Rand Paul Invokes American Dream in RNC Speech

RNC 2012: Ron Paul's son praises work ethic of American businessmen and businesswomen.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Rand Paul Invokes American Dream in RNC Speech
-- have sent of their Red -- of Tennessee piccolo. -- -- You know when this Supreme Court upheld Obama -- the first words out of my mouth learn. I still think it's unconstitutional. The left wing blogs were merciless even my wife said. Can't you. Please just count to ten before you speak. So all that job to count to -- And you know what. I still think its -- constitution home. Do you think just just -- -- And Justice Thomas have changed their mind. I think give James -- -- here themselves. The father of the constitution we're here today. He would agree with many thought whole damn thing is still unconstitutional. This debate is not new. And it's not over. Hamilton and Madison thought from the beginning. About how the government would be limited by the enumerated powers. Madison was unequivocal. The powers of the federal government are few. And defined. OK. Yeah. The power to Jackson's -- and it is a restricted by the enumerated powers. So how do we fix this travesty of justice. There's only one option left we. Perhaps just have -- new president. When I heard the current President's -- You didn't feel that. I was first insulted. Then I was anger and and then I was saddened. Did anyone in our country much less the president of the United States. Believes that roads create business success. And not the other way around. Anyone who's so fundamentally -- understands American greatness. Is uniquely. Unqualified. To leave this great nation. The -- and abiding lesson of American history particularly the Cold War. Is that the engine of capitalism. The individual. Is my -- year than any collective. American. American inventiveness in desire to build developed. Because we were guaranteed the right to own our success. For most of our history. No one dared tell Americans. You didn't -- that. In Bowling Green, Kentucky the tang family owns the great American doughnut shop. Their family fled war torn Cambodia to come to this country my kids and I love deep -- -- us so we go there frequently. The chat -- worked long hours mrs. Chang told us that the family works through the night to make doughnuts. The tang family have become valedictorian. And national merit scholars. The tanks from Cambodia all are an American success story so Mr. President. Don't you go. -- talent that -- -- -- that they didn't build that. Say -- say they didn't build it you insult each and every American -- ever got up at the crack of dawn. You insult to any American who ever put on -- overalls -- suit. You insult to any American who ever studied late into the night to become a doctor -- a lawyer. You insult the dishwasher. The -- the waitress you insult anyone who has ever dragged themselves out of bed. To trot to strive for something better. For themselves and their children. My great grandfather like many came to this country. In search of the American dream. No sooner had he stepped off the boat than his father died. He arrived in Pittsburgh as a teenager -- nothing not a penny. He found the American dream not great wealth. But a bit of property in a new land that gave him hope for his children. In America. As opposed to the old country success was based on -- Probably America's greatest asset. Was that for the first time success was not based on who you are. But what you did. My grandfather would live to see his children become doctors and ministers accountants and professors. He would even live to see one of his sons. A certain congressman from Texas. Just run for the presidency of the United States. Immigrants. Immigrants have flocked to our shores seeking freedom. Our fair our forebears came full of hopes and dreams. So consistent. And prevalent were these aspirations that they crystallized. Into a national yearning we call the American dream. No other country has a dream. So inextricably associated with the spirit of its people. In 1982 in American sailor John Mooney wrote a letter to his parents that captures the essence of the American dream. He wrote dear mom and dad. Today we spotted a boat in the water and we rendered assistance. We picked up 65 Vietnamese refugees. As they approached the ship. They were all waiting and trying as best they could to say. Hello American sailor below freedom man. It's hard to see a boat full of people like that and not get along somewhere between -- and belly button. It really makes one proud and glad to be an American. It reminds us of all what America has been a place a man or woman can come to for freedom. -- -- -- trim our Brothers and friends of mine. They came to America on one of those leaky boats. They were attacked at -- by pirates their family's wealth was stolen. To -- spent a year on a South Pacific island existing on a couple of rice and water. Italy was allowed to come to America. Now both of these men and their family are proud Americans. -- hones his own business Antawn manages a large company they all are the American dream. So mr. press. Residents don't -- -- -- that -- family you didn't build that. When the president says you didn't build that he's flat out wrong. Business men and women did build that business men and women did to earn their success. Without the success of American business. We wouldn't have any roads bridges or schools. Mr. President. You say the rich must pay their fair share. But when you seek to punish the rich the jobs that are lost for those of the poor and the middle class. When you seek to punish mr. ExxonMobil. -- wish to secretary who owns ExxonMobil stock. When you block the Keystone Pipeline you punish the welder who works on the pipeline. Our nation faces a crisis. America waivers. Unfortunately we -- one of a select group of countries whose -- now equals their gross domestic product. The republic of Washington and Jefferson. Is now in danger. Of becoming the democracy. Of debt and despair. Aren't great nation is coming apart at the seams and the president just seems to point fingers and blame others. President Obama's administration will add nearly six trillion dollars to our national debt. In just one term. And I'm hoping it's. Just one to arm. This explosion of -- is unconscionable. And unsustainable. Mr. President. We will not let you bankrupt this great nation. Okay. Republicans and Democrats alike though. Must slay their sacred counts. Republicans. Must acknowledge. That not every dollar spent on the military. Is necessary. Or well spent.

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{"id":17109894,"title":"Rand Paul Invokes American Dream in RNC Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Ron Paul's son praises work ethic of American businessmen and businesswomen.","url":"/Politics/video/rand-paul-invokes-american-dream-rnc-speech-17109894","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}