Rand Paul on Delegate Dust-Up: Ron Paul 'Represented Very Well'

Popular Texas congressman's son on his RNC speech, delegate anger about convention rule change.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Rand Paul on Delegate Dust-Up: Ron Paul 'Represented Very Well'
Let me thank you very much we're joined by senator Rand Paul who just of course thought the convention. How to feel there. It's really exciting -- given a lot of speeches. Big crowd and there are very boisterous. And it's hard to get your speech and because there's a lot of applause which is -- -- -- against now there's a lot of very loud Ron Paul supporters in this home. What is your sense of honestly how many of them are enthusiastic about Mitt Romney -- -- -- -- good -- -- in the home -- that participated in. Many of the states even the state party chairman Nelson Ron Paul person so I think that's good I think they're being integrated into the party. The video they did in tribute to my dad was -- really heartwarming and I think -- really well. A very nice things ended and there's obviously some. Bitterness or -- anger earlier this week when there was a dust up over the rules a lot of the Ron Paul supporters here thought there was kind of a -- 55 by the Mitt Romney people. DC lingering bitterness from that I still hear people complaining from. When I tell people I spoke to the island delegation this morning. Politics is -- -- -- Very hard we got a voice on the platform committee. They did get for their hero Ron Paul. But I tell the people you have the OK so what next from the Paul forces. -- -- -- -- -- Here is. You see yourself as a presidential candidate for eight years down the road. You see myself. In the -- That may be -- That's all either. But doesn't. And we'll -- in the future brings. -- father's advice on that -- -- I -- I'm pretty sure. He understands the give and -- Family -- Guns in this but also. The -- you -- from your fashion -- Position. Having surgery. Hostilities in -- surgery around. I donors who was not really president. Wasn't a real -- -- major theme of your father's campaign which was his opposition to the war. And there was a lot of talk about reducing spending getting spending under control and then it's -- message of his forever. But why no love mention of his strong opposition of the warming. The video is actually done by his video production company says. Editing was done by his people. I don't think it was intentional. And I really do you think about it did any other losing Republican presidential candidate get attributed. If they did siding with the special honor for the thirty years season in public service. The last thing you. Until Republicans. Went out. California we're not winning in New England maybe we ought to consider -- Ron Paul type -- Republican running in those places. Or may be Rand -- -- -- Republican. -- human lives sitting there quickly you get message out there where he referred to Republicans need to understand that not all. Defense spending is -- spending. Is that message getting through -- -- I think it's. Interesting thing is it's picking up on both sides of the -- senator Tom Coburn who's a conservative Republican has introduced on at the Pentagon. I'm co sponsoring -- we have three or four Democrats I think we've got three -- four Republicans so even. The Houston acknowledges I don't think people feel that that's too harsh the year they do need to hear. Because the rumblings are out there. We're gonna have some military sequestered him and I'm like I'm not -- to get rid of -- English and replace -- with -- real cuts not gonna play this game. We're gonna get to the cuts in one year -- in the ten years of cuts make believe cuts somewhere else. So I will -- hard -- with this and it's a message it has to be heard and it's part of the ultimate compromise -- -- a compromise needs to be. Republicans after slay their sacred cows so the Democrats that whoever -- ever balanced budget. -- lust -- -- -- Chicago are going to be out there campaigning for Mitt Romney yes and asked me to go places and I'm happy to remove. Just working on times of crisis right senator Rand Paul always great to talk attacks on particular time progress on this bridge.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Popular Texas congressman's son on his RNC speech, delegate anger about convention rule change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17110085","title":"Rand Paul on Delegate Dust-Up: Ron Paul 'Represented Very Well'","url":"/Politics/video/rand-paul-rnc-2012-delegate-dust-ron-paul-17110085"}