night right exactly down and down tomorrow off who clearly an interview on his mind since I'm. But yes exactly at 130000. Dollar payment allegedly exchanged for her silent on they have an answer that he rush questions about that. On in the briefing just deferred to Colin himself. So if you want details on that one on nice that's and he let everybody has not been answering Q he's. Or the president and it. Going to be much more on this we'll have the latest on the stormy Daniels that's my own world as they do want to move on that there was another massive headline today. Sixty Russian diplomats. Gone back to Russia announced early this morning just in you know this really is politically reaction three weeks ago this incident. The poisonings and over in Britain now the president. Jumping. He took sold off while watching. Well I do a sort of by this explanation from rushed -- that they were waiting to do in coordination with with other EU members I think there were. Fourteen other EU nations and announcing plans to remove diplomats today com. So it does it is coordinated effort and I was a big deal to sixty. Diplomats and intelligence officials when they are is twice as many as President Obama removed at the end of 2016. After news. Accusations of right of election meddling huge deals while also. Armed and about the enemy and I want to bring an ABC's Alex mountains over at the White House for us and Alex you know this this is a very rare move. For the trump administration to take any hard line against Russia. Yeah well I think that one of the biggest questions for Raj there was it was exactly why what why when the president himself. Speak out directly the only thing that we saw accompanying these sanctions today was a statement from the Press Secretary but not the president and then last week. Why was this not brought up when the president had his phone call with President Putin of Russia. Where he congratulated him against the advice of his own national security advisors so. I think that it's it's a sore subject obviously for specifically the president but if you look at the track record of this administration they have had to take some aggressive actions. Against Russia over the past year and a half because their aggression seems to have just only kept up since president trump took office. And Catherine we know that a meeting is coming we just don't know whether Vladimir and now we tell that precedent set at its. Sometimes seems like nothing scheduled White House saying you know we do you know. At least from now because they talk about a month last Collins. Where one last week but again they want anything new details have been ironed out we only have. The president indicating that's coming. And I am on this as well you're just joining us is the briefing her money BC we've been tracking all the stories happening. On this very busy Monday morning each other scenario that roll kinda waiting for. Maybe kinda sort of a shake up yeah feel we could you. So our contributor Chris Ruddy. Kept it didn't damage that's true that certain yeah yeah. Iraqis particulate the day. Our contributor Chris writing this week yesterday marked he told us you know he spoke and the president. People around him certainly feels like it here is another round that's coming. Question is at this point who we know he's very unhappy campers with their affairs secretary shall. Yes he is very happy they took an end like this thing going on for a walk you and I were reported that. The schalken was over and the west leaving them having meetings not the president. With others others question. Ethical behavior that you have been reporting on other yeah. Ben Carson the Hud secretary in an along with the others that you can am so. You know it yes he seems to be is Chris ready indicated more. I'm on thin ice with soap and the same time and you know I think on my tweet and it could be somebody. Schalken left any. That he he went the event but he nailed on the media Elton in question is is it actually. And Alex Malin one person at the moment we think he's sitting tight chief of staff John Calley. Yeah I mean the president at least for now scoring just that appearances. Store has confidence. In as chief of staff but it is the same time as as mentioned there really is it's influx in terms of what is on the news coverage of the specific day. And one of the lines that I really took from Raj and at today's briefings when he was asked about the overall credibility. Of the White House why you guys keep issuing statements thing the president has. Confidence in this person and then a week later they're out or you know we we believe this but then a week later you know there's no effect of the legal team. And then the legal team is shaken up mr. a week later I think that was a really tough question for for him to have to answer. And it basically what he's that is facts and circumstances change but what we really know is that it's the president's mood that pretty much dictates. How this shop is run and so I think. That is basically you know you could be in hot or cold water with the president I think it's basically just you you wake up and you hope that you're not a plot difference iiroc I. I was gonna say dad or if you're means in 840 characters on Twitter Alex. But I was cute things were really temperature Alex now the White House thank you real quickly wrap up for today. March through our lives that happen this weekend huge powerful event happening across the country. What happens here in this area congress is out you know. It's very unlikely there they accompanied the legislation if there and this year it's it's it's sort of sentence they have no law will they have no desire they have no. Reason right now these decides to listen to these young people to take up legislation they did pass this big spending bill they had. The fixed nicks and right which shores sort of existing laws but are there is no appetite for new. New gun legislation I don't see it happening on stocks gone on. That's not exactly. I think what took to Twitter to announced that it didn't for the art not addressing and I marched directly but even as there's aluminum in happen again. And that comes months after her the Las Vegas shooting and about a month after he announced his. The box I think that the pumps that they are in. It's not gone yet there are like one step into a multi step process to make that clear but it's something. Watch on will be following an all you can always get the latest by downloading EBC news app or going abcnews.com. For all of us for capital folders and justice official I'm Jon CN TG. It during a Monday. Season.

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{"id":54026043,"title":"Raj Shah: 'There's nothing to corroborate her claim'","duration":"8:47","description":"The White House principal press secretary discusses Stormy Daniels at today's press briefing.","url":"/Politics/video/raj-shah-corroborate-claim-54026043","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}