Reactions As Webb Backs Out of Race

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks on the scene after Democratic Candidate Jim Webb announces he is stepping out of the race.
6:18 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for Reactions As Webb Backs Out of Race
The latest in campaign 2016 news big news today and the democratic side at least. Former Virginia senator Jim Webb has announced that he will no longer seek the democratic nomination for president he is dropping out of the race. We're gonna take you live now to Washington DC where ABC's Mary Alice parks was there for the web announcement Mary Alice. The guys often pulling too well since the beginning this can't have been too much of a surprise but how is it received. Beauty talent room the press has actually been frustrated dealing with of that campaign a lot of questions centered around. What he's been up to so far have questions about what how many states he's actually been to half staff he's actually had to date and then how that would change moving forward he did decide in the coming weeks to live to independent bid for Iraq as an independent candidate. Right and the left the door open saying that he could possibly Monte independent campaign rape but. How much of a chance to rethink their actually isn't that what would that mean for the rest of the democratic field. Yeah he focused his remarks in the fact that that he believes countries tired of the extremes of the two parties he said that he. He takes as a compliment people saying he's. Like Republican and democratic field like a Democrat and Republican field that he emphasized often you know repeatedly in his remarks he's hurt them both sides of the aisle. And and he's even in question answer person said. Confidently that he thought if his independent run gain traction he could be Hillary Clinton and I'll trump. He's and it's still thinks there's a lot of the shot out there it seemed that obviously Nike sentencing in the policies really. Struggle to get any traction and really struggled to and staff field offices unrated. This again that we haven't really been seen very much on campaign traps and reporters noted it talk to voters who have seen hanging inaction and some of the early states right. It means to be fair it's it's almost as if he's kind of been an on player even the latest poll lead pack from ABC news the Washington Post this morning. Show that Hillary Clinton actually had a little bit of a surge late last week. Followed by Bernie Sanders and then Joseph Biden who has not even announced if you didn't run or not so. Is there a sense within the web campaign based on anything you Harry today or your time spent covering him. That there is a real chance for a future to his campaign. He has understanding. Campaigns also spent a lot of time at sort of indirectly answer crest in the campaign spent a lot of time talking about how the process itself as an issue. You'll remember that during the first in a kind to be. Whether sort of most remembered for arguing the moderates that he wasn't getting enough time he brought up again today complained about the fact that most of the questions were tailored towards Hillary Clinton and Brinks Anderson. So there's this feeling that that the process itself is the problem is that rates at the two party system is failing country and has failed him. I don't know if people think that that's just sort of making excuses. Again I think that we've seen very little done. Mary Alice you were there in the room as he made the announcement so give us a sense of what it was life as he's. Sharing his thoughts and opening up about why he's deciding to drop about war. You know what was in the senate come the collar and di tale from the room for those of us who were able to wash. She had to and as a view it. It's not very colorful of that is a small room and the president pretty surprised it was mostly reporters. And that if you look for volunteers with the Campion. It's their first ever met at a wetter weather event. I'm there's one woman from firefighters union who. Took a moment to thank him for news today thank empress recognized touching moment but mostly it was pretty Stearns pretty last year he was. This very serious very. Almost quiet as you can imagine quite an angry and home exit seemed on his wife standing next to him and and it now as it was pretty pretty mild hum peak Hyatt pretty. Pretty common sense. That you actually sent around here and you can see mostly the people on the rumor. Both the people on the rumors still present share Mattingly right now they're continuing to filing is set and its candidate for the content. It is about eighty I have not 98% press packed into integrity and very few people that we have can't and it and mostly I just reporters here. So kind of out with a bit of a whisper if anything it is this campaign than Mary Ellen unit reported. That he said is if this you know him dropping out doesn't reduce in any way. His concerns and the challenges facing. Our country or his belief that he can provide the best leader's death. Have been a line like that land in a rumor skeptical reporter. You know he's remembered it in my as a military man and purple hearts and from the secretary of the navy is in hand it still sounds like never military. Presents and softly back. He'd. That's his his aura about him and I'm certain strategies he's announcing an aunt and so comes across that way I think there's some of those. Those lines in his speech about the fact that he we keep on fighting. Did platinum. Reporters that struggled to see him on the road to talk to voters also say hadn't seen him on the road. I'm thinking comes more from that sense of personal conviction that he that he wants to keep going accident that he believes in something to offer more than accidentally. From reports here is seen much. In the way campaign while roulette those. Reporters in the room contained in this file and he directed at ABC's Mary Alice park hitting us some insight. Into the breaking news today that former Virginia senator Jim Abbott announced he will no longer seek the democratic nomination for president. Of course as we learn more about any potential independent run he may make or related news we will bring it to you live here. Her now that's it from us here in New York thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks on the scene after Democratic Candidate Jim Webb announces he is stepping out of the race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34609676","title":"Reactions As Webb Backs Out of Race ","url":"/Politics/video/reactions-webb-backs-race-34609676"}