Recapping Trump's first 100 days from Independence Hall

ABC News' Dan Harris and Candace Smith talk with tourists about Trump's time in office so far.
13:13 | 04/24/17

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Transcript for Recapping Trump's first 100 days from Independence Hall
Hey it's Dan Harris standing in front of independence hall. News Philadelphia, Pennsylvania city of brotherly love. Fitting place for us talk politics because we're just days away from a big landmark for president from. He's Skinner reached the 100 day mark on Saturday he is alternately described this landmark as ridiculous. And simultaneously seeing it is seems to be trying to rack up as many accomplices as possible before we get to the landmarks that it's kind of interesting. Game we're seeing. Played at the White House right now nonetheless since FDR wanted to date mark it. An important landmark at least. A PR perspective. For American presidents that were underdog folks about how to fix this particular president is doing at the 100 day mark. Let's meet some regular American voters I assume voters right yes and what's your name. Jennifer and of but. And where you where you guys front and Union City. I'd love to sun Villa near sixtieth birthday Heisman front. So what do you think of that trap and a hundred days. OK well I think that. It's definitely different than what I would like to see it. I think that there aren't a lot of things that we need to do to bring people together more. I think if anything that's happened in a season high of the weirdness to. It has people become aware. And to perhaps pay more attention to those things are most important. Okay. We just let the national liberty museum it was very empowering us to. Be aware. Not only religion race and everything just and love one another moments I think the truck administration has brought awareness to the fact that we should be like together. Those of us that mean. What's your view it trumpet at 100. Well it's. Not as bad as I feared it would be at the beginning that I think that there is definitely. Important. Together. He's there are some things he's done that you think was particularly Smart or effective. Com. I cannot think of anything off the top of me a lot of his fans pointed the appointment of us Supreme Court estimated three sent him got to point it centers that are. I honestly don't. At W. I see it that message that. Unorthodox. With the nuclear option diet the. My favorites like. You talked of a division in the country when it's the best way to heal these to it. I think it. Continued talking on another and I personally come from me conservative family and it's very hard for mean to. I'm discussions with the people tend to. Just shut down and not listen to one another. It's difficult to bridge those gaps between conservative people and those that are below the but I think we just have to continue working on not. Have. How painful thing discussions apart from games that allow people who do not envy him yet to hear his side. And everybody can't have an opinion that is believed to hear what that's an issue is on the other side. I understand. You feel like that is happening in this country because there are people who worry that we're all have stuck in our own digital silo only talking around friends on FaceBook only watching. New shows that share our opinion do you think that this conversation that's been discussed is actually happening. I know we've interrupted. A leisurely day after both the view here in Philadelphia but thank you very much for taking time to time. They really appreciated being generous here today thank you thank you take care. Just if you just name now my name's Dan Harris over. Philadelphia. Credit independence hall the historic. One of many historic. Here in Philadelphia talking about American politics at a key point in American history. We are coming up on Saturday on the 100 day mark. For president now Kate from. And this is something that as I said earlier for from the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt back in the Great Depression. This is a marker upon which. Residents have been judge. Rightly or wrongly interestingly there isn't a lot of correlation between a successful first 100 days and and what's up in the nights at its successful presidency. Nonetheless the president itself. When he as a candidate shortly before he became president talked about many many things he. Within the first 100 days and so you will. Based on that be judged on those workers of this a lot of people's. About as I said before that the president himself has out of walked both sides of his lying he's he's called the 100 day marker ridiculous. But he was also this week trying to get a lot done in Washington. He's talked about rolling out attacks planned on Wednesday. For a big tax that would keep the old one of what he calls the biggest history. He's trying he's talking about as the trying to get a vote on. On obamacare. Potentially this week that is very much up here and then there's the issue of of a government shutdown. Which is looming. It happens is writing a dentist Couri right away. It would bring in ABC producer. Tennis. Usually it's different I'm I don't know why I'm. Cause you can't just jumps out though that I from a family seriousness and Johnson and I always been my head anyway Candace. You covered drop. And you get this time out was Steelers in the steel town or what was a deal Erie Pennsylvania we re hearing about do it at a hundred no. It's really interesting because this town at fitness with the democratic strong. Still he whipped up Spike Lee. Because it out fact that this small town that it voted for Obama have his prepared to in the Clinton. Donald Trump McCain there when those that you did not say I love field can bring back the street in port town like it's been shattered. We're steel with the main industry they believed and still be people that count but to it now we didn't see them out of that was built. That is early. It's. Our day. Watching them like a hawk like the media is that they've measuring them on every single promise or is it just kind of a general feeling of well a shake things up so I like that he's had in the right directions that are there. There's definitely it thinks that he headed in the right next shaken the two workers who heard them speak cases him. It appears that the right track that it is currently. In progress. Is headed right. But so in theory the singular focus it would eat what he's going with the the bills that he's back a lot of that I've. If they keep me at least eat it. That would be us. Shortly after you went there though it is against him. He. Obviously its. Economy. Eight mark. And I think your industry. Went to work experience it. Kristi. A lot. But it is that the criticism and you talk about this is that maybe he's peddling false hopes by saying you bring back an industry that. Defeat the forces mobilization and party done a lot of damage you. This is going to be the big question. I actually do something with this industry is this guy. Sort of like this industry is not it will be very hard and no energy expert it to be theory art. That. I think its edge as new industries like the nets in particular this town they brought in house talents they brought it. Back trying to figure out how that person them. The fight is. And his. Smith. Not Johnson. My mother's maiden name is Johnson and other. Eric family and you can think and anyway you're always so good. Throughout the campaign you're awesome. So thankful that you in this appreciated. Should we try to get if you wanted to people yet. OK so and it's gonna run it looked as you watch ftp professional work she's and is trying to get. Somebody's to talk to us about not bad at 100 days this this us Paisley. Sometimes we just. Ever have. Paula and we'll ass man on the street. And so that's MOS works smoothly sometimes. That's a little blessings of campuses jab this morning or this afternoon as Jason folks down zipped up about had wanted to days. Looks like she's getting surveys saying that thank you. But it as often happens in this line of work. You know and it's it's. It's not hard to understand. Why people sometimes are reluctant Docklands that it is. Or and he's been there did anything right. We've seen. News politics in this day and age. Divide three friendships that I families in fact one of the one of the suffering making later today as we travel across Pennsylvania talk about 100 days is. Eight Barry couples they live right outside of Philadelphia green I went and talked. During the campaign that husband. Leaning toward from the white. Very strongly and Hillary Clinton's camp and politics. Was having but he real strain. On airfare. They've and then at some knock down drag out fights about this and this was not uncommon. During the campaign and one would imagine. That as we approach the 100 day mark but can't presidency that has been unprecedented in so many ways. That this is still an issue dividing so many Americans so. I think explains why it's sometimes tough to get people on the streets friendly approach to hammer when they noticed you watching and. I'm it was a busy we go back to a couple of players today how they're doing because they describe this during the campaign that got us. Fights where the life got out of the car and walked. Behind your. Driving as she could no longer being in the car it. And here we are with a crowd presidency something that he said at a time. Apparently unacceptable. So how are they doing what they really didn't let them. Plus we've brought independently here this evening after an accident data. This and it had. Mixed results analysts say. Interestingly we have also here in Philadelphia went through yoga studios could veto whole group of it lifesaver at ten people some broad front so pro Clinton we have them meditate together. And it was very easy to watch the difference between how they spoke related to one another before Actividentity before imitation of his. Little sharp elbows the dialogue between the program Clinton votes the program closed but after the meditation that you could really see at this. Prior to kind of find middle ground. I think that's actually wherever you stand right now wanted to help you health healthiest things. To come. Out. Our political scene is I think a real. Thirst and desire on the part of many Americans find common ground and find a way to talk that goes with me. We may disagree. Just on the visiting fellow Americans sharing here at. I think I think an idiot can't break things start to get people talk about. Politics. In this. Divided error. On the streets here Philadelphia ends today good bye for now. But follow us as the across this great state the next couple days to talk to people about how they're. Grapple report on this. Thursday or Friday we don't know yet on Nightline but we'll be talking about its profit wanna be gazans love the fact that is don't know which. Which Knight will be airing. But for now day care setting up. From street.

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{"id":46992218,"title":"Recapping Trump's first 100 days from Independence Hall","duration":"13:13","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris and Candace Smith talk with tourists about Trump's time in office so far.","url":"/Politics/video/recapping-trumps-100-days-independence-hall-46992218","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}