Recapping Last Day of Hearings for Sen. Sessions

ABC News' Arlette Saenz recaps the last day of confirmation hearings for Sen. Sessions with Amna Nawaz and Will Reeve.
4:31 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Recapping Last Day of Hearings for Sen. Sessions
Our own our Lansing and was out they are keeping an eye on what was going on our life give us the scene out there what was happening. During this second day of sessions here. Well during this glass panel that you guys solid senator bunker congressman Lewis and congressman Richmond's. Actually right before we saw all of these congressional members of the Congressional Black Caucus also filing in promise sitting there in support of their fellow colleagues. As for the first time and another unprecedented. You had a senator testifying against. A fellow senator but we've also seen a lot of supporters of senator sessions like those three people who sat on the panel and right now actually can see congressman Lewis is walking out. Of the hearing room after his powerful testimony. Where he talks about his own experience during segregation and march in Selma and tried to really really. What and jet senator Jeff Sessions attorney general position. What would be like and so we should be expecting us senator Lori Booker to also come out. In a little while he called his own testimony exceptional as of and everyone has been seen that it's X and it's not seen before the other senator testifying against another senator. And he also sad that senator sessions. Was lacking the commitment to protecting all peoples rights. And this is just something that we've seen throughout the past day from opponents the senator sessions and now at the hearings have wrapped up. Wolf I'm sure hear messages from them in the coming days before that committee votes in the full senate expected. What sort of impact if any do you expect the testimony that we just heard both in favor and against sessions will have. It on the proceedings here. I think that for the most part. The weight of these hearings have. Don I don't know if anyone's minds or is really going to be changed I think most Democrats were already opposed to senator sessions and most of the Republicans. Phelps like they were likely going to support him we talked to the trump team and they said that they felt like he knocked it out of the park he actually exceeded expectations. I so want to see how these votes go once they decide to vote him out of committee and then went hits before. And I let you you've covered things on the hill therefore as he couldn't offensive sort of you mentioned it's historic moment when you've got senator poker. Testifying against his colleague senator sessions what was the conversation like. In other people's offices there on the hill about this moment and doesn't have any in pockets on how they work together moving forward. Well one senator actually came out with a pretty vocal statement yesterday senator. Tom cotton of Arkansas T posted on FaceBook. I that he thought that it wasn't a good move for. Senator Booker to block tradition and indeed that's. I think that for the most part that things are going to be pretty contentious here on the hill as we head into the trump. Administration but they are sold and try to find ways that they can work together. All right I'll let signs their live Flores not on Capitol Hill outside the hearing room. Where senator Jeff Sessions as just wrapped up the second day. At his confirmation hearing as the nominee for attorney general if anything it's indicative as many votes instead of where we are as a country right now. Right a lot of you hear someone say that you know because of tradition. Senator Cory Booker shouldn't about tradition slavery was a tradition. You know so at this time we're having these really tough conversation about Raines and and and these concerns and I've are really. I really hope and pray that the current administration that senator sessions. Really hear what the people are saying in this testimony. And instead of being dismissive which is what I I heard yesterday which is now basically if you if you disagree. What my characterization. Sessions you're off base you're wrong you don't know and you know all of that instead of being dismissive I think there's so many. Segments of our country that want to hear. Them say we might disagree. We might disagree vehemently a week hearing. We understand where you're coming from and even suggest that these are things we can do together to ensure that we are Mia just it. Justice in a way that. Respects her condition as a country. But to just ignore it or to dismiss it out right I think that jazz. Further creates division in our country.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"ABC News' Arlette Saenz recaps the last day of confirmation hearings for Sen. Sessions with Amna Nawaz and Will Reeve.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44715882","title":"Recapping Last Day of Hearings for Sen. Sessions","url":"/Politics/video/recapping-day-hearings-sen-sessions-44715882"}